Written by wesleyomand

4 Jan 2011

My wife Helen and I are an ordinary fifty six year old couple having an October break in a country cottage on the North East coast near Linderfaine. We were walking the dog on a coastal path saying hello to the odd person, couple or group coming the other way when a couple came up behind us. We said hello, they fell in with us and we started chatting as we walked along. They were ten years or more older than us and pretty fit. He was tall and slim, she was short and skinny. He did most of the talking, could tell a good tale and we were enjoying the company. We walked together for more than an hour and were getting on really well.

They too were renting a cottage and explained that it was in a village another mile down the path, they were looking forward to a cup of tea and hoped that we'd join them. They said this just as we came to the road up which we'd parked the car a two seater 1971 MG midget, my little indulgence. As we parted they behaved quite strangely, it's difficult to explain, exactly but it was as if they didn't want us to go but couldn't put it into words. We turned off the path to head off to the car. She took a few steps further along the path then stopped, he turned off with us for a few steps, seemingly confused, we stopped and turned to him.

"Right then, nice to have met you." He said then turned around to rejoin his wife.

We had a little chuckle about it in the car then went off to do our jobs before going back to our cottage. We had a sleep in the afternoon and as I was dropping off it came to me. I sat up turned to her. "They were swingers. They were trying to pick us up." Bloody hell just when they thought they'd pulled we said goodbye."

We were both wide awake now, she was initially sceptical but I explained what I knew about swingers and eventually she accepted what I said. We had a good laugh, I told her that the bloke obviously had the hots for her the woman was probably just going along with things. Instead of going to sleep straight away we made love, I think there was an extra bit of sparkle.

We talked some more Helen was less certain that they were swingers. I still thought they were but allowed her point and agreed that we'd never know.

We slept, got up about tea time, I suggested that instead of slobbing around we get dressed and head off to the next village along the coast for a drink and dinner. We couldn't be too long because of the dog. Nothing was said about it being the village where our new friends were although I was acutely aware of it and don't see how Helen couldn't have been. We had showers, I noticed Helen had put her best matching underwear, hold ups and dress on, all in black and we set off.

There were two pubs in the village both did food we tried the first one, walked around the three rooms and looked at a menu. I said that I didn't really fancy it and suggested we tried the other pub. Helen agreed. As we crossed the road to the other pub, very unusually, I got a little uncomfortable in my trousers. There was nothing wrong with the food in the other pub but our friends weren't there. I suspected that Helen felt the same and that thought went straight to my penis.

I saw them straight away, also scrubbed up with her wearing a dress, standing at the bar waiting their turn, the pub wasn't busy. I didn't let on to Helen that I'd seen them but I didn't need to she was staring straight at them. "Shall we find a table or shall we get a drink from the bar?" I said.

"I'll have a gin and tonic." She said then as we approached the bar, as if she'd only just seen them. "Oh look, there's the couple from earlier."

"Oh yes." I said as if I'd just seen them too. "I suppose we'd better say hello."

"I suppose so." She said and we moved over to stand next them.

"Hello again." I said, he turned to me, caught sight of Helen and beamed. We were greeted like long lost friends I introduced us as Helen and Wesley they introduced themselves as Jill and Bill. That was the start of the evening. We had dinner together and all had wine. I drank very little as I was driving. I noticed that Bill didn't drink much either but the ladies were drinking plenty. We were getting on really well, Helen seemed happy and relaxed talking to both Jill and Bill, Bill told some good yarns and had us in stitches.

Helen and Jill got up to go to the toilet.

"You're a very lucky man Wesley, Helen is gorgeous." Bill said following the ladies with his eyes until they disappeared into the crowd.

"Thank you very much Bill, I think we're both lucky, Jill is an attractive woman too."

"Your not wrong there Wesley. Jill's arse is one of her best features but walking away just then I couldn't decide between them. Helen is such a sexy mover." He said.

"She was swaying a bit." I said. "But I think that's the drink."

"Yes they've both had a fair bit." He said. "It makes Jill horny. What about Helen have an effect on her?"

"I suppose it does." I said. "Loosens her up a bit."

"It certainly loosens Jill up, her cunt will be gaping wide open and she'll be creaming her knickers right now. What about Helen? Will she she be making a mess of her knickers?"

I was loving this conversation and couldn't believe we were having it. "I don't know Bill, you'll have to ask her." I said with a chuckle. "I do know that you wouldn't have to finger her much to have her cumming all over your hand."

