27 Jul 2016

Another long one I'm afraid. I hope you enjoy.

A big thank you to those who made the favourable comments on the second part of my adventure into sex with strangers published on 22nd July 2016. We did enjoy reading them. The story so far in a tiny nutshell. I 'pulled' a stranger on the beach, he fucked me doggy then we went to his for some more before returning to the beach to be 'discovered' by my husband. It's now later that night, I'm in bed with my husband and we are discussing our first sexual adventure, in great detail, for each other's pleasure.

… I dumped my beach gear on the porch while he opened the door. Bending forward I took hold of the hem of my dress and stood up straight, the hem of my dress around my waist. I stepped over the threshold. Absolutely no point in being coy. I was there to get seriously fucked and the sooner we started the better ...

I'm sure some of the gentlemen who visit this site are wondering how I changed from a demure, married older lady into a stranger fucking pensioner in such a short time? What had my husband put in my drink and where might they get some? Well, before you go searching the 'net for Lust Potion No.9 let me explain.

Sex with my husband has always been good, quite often very good but like thousands of women the world over I enjoy a little bit of fantasy in the bedroom now and then. You know the process girls, while your husband, partner and/or lover is doing his/their best your mind wanders off and creates it's own little orgy of unbridled lust. This subsequently gives you a fantastic orgasm making everybody happy with a 'job well done'.

I'm particularly lucky in that I don't need to create the fantasy, my husband does it for me. He somehow senses that a little extra buzz would be beneficial and away he goes with no prompting from me. He paints wonderful situations in beautiful locations and they always, always end up with me inappropriately dressed, if dressed at all and performing acts of a sexual nature with a total stranger. OK, naked and getting very seriously fucked by one or more total strangers! I love his stories and always cum exhaustingly.

So when we take our annual holiday and nonchalantly stroll along to the nudist section of the beach it isn't so much something that enables him to get naked while I sit in my bikini but a subtle option for me to think about making his stories reality. His apparently teasing question 'fancy getting your kit off, Babe?' is an open invitation to think about making his stories cum true. This year I accepted his invitation. Lucky Me!

The night before I set off to the beach on my own to see if I could find an interesting cock to play with we had a very long discussion. It started over dinner at the caravan. I was wearing only a light, shortish skirt and a thin top. We sat outside to eat which gave me a buzz and my husband noticed instantly. He looked at my nipples making little mountains in my thin top, licked his lips and made little sucking motions with his lips. I do love him sucking my nips! And that thought made my pussy wet!

We sat and talked and ate and drank wine. It was a beautiful evening and with dusk approaching slowly from the East we left the washing up and went for a stroll along the beach. By the time we were level with the clothing optional section his hand had moved from stroking my bottom over my thin skirt to hitching it up, tucking it into the waist then teasing my bare bum and upper thighs with his probing fingers.

We hadn't gone more than twenty yards further when he stopped, turned me to face him then lifted my top up and off. His mouth instantly found one of my excited nipples and two fingers slipped easily into my wet pussy. He made me cum then, without a pause, set to and made me cum again. After the second cummin' his lips moved from nipple to my mouth then kissed me deeply while his fingers played Colonel Bogey with my clitoris. I was all weak and willing in seconds.

“Fancy turning our fantasies into reality?” he asked.

I should have said 'No!', I know. I should, at least, have paused to think about it. I didn't!

“How?” I asked unable to hide the excitement in my voice. Looking up I saw a beautiful smile on his lips and a devilish sparkle in his eyes. 'Right answer' I told myself, for both of us!

He slipped my skirt off and with my top and skirt in one hand he walked me down the beach.

“Aren't you going to get naked?” I chided.

“Ummm,” he looked down. I looked down.

“He's got a stiffy!” I announced with great glee to the fast approaching night. I stepped in front of him, knelt and worked his shorts down. There on the beach, in the dusk I gave my first public blow-job. I loved the excitement of it. So did my husband who filled my mouth with his delicious spunk within very few minutes. Not quite a slut yet but...

We walked up and down, talking, cuddling, kissing and teasing and making our 'plans' until it was nearly too dark to see.

We didn't so much as have a plan more an idea and a few simple 'rules'. My husband would make it clear that he was off on his own somewhere and I would go to the beach alone. I would do my best to show that I could be available given the right approach and after that everything would be played by ear. My husband would return at a set time and seek me out on the beach. At that time I could be doing whatever I wanted my husband to see me doing. I could do whatever I liked with the cock and it's owner, we didn't talk of a man just his cock or how he treated me. If the owner came up with something new I should try it so we could try it ourselves.

