Written by Amanda

12 Jan 2018

We’ve talked about it for years. If I’m honest, my husband being keener on the idea that me. Last Saturday we actually did it. Rather than our homes, we preferred the anonymity of a hotel in Manchester. We met the other couple (Matt and Lisa) in a pub and they seemed to be quite nice; which was a relief as the only contact we’d have was over e-mail.

At first, I was a little disappointed as I’d agonised over what to wear (spent a fortune on new clothes) and had made a huge effort with everything down to having my nails done and spending ages on my make-up, they were very casually dressed - Lisa in jeans and a jumper. The conversation was surprisingly easy. Following a few drinks all was well, and I was feeling OK about everything.

After about an hour, we went back to the hotel and straight up to the room. My husband opened a bottle of wine and we toasted the coming evening. As our glasses chinked, Matt kissed me on the lips and that was the start of the event.

To truncate things somewhat…

I returned his kiss and he cupped my boob as the kiss turned in to a full-blown snog. Discovering I was braless, Matt swore with approval. I stepped back from him and undid the buttons of my shirt and let it fall open. I then started to work my skirt up my thighs until it was almost round my waist. I was wearing sheer black hold-ups but no other underwear. Again, Matt swore with approval.

Pulling him with me, I moved over to the bed and sat down. He bent over me and kissed me again. I lay back on the bed and parted my legs for him. Immediately, kneeling at the end of the bed, he went down on me gently biting, licking and sucking at me, bringing me to orgasm surprisingly quickly. I pushed him away and handed him a condom (something we’d discussed at the e-mailing stage of the arrangements) and moved backwards up the bed, spreading wide for him.

Soaking wet as I was, he easily entered me and fucked me steadily and firmly bringing me to orgasm again. Soon he picked up speed and power, banging me harder and harder until he filled the condom. He remained inside, laying heavily on top of me for a few moments while we caught our breath.

For me, the evening had got off to a good start.