Written by Jake

15 Jan 2018

Just back from five nights in Maspolomas. My wife and I thought it would be nice to get some warmer weather to start the New Year. We often go to the Canaries but not usually in January, as the weather can be unpredictable. However, we just wanted some relaxing t-shirt weather and a change of scenery.

My wife Cara and I are in our early 50s and are happily married. We enjoy our holidays to relax and we are happy to swing with another couple if any take our fancy. We never actively seek or go looking nor do we expect anything to happen. We just chill and go with the flow. It is strange because even with that idea we do tend to have sex with another couple on at least 50% of our holidays. And whatever happens we always have a good laugh about it later. We generally go with couples our own age or ten years either way.

Anyway we were staying at one of our favourite hotels near the dunes in Maspolomas and really just minding our own business, reading, walking and relaxing. On our third evening we were having our evening meal and a very striking young couple sat on the table next to us. Both Cara and I checked them out and we said they looked like Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera. We tried not to stare, we did smile and say hello and they responded. We overheard them talking and they were German. When we left we said good evening and they smiled back.

The next day we bumped into them at breakfast, and we saw them in Playa Del Ingles during the day, again sharing a quick smile and hello. That evening Cara and I took the same table and secretly hoped our German couple would sit next to us. We were at the buffet and when we came back they were sitting on the table next to us again, we said hello and joked about bumping in to each other in town. That broke the ice and it became apparent they spoke excellent English.

We chatted through our meal, Tom and Mareka were from Hamburg, Mareka was 27 and Tom 32 and they had been married for three years. They were great company and we talked about all sorts of things. When we finished our meal we went to the bar for liquors and stayed chatting until 1am before saying goodnight. Whilst Mareka was an absolute stunner and oozed sex

appeal I didn’t think they would be interested in us so it wasn’t really an issue.

When we got back to our room, Cara and I had great sex especially as I said to Cara that she would love to have Tom’s cock inside her. Cara was clearly turned on by the thought of Tom's cock.

Sadly, we didn’t see Tom and Mareka during the next day but they joined us for our evening meal, which was our last night of the holiday. Again, we chatted and laughed together. The chat did get a little saucier as they told us about the swinging scene in Hamburg. They told us they had often gone to the clubs and often just watched. We joked that we sometimes hooked up with another couple when on holiday.

We must have been drinking and chatting for three hours because it had gone 12 when I checked my watch. I was thinking, this is our last night I would really love to have sex with this couple but we have to move fast because we’ve got one night and a busy day tomorrow! I knew Cara was happy as she was flirting merrily with Tom.

Tom stole my thunder and in a jokingly manner asked me if he could take my wife back to his room and in return I could take his wife back to my room. We all smiled quickly finished our drinks, I told Tom I would collect my wife and return his wife when we had finished fucking.

I walked back to my room with Mareka, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get started. We didn’t waste anytime as soon as the hotel door shut we were on the bed kissing our hands all over each other. We tore off our clothes and our naked bodies were soon rubbing against each other. I said I wanted to lick every part of her, she got on her knees which she parted and rocked back on her heels to offer me her moist shaven and swollen pussy lips, she opened her hole for me to lick and pushed my tongue on her clit which protruded like a slippery bud. I lapped at her pussy for ages and then turned on my back and moved my head under her bottom to lick her anus. I spent a while fingering her pussy and sticking my tongue in her arse as far as I could get it. She frantically wanked herself and started to moan very loudly as her orgasm came, her anus went into a spasm and it was a beautiful sight.

Mareka then got on top of me and worked her tongue slowly down my body. She was so good with her mouth and tongue and gave me a lovely blowjob, but best of all she concentrated on my balls and arse. She wanted me to fuck her and I found it difficult not to come just at the thought. As she licked my balls I put on a condom and she then moved up and slid my cock into her very wet pussy, it was heaven and she started to rock her hips and I played with her pert small tits and tweaked her erect sensitive nipples. I came quickly and loudly. We both continued to fuck until my cock went limp. I pulled my full condom off and she wanted me to drip it on her face, which I did and then kissed her.

We lay on the bed and chatted as we stroked each other. She started to lick my balls again and my cock stiffened. Second condom on, she got on all fours and I started to fuck her doggy. As I fucked her I fingered her arse and this made her squeal, she said she would cum really hard if I fucked her arse. I used her pussy juices and my saliva to really wet her anus and I had two fingers working in and out of her arse. I took my cock out of her pussy and she expertly wriggled her arse onto my cock and it slid slowly into her arse, when it was fully in I started to slowly pump and she quickly started to moan loudly as her orgasm flushed through her body and this made me cum. We collapsed on the bed.

We thought we should go and find Tom and Cara but before we left I asked Mareka if she would piss on me, she positioned her pussy over my face and started to piss on me as she lowered herself onto me and then worked her pussy down my chest pissing all the way. It was so horny.

We walked back to Mareka’s room and we listened at the door first and heard Tom and Cara having sex, the room smelt of sex. We walked in and Cara was riding Tom, Mareka took off her clothes and sat on Tom’s face. Mareka and Cara kissed and played with each other’s tits. I positioned myself so I could see Tom’s cock going in and out of my wife’s pussy. I was a little annoyed to notice Tom not wearing a condom as he fucked my wife but hoped she would have a lovely spunky pussy as a result. I started to lick his cock as it slid in and out of my wife’s pussy. He came and flooded her pussy with his spunk; I sucked his cock as it slid out of her pussy and tasted lovely covered in his spunk mingled with Cara’s pussy juices.

I moved behind Cara and stuck my cock into her very wet pussy it felt warm and silk like, Mareka moved under Cara in a 69 position, Mareka licked my balls as Cara lowered her face onto Mareka’s pussy. Tom Licked my arse and I spurted my load into Cara and when my cock pulled out it flopped into Mareka’s mouth and she licked it as Tom licked Cara’s pussy, which leaked a mixture of my spunk and his spunk into his mouth.

We all sat on the bed chatting some more, it was now past 2am and we had to get some sleep so we left to go back to our room. We exchanged emails with Tom and Mareka and they want us to meet them in the summer in Hamburg.

Cara and I slept soundly not really caring about the wet sheets and a late breakfast was all we had time for before our taxi to the airport. Cara and I were still grinning in the taxi. And, once we got home we emailed Tom and Mareka and they have been in contact. Cara and I have enjoyed some great sex together since we have been back home especially as Cara enjoys letting me know what she and Tom had done together involving Mareka’s vibrator.