9 Oct 2016

It was about two weeks later after working away in the south that I was able to make call Kath and she she told me should had a friend going around that night and could we make it the next night? She texted me her post code and said she lived in some new apartments down by the river. No problem - and the next evening I duly parked up and knocked on the door. There was a bit of a delay and seemed to be a sound of muffled voices but I thought it might be her TV and waited patiently for Kath to answer the door. When she did answer it, she was wearing a very dark indigo blue kimono type gown that totally set off her complexion and hair and was just about to reach for her to kiss her hello when she placed a hand on my chest and said she was sorry but she had another but totally unexpected visitor. Her friend, another lady from across the Tyne, hadnt turned up the evening before and but had turned up now. Kath had been trying to call me but to no avail, and when I checked, I found I'd left my phone back in my B&B.

Kath told me that the woman's husband treated her appallingly and was always whoring around - "And when I say whoring" she said, "I really mean whoring!! He picks them up, takes them home and does every possible degrading thing with them in the marital bed while my friend has to either go out or listen". Apparently they'd had a previously good life together until he'd had a health scare and decided he was going to start living every day as if it were his last. Hence the whoring, drinking and gambling. The woman had thrown herself on Kath's knowledge of sex and swinging so she could learn enough to try and get her husband back; he could drink and gamble all he wanted provided she could be the whore in the bedroom.

I was just about to say we could rearrange things when we heard a moaning noise from inside the flat. Kath pulled me inside and closed the door, and we both walked into the sitting room. Wow, what a place!! Tastefully furnished, beautiful ornaments, and on the far side of the room a very large HD TV which at that moment was showing a full on swinging porn movie. What I couldn't see on the other side of the large sofa was the source of the noise, but when we moved closer, we could see Kath's friend on the floor with her skirt up around her waist, the crotch of her tights was ripped and her panties were pulled to one side whilst she frantically finger-fucked her pussy. I turned to Kath who quickly put her finger on my lips and whispered "Let her finish". The woman's fingers flashed in and out of her pussy like the pistons on a steam train - each new entry making her body jerk and her knees move in spasms up to her chest. From what I could see, her legs weren't bad but her cunt was buried deep inside the blackest bushiest pubic hair I think I'd ever seen. The action on the TV screen was getting very frantic and very messy with cocks, cunts, dildos, vibrators and cum all over the place and as one shot homed in on a woman whose face was being covered in cum by no fewer than five guys at the same, Kath's friend let out a huge scream as her own orgasm jolted through her body like an electric shock. She writhed and wriggled with her fingers firmly trapped inside her cunny by her tightly clamped thighs. Kath and I looked at each other open-mouthed and were just about to move when the friend started a sort of low wail that got louder and climbed the scales until she opened her thighs wide, gave her clit a rapid frigging and squirted a fountain that wouldn't have looked out of place in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. After that she lay totally spent, her clothes and thighs soaked in her own juices, whilst her whole body was racked by slowly decreasing tremors.

That was my introduction to Polly; more of whom (and Kath) later.