8 Oct 2016

These first paragraphs were written in January and I'd intended to follow up right away, but work and a family bereavement forestalled me and so I've copied and pasted my original to set the scene so please bear with me.

After leaving the military I started my own freelance aviation safety consultancy business and had plenty of work but always in the south of the UK (I live in Cumbria) until in 2010, I landed a contract in Newcastle. A year on into the contract and it was becoming obvious that the hours I was travelling back and forth to Newcastle were becoming too much, even though the trip was only one and a half hours each way, and I eventually found a great family run B&B just south of the city where I lodged for two or three (and sometimes four ) nights a week depending on the workload. After the first few weeks the boredom of the then winter nights started to bite and so did the lack of regular sex, so I looked around for some way of alleviating both problems and signed up online to a couple of free dating sites and also a swingers site, which led me to joining a swingers club not too far away from where I was staying.

On my first night, I filled out the requisite forms and was shown around the various rooms, had the rules explained and was then taken to the changing room and left to my own devices. I changed out of my clothes and put on a comfy towelling dressing gown and wandered into the bar area, got a drink and sat down watching the various women and men coming and going, and noting the ebb and flow as they sat and chatted and then left to go off and do whatever in one of the many rooms. I'd been sat quietly watching one lady and trying to decide if I would approach her when a female voice asked me if I'd like some company. I looked up and there was a quite attractive woman who looked to be about my age (57) and was wrapped in one of the club's luxuriant towelling dressing gowns. She had blonde, shoulder-length hair that was obviously damp, a ready smile, and a low, husky voice which was an immediate turn-on by itself. I shifted over on the two seater sofa to make enough room for the two of us in our towelling cocoons and she introduced herself as Kath and explained that her hair was damp as she's just showered after a particularly hectic session, and indicated a group of two women and a man that were getting drinks at the bar. We chatted for a while, trading on our backgrounds and said that she thought I must be new to the club as she'd been a regular member for a couple years and knew most of the male members (so to speak ). We were getting along famously and whenever she laughed (which she did a lot) she'd either lean against me or slap my knee and give me a nudge as though we'd known each other for years instead of all of half an hour or so. Just as I was about to ask her if she'd like another drink, the guy behind the bar shouted out to a couple that they should get a room and that the bar was for seduction and relaxing. There was a lot of laughter and ribald banter at that, and a couple of girls and their partners stood up and left closely followed by a number of other folk.

"This looks interesting" said Kath, and suggested that we might like to follow and see what was going on, and with that she stood up and grabbed my hand and led me out and down some stairs, past a dimly-lit dungeon room and there further along a corridor we could see the group that had left the bar before us. Still hold ing my hand Kath led me along to the join the group who were stood in front of a glass panel that was the upper part of a playroom wall. In the centre of the playroom was a huge circular bed that was now occupied by the two girls who, I should've mentioned were dressed in basques, hold-ups and stilettos, and were now busy exploring each other's bodies whilst their partners were sorting out all manner of vibrators, dildos and mains-powered toys from a hold-all that from the size of it, could probably have held most of the stock of a decent sized sex shop. Looking around me, I could see that the spectators were soon getting turned on, with those that were paired off kissing and fondling each other, whilst those that had arrived singly were either doing it for themselves or were making it clear that they were open to a helping hand from one of the others there. whilst they watched the fun in the playroom. I soon became aware that Kath had not only moved to stand in front of me to get a better view of what was happening in the room, but she was also pressing herself back against me. She's about 5' 3" in her bare feet and I'm 5' 8" so I could see the girls in the play room were facing each other on the bed whilst having their cunts played with and tormented by their partners who were wielding some fearful looking dildos and toys.

It wasn't long before I could also sense Kath moving her arse rhythmically against me and so I put my arms around her to pull her closer and so that I could press my now hardening cock against her. As I put my hands around her front I could feel that she wasn't just moving against me to turn me on - her hands were on her cunt, opening the lips with the fingers of one hand while the other teased and tweaked her clit. I slipped my hand inside her robe, cupped one of her breasts and rolled her nipple whilst my other hand slipped down to join hers in teasing her clit. I could hear her breathing becoming deeper and more ragged as she watched the two couples in the playroom; the girls now eating each other's faces and lips, teeth and tongues moving frantically as the two guys abandoned the vibes and dildos and took each of the girls from behind - even from behind the thick glass we could all clearly hear the sounds of the girls' moans and cries and the guys urging them on to ride their cocks hard and fast. Kath tilted her head back onto my shoulder and I kissed, licked and then gently bit her neck and exposed throat - at which point she gave a moan and a shudder and squirted all over mine and her fingers as her orgasm hit. I could feel her legs almost give way and I hand to grab her to keep her upright so as not to collapse into the couple next to us who were clearly completely engrossed in their own fuckfest.

I slowly became aware that nearly all of the spectators had paired off and were fucking, or being wanked or finger-fucked, and those that hadn't paired off were doing their own thing. Kath started to come down off her orgasm and turned to me, put her arms around me and kissed me deeply, whilst slipping her hand between us and starting to stroke my cock. I knew I wouldn't last long and said so, at which point she knelt and took me into her mouth. I could hear screams from the girls in the playroom as they were now pulled apart and put head to head on their knees and the guys proceeded to ram their cocks into the girls' cunts and arses; their tits bouncing and swaying as they were fucked and they made every attempt to keep their lips in contact with each other's face and lips. Kath was amazing as she sucked me whilst teasing my ball sac and running a finger tip between my legs and teasing my arse before pressing her finger firmly against it, at which point I gushed cum into her mouth flooding it and causing her to pause slightly before sucking the last from me. I thought she'd swallowed it, but when she stood and kissed me, she opened her mouth and let some of my cum trickle into my mouth and we spent a pleasant few moment swapping cum kisses before she break off, tilted her head back and swallowed everything down.

We stood for a short while gently fondling each other until the girl's in the playroom had amazingly powerful orgasms and then we went back up hand in hand to the bar and had another drink and took them back to the sofa where Kath snuggled against me while we chatted about what we'd seen both in the playroom and outside. By this time it was nearly 11:30pm and I had an early morning meeting with a client, so had to play the lightweight and excuse myself. As I was kissing Kath goodnight, however, she pressed a slip of paper into my hand with her mobile number and told me to give her a call so we could arrange a more private meeting if i'd like to. If I'd like to? Holy shit, I thought Christmas had come early at that point and told her I'd call her as soon as I could. What happened next will be the next instalment.