22 Jul 2016

Hello everybody.

First I would like to thank those of you who placed the lovely comments and 'likes' at the end of Nudist Beach which was published on 20th June 2016. They were much appreciated.

This part has taken a while to put together for a number of reasons, holidays of course but also I wasn't quite sure how to handle the 'what happened next' bit. You'll remember that I had gone from a shy, retiring kind of pensioner to one who got naked and fucked by a total stranger, on a beach in less than a week. I've had to break it down a bit to make sense of everything, I hope it worked. Xxx

“A good day?” suggested my husband.

“A great day!” I responded enthusiastically.

It was very late that same night. My husband and I were back in our own bed all snuggled up and too satiated by a full day of exquisite sex to engage in our normal pre-sleep sex session, just yet.

“Did you have a nice bike ride? Where did you go?” I asked. We needed to discus the day's events and as the happy recipient of most of the benefits I felt it was my responsibility to start the process.

“I had a wonderful bike ride, thank you.” he answered. “Behind the shower block is another path that leads to the beach. It goes behind the lake and joins the path that runs along the back of the beach about a hundred yards beyond where we stopped yesterday. I carried the bike straight up the the dune to a big clump of grass at the top. Got out my gear and water, stripped off and settled down to wait. About five minutes later you came out the main beach exit, walked up and over the dune to the beach and stopped. I watched you put your stuff down, take hold of the hem of your dress and just peel it off straight over your head. God! That looked soooo sexy! Beautiful bum! Then you turned around to show off your smooth pussy with your arms still high in the air your tits looked wonderful.

I watched as you walked along the beach towards me often pausing to stop and look around, or be seen in all your glory. I was worried that you might come too close and see me but fortunately you stopped about fifty feet away. While you set up your camp you posed so sexily and my immediate thought was 'if nobody else does, I shall!' I scanned the beach for nice cocks while you did the same. I don't know if you realised it but quite a few looked interested but did nothing about it. Maybe they had seen me with you yesterday and were worried I would suddenly appear, sorry.

Bill appeared at the top of the dune just after you had settled down to a bit of cock watching.”

“Bill? You knew him then?” I was more than a bit surprised. By then we knew that the cock belonged to Bill, our neighbour but my husband had said it as if he knew Bill before we actually got round to proper (do I mean improper) introductions later. It crossed my mind that maybe I'd been set up. Then I decided that I didn't really care. It HAD been a wonderful day.

“Not as such,” said my husband defensively. “I was talking to Andy in the camper van about plans for the day when he came out of the shower cubicle. Andy just said 'mornin' Bill'. We didn't speak directly, just nodded to each other as I walked into the cubicle as soon as he left it.

Anyway where was I? Bill stood at the top of the dune and looked around for a while. I thought he was looking for his wife. It didn't occur to me that he might be looking for my wife. He stayed on the top of the dune and walked towards me stopping now and then to scan the beach before moving on. He saw you and stopped obviously taking in all your beauties. I watched you and was able to watch him watching you at the same time. Although you were scanning the beach for cock you didn't look behind you. He was only about fifteen feet away and even without the bino's I could see his cock would be to your liking. After you laid down, arms and legs akimbo to get an even suntan obviously, he continued to watch you. We both watched you stroke your pussy but whereas I stayed put he moved on a little way past you then worked his way down the dune until he was level with you and less than twenty feet away. He set up his camp without taking his eyes off you. He gave his cock two or three strokes to show his interest, picked up his suntan lotion and walked over to you stopping a few feet away and a little above. You didn't move so I assumed you had your eyes closed under your sunglasses. He stayed there for a good minute before advancing closer. Even then you didn't respond to his presence. I saw him say something, you turned your head towards him and you licked your lips! You deliciously naughty girl!”

“He does have a very nice cock.” I said in my own defence.

“You clearly liked whatever it was he said because you knelt over to your beach bag. A pose that I have enjoyed when you were feeling horny as hell and in need of a good fucking. If he hadn't taken up your blatant offer to get his cock inside you I'd have been down there myself to help him! I couldn't see if you had reached back between your legs to stroke his cock, like you do mine but I did see him shuffle forward to give you better access. When you get me fit-to-fuck like that you always hold my rampant cock against your swollen pussy lips and push back on me. I saw you move a little bit then he adjusted his position and shoved his cock in hard. I watched you come straight away. And at least four others?”

“Dunno,” I admitted, “certainly as soon as his cock head hit my cervix for the first time after that I rapidly lost count.”

“It was wonderful watching you get fucked by another man! My cock was like an iron bar. It was as much as I could do not to toss myself off. I saw you thrusting back onto him then he got faster and faster. Did he ask if he could cum inside you?”

“No, he didn't need to. By then I was way too far gone to care and was demanding that he fucked me and filled me with his spunk. I was so gloriously fucked I just collapsed in a heap afterwards. Had nothing left. Felt so absolutely wonderful.


“Sorry? What have you got to be sorry for? It was fantastic! Both our fantasies fulfilled! No complaints from me. You got any?” he said instantly.

I snuggled closer, “None,” I replied emphatically, “where did you go after we left the beach?”

“I watched as you both recovered then you started to play with his cock again. He said something and you nodded your head, up and down his cock. When you started to break camp I realised I needed to get off the beach if I was to follow you. I dressed and headed back to the site along the path I had previously used. Found a place where I could watch the main access to the beach and waited. When you turned down the road to our 'van I thought you were taking him there and quickly moved to a place where I could see it. You walked past and into the chalet next door. I left time for you to get settled then got to the 'van as quickly as I could , parked my bike in the hedge behind and wandered past the side of the chalet as close as I dared. All the windows were closed and I couldn't hear anything except the air con unit whirring away. I knew you were in there because your beach gear was on the porch by the door, along with his.

I went back into the 'van but even with the extra height I could see nothing so I stripped off, sat at the table watching the chalet and stroked my cock while imagining how well you were getting fucked just yards away. I didn't toss myself off because I wanted to save my spunk until I could give it to you. You left just after one and I realised I'd never seen you look so contented. Positively radiant! I thought you might come straight to the 'van and discover me naked with a raging hard but you walked passed. I remembered that we had agreed to meet on the beach so slipped some clothes on. I saw him leave just after I'd dressed and headed for the exit. As soon as you were both out of sight I grabbed my bike and rushed to my vantage point. You must have dawdled because I was in place before you got there. I loved watching you playing in the sea together and the teasing and touching. I nearly missed the time to return I was so engrossed. I dashed back to the caravan, parked the bike and ran back to the beach stopping just before the top of the dune and switching to a more casual stroll. It was wonderful discovering you sucking his cock when I arrived, thank you!

What happened when you went back to his chalet, in as much detail as possible pretty please?”

Would you like me to continue, please let me know

Love Gill xxx