"Fucking hell Wesley I'd love to do that." He said.

"You'll be lucky, Helen wouldn't wear that." I said telling him how it really was.

"Have you asked her?" He asked. I shook my head and he went on. "She might surprise you.

"I don't think so. I think she'd go crazy at the very suggestion." I said.

"Pity." He said. "Jill's up for anything. She'd have your cock out and would be in Helen's knickers too, given half a chance."

"Fucking hell Bill" I said.

"Fucking hell indeed, we've had some really wild times."

Just then Helen and Jill reappeared laughing and obviously enjoying each other's company. Jill started chatting to Bill which gave me a moment to talk to Helen. "Enjoying yourself?" I asked.

"Are you?" She countered.

"Yes, I'm having a great time. You seem to be having fun, everything alright?" I asked.

"I think so." She said. "Jill's asked if we'd like to go back to their cottage, maybe stay over."

"I'd like that it could be fun and I could have a drink. Do you think we could have fun with them?" I was ninty percent sure that she knew what I meant.

"I'm not sure. Maybe. Oh I don't know." She she said as she looked up to see that Jill and Bill had stopped talking and were watching our deliberations. They were grinning broadly at us.

Bill said. "We don't bite you know, but I can't guarantee we won't nibble a bit." Jill elbowed him in the ribs and they both started laughing.

Helen laughed too, turned back to me and said. "OK then if you want to."

I whispered. "I love you. You are so sexy."

I remembered the dog and the invitation was extended to her. Their cottage was almost next door to the pub so the plan was that Bill, Jill and Helen would go there and I would go back to the cottage pick up the dog and the bottle of single malt that I'd brought on holiday as a special treat.

We left the pub in high spirits, I kissed Helen and she whispered. "You'd better bring me a nighty and some clean knickers oh you might as well bring me my track suit for the morning."

She went on to tell me not to bring her ordinary nighty but the one that I'd find in the pocket of her suitcase. She said she was sure that Jill would have fancy clothes so her winceyette nighty would make her look like a frump. When I got to the cottage I picked up some bits for myself including my pyjama set. Helen's nighty was the business, short, sheer, black with red trim with a equally sheer short dressing gown. It included a little sheer pair of panties which I pondered over and decided to leave behind I did pick up her tracksuit but no other knickers.

I got back to their cottage and Bill let me in wearing a pyjama set similar to mine loose shorts and a short sleeved top. The front room had two, two seater sofas, a small round table and four chairs. It was very warm beyond cosy with a log burner roaring in the corner. Helen and Jill were sitting opposite each other at the small table sipping wine and looking at tourist information stuff. They were both still wearing their dresses. Helen looked up at me and smiled, I said hello and kissed her.

"Hey where's mine?" Jill said smiling at me.

"And mine?" Bill chipped in smiling at Helen.

"Fair shares for all." Bill said as he bent to kiss Helen. I smiled at Jill, moved to her side and kissed her. Her tongue parted my lips and she her hand on the back of my neck to extend the kiss far beyond what was reasonable for a greeting, It was a short snog. Bill's kiss lasted a moment longer than that. He broke only broke it after I broke mine.

Helen and I were embarrassed, I looked sheepishly at her but Bill brought us out of it with some quip or other.

Jill mopped imaginary sweat off her brow and said. "Well I'm going to slip into something more comfortable as they say. It's hot in here and Bill's only just lit the fire. It'll be roasting in a few minutes and I'm wearing a winter dress. What about you Helen, do you want me to lend you something?"

"No, I'm alright Wesley's brought me something." She replied. I handed her the bag after taking my pyjamas out and Jill led her off to the bedroom to get changed. I went to the bathroom, came out wearing my pyjamas and sat opposite Bill at the table.

Jill poked her head out of the bedroom told me that part of Helen's outfit was missing and did I have it. I told her no I had nothing else, as she was closing the door I heard her say. "Don't worry about it Helen you look fine without them."

When they came out Jill was wearing a thin silky vest top whilst completly opaque the shape of her nipples poked through nicely and as she was so skinny her hip bones were visible, there was no panty line visible. Helen looked voluptuous in her sheer lacy garments. The edge trim of the gown, which did not close accross the front, fell over her chest obscuing her nipples. There was a trim at the bottom but it was accross her thighs. Her bush could be clearly seen through the thin material. I was glad I'd left the panties out. I was not sure how much Helen thought she had on display. She didn't seem very comfortable and sat down very carfully at the table. I was opposite Bill and Helen and Jill were opposite each other. The table was very small and our knees would sometimes touch.

