Written by ireeman

6 Oct 2009

About 10yrs back during a messy divorce i dated a woman that was in my veiw Crazy as hell but Laura was an absolute godess she showed and taught me things my31yrs did not know...LIKE BUM FUN as she called it..after a few first dates we decided to take our relationship a bit further...we used to have sex in the madest of places and i always eager to please licking her and takin my time and then drillin her just like she wanted...she used to scream whilst i fucked her and she was an incredible fuck...1 night we were sat there a bit bhored maybe and the subject of ass fucking came up ( as did my cock when she said it) i told her i had never had sex with a woman that way and she knida laughted at me and said NO have I ever let anyone touch my bum hole whilst havin a shag...i was well taken back but my cock was hard as fuck as she started to remove my pants and rub my cock ummm this was good and my cock was hard as i could ever remember it..so there is Laura sat on the floor in front of me tellin me of the time she was with guy that wanted to fuck her in the ass and iwas well turned on my the tale and all the time she tuggin at my cock and now she slips a finger between my ass checks and as it tickles i open my legs a bit to allow her to probe somemore all the time she tellin me about this guy that wanted to do her poop shoot and now she got her finger at my arsehole and she slowly starts to push it in and wiggle it a bit and im loving it and then she says she told the guy that she would let him fuck her up the ass if she could do him first in the arse,,,and the guy got up at that point and left as he knew she would rip his ass to shreds I on the other hand was enjoying the probing and now she decides that she wants some attention from me so as she undresses i touch her pussy its soaked and i gently ran my hand under her and felt for her arse as i knew this was what she wanted from me so i played for awhile and she was frantic and obviously enjoyin this all the while she still fingering my arse but now its harder and faster so i do the same and we role around and scream in ectasy and i come all over the place and she just leans over me and starts to lick my spunk then lick my arse 2.after a short breather she then says i must fuck her in the ass as she never did do it and really wants to try since the other guy was atwat and not what she wanted so i lfted her up put a pillow behind her and slowly started to put my cock in and around her butt she was going crazy with lust id never seen anybody like that least of all on the end of my cock but we had the most intense fuck in my life and she was unable to stand hours after but we had the time of our lives.. we enjoyed many a mad night of lust and even lived together for a short while but she got a bit crazy 1 night when we went to adult party but thats another tale soon....