Written by Island Life

27 May 2018

I've posted a few other stories of our exploits here in the sunny Greek Islands. Look under 'Island Life' if you are interested. I'm Chris and my wife is Brenda. We took early retirement and did the run for the sun to the sunny Med.

We started to play around fours ago, when our friend visited us from the UK. Whenever he visits he brings some goodies from home, usually tea bags, but on this occasion Pat brought B a remote control egg which she very soon came to enjoy. One thing led to another and Pat's 3 week visit turned into a fuck-fest from which we've gone on to include other males in our pastime.

Anyway, last year, towards the end of the summer, my female cousin was visiting with us and she and wifey went out one evening sightseeing. We'd arranged to meet up later in a cafe as I had a couple of things to do.

As I approached the cafe I saw that they were chatting to a couple of guys on the adjacent table, so I waited for a while to let them get aquainted, then went to join them.

The boys, who turned out to be brothers looking to start a business out here, weren't too happy at my arrival, so I could guess where the conversation had been going. However, B and my cousin kept the atmosphere going and it wasn't long before the topic of our nude beaches came up; for the second time, I suspected. I made it clear I was OK with this and arrangements were made for all of us to visit one of the beaches the following day.

Come the day, I made my excuses and let the four of them hit the beach and get to know each other. Later that evening, the girls told me there had been some kissing and touching, but nothing else as the beach was very busy.

The boys were due to go home the following night, so we didn't see them again. However, two nights ago, Brenda received an email from one of the brothers saying they are coming back for a couple of weeks to look at some properties. B. and they chatted online for a while and the boys have invited her (no cousin here this time!) to spend some time with them at their hotel. This clearly did mean overnight.

She's never played without me being present before, or at least in the next room, so she's a bit apprehensive., as am I, come to that.

I don't know how this will pan out yet, but it would add a new dimension to our play if she is up for it.

If you are interested, I'll keep you posted as to what happens.