Bill and I complimented the ladies on how lovely they looked, drinks were poured, we chatted again and I saw Helen visibly relax and start to enjoy herself again. Laughing at Bill's jokes and telling a few herself.

As Jill had predicted the room got hotter and hotter. It was Helen who first commented on how hot she was. "No wonder." Jill said. "I told you not to wear that dressing gown. She came over to Helen who hardly protested when she helped her off with it and threw it on the sofa. Helen's tits were now on show. Her large nipples clearly visible. She seemed to hardly notice or mind. Jill said. "There that's better." I took the opportunity to take my top off leaving me in just my loose fitting shorts. Bill did the same. The chatter continued.

I was talking to Jill and felt helen's knee press into mine. I glanced at her but she was staring straight ahead. Bill grinned and winked at me his hand was not on the table and he was leaning a bit towards Helen. He was obviously touching something, knee, thigh? I don't think he could reach her cunt. We were at 90 degrees to the person next to us so genitals would be difficult to reach.

Bill got up and got drinks for everyone Helen's eyes followed him all the way to the sideboard. Helen seemed to rejoin the room and I mouthed. "Are you OK." To which she smiled and nodded her head. Jill made a joke and we all laughed. Bill had a very noticable erection which nobody commented on as he came back. He brought a leaflet about Berwick with him which he put on the table in front of Helen and leaned over her shoulder pointing things out in it with one hand, his other was on Helen's back. It was absolutly clear that he was pressing his erection into Her side. She didn't flinch. My erection grew very quickly.

He sat down again but not before moving his chair closer to Helen. His hand dissappeared under the table and I felt the pressure from Helen's knee again. Jill went to the bedroom, came back with two blindfolds and a bag of stuff and said. "How about a little game?"

Bill seemed keen and sat back, Helen and I went along with it. The game was that one couple would wear the blindfold and have to identify some objects by touch only.

The blindfolds were quite elaborate, a cloth hood that came down over the eyes and had a velcroed strap under the chin. They wouldn't be difficult to take off but it would have to be deliberate and they certainly wouldn't come off by accident. Helen and I put them on and waited for the objects to be placed in front of us.

Bill said. "So that it's not too easy Jill and I will try to distract you while you feel your objects, here goes." I felt something pressed into my hand, a moment later a tongue in my ear for another moment then lips on mine hands on the back of my head. I responded snogging the warm mouth and accepted the tongue that passed between my teeth.

I felt a hand in my shorts snaking towards my penis and Helen's knee press against mine again as, I guess, she opened her legs. I was conscious that I hadn't heard a peep from her or Bill who, for all I knew, could be watching us. I broke the kiss and called out. "It's a rabbit vibrator."

Helen's knee moved away and she called out. "Oh my God it's an enormously long dildo."

Jill answered her. "It's a double dildo for two women to share. It's great fun."

Bill chipped in. "I've watched Jill and a friend of hers' enjoy themselves with it. I bet you'd love to watch Helen do the same wouldn't you Wesley?"

I didn't know what to say. "I err, I mean."

"Eloquently put Wesley I thought you would." He said almost laughing out loud. "You'll have to save that little treat for his birthday Helen." The three of them laughed. "We need a bit of room so we'll just pull your chairs back before your next objects. OK?"

I heard Helen's chair scrape accross the floor then felt Bill and Jill either side of me as they pulled my chair back from the table.

Bill said. "Helen, Wesley this will be much more fun if you leave your blindfolds on. Jill and I will take your hands and give you the next objects."

Jill took my and and placed it on her breast I squeezed. I heard Helen's sharp intake of breath as, I presume, she was handed Bill's penis. Jill straddled my legs, took my other hand, turned it palm up and placed it on her vagina. I immediatly started massaging and fingering her unbelievably big and sopping cunt. She lifted my chin and we were swapping spit again. She stopped me pulled my shorts down and lowered herself onto my penis.

I was straining to hear what was going on on the other chair. There was russling and grunt from Bill a sigh from Helen then the unmistakable slap of skin on skin as Bill got into his stride obviously fucking Helen.