Whatever happened there would be no recriminations from either side at any time in the future and we would have a full, open and frank discussion on our personal feelings after the day finished.

Whatever happened while I was on the beach was totally up to me.

All this presupposed that I would find a nice cock to play with, of course. My husband assured me that men would be queuing up for a turn. I had my doubts and decided to take my current reading material, Fifty Shades Darker, as I suspected I would spend the entire morning alone. I also told him that I wasn't sure if I was ready to be gang-banged just yet, with an encouraging squeeze of his hand.

As we walked back to the caravan in the darkness my body was burning with lust and anticipation while my head was 'not quite sure' but only a little. I was so excited at the prospect of making a reality from our fantasies that I forgot to get dressed before entering the site.

The dishes remained forgotten. We showered, had a large glass of wine to toast the morrow and went to bed. Despite being well fingered, fisted and fucked I had difficulty sleeping, my head was full of the fantasies that my husband had created over the years. Would tomorrow be the start of something new or a disaster?

Despite little sleep I was awake early and crept out of bed, did the dishes (how boring!), showered and made tea then woke my husband.

“I want you to shave me again. Make sure I'm perfectly smooth,” I told him as he took the first sip.

“OK,” he replied.

“Then fuck me.” I added.

He grinned. “Always a pleasure,” he said and took another sip of hot tea, “you want the cock to get sloppy seconds?” he finished.

“I do,” I agreed, “and I want it to know that your cock has priority and that the new cock is there with your permission.”

To continue with my narrative trying not to miss anything out.

… “On the way back to his chalet the question 'what AM I doing?' certainly didn't arise. I knew exactly what I had done, was doing, and was hoping to do. That is I had been well fucked, I was deliberately going somewhere where I could get fucked in comfort and was hoping to get very well fucked again and again in the very near future!

Once over the threshold I raised my hands above my head and peeled my dress off. Throwing it to one side I turned to face him. He stepped through the open door and took me straight into his arms. His mouth found mine and we snogged, there is no other word for it! Tongues and everything.

His hand found my tit and he squeezed gently before cupping it in the palm of his hand and feeling for the erect nipple. He rolled it back and forth urgently between thumb and forefinger. Absolute heaven. I groaned with pleasure and kissed him more urgently. My mouth and tit received his full attention for a few minutes while I hung from his shoulders, my legs totally unable to support me properly.

His hand left my tit and moved down. Down across my belly. Down over my smooth mons. Down between my parted legs. He found my engorged clitty and his finger rolled it around the top of my soaking pussy. Down further went his hand, parting the lips of my pussy. I opened my legs wider to give him easier access. His finger found my hole, dripping with the juices of my need and his seed. It pushed in very slowly. The ball of his finger pressed gently against the front wall of my vagina.

Slowly oh so slowly. He found the little depression that I thought only you knew about. He pressed harder into the the soft hollow and my legs buckled for the second time as the waves of pleasure washed over me. A pause then his finger pressed a little harder against the upper wall of the hollow working up to the soft rounded tissue that formed the dome at the very centre of my being. More pressure and my legs gave way completely. I hung from his neck all the time trying to eat his tonsils as the most glorious orgasm wrapped me in its loving arms and tore me into little pieces. I passed out! It couldn't have been for more than a few seconds as when I came to I was still hanging from his neck and kissing him frantically. His finger twitched in my pussy and I shuddered again with pleasure.”


“I nodded. Easing my mouth away from his and loosening the grip of my arms about his neck I slid carefully to my knees. Easing his shorts down I licked the dribble of pre-cum from the end of his cock and fed its head into my mouth. I heard the front door click shut as I set about returning his cock to fuck mode. I needed it, inside me, buried deep inside my pussy, pounding my cervix and filling me with its spunk again.

With my hand and mouth I restored him to full working condition then looked up at him. “Fuck me again, pleeese,” I implored.

“He helped me to my feet and led me into the bedroom. I laid in the middle of the bed with legs as far apart as possible. My message was clear! FUCK ME! He smiled down at me then climbed onto the bed beside me. Before I could protest that I wanted a fuck not a cuddle his mouth was on mine. Opening my mouth wide I met his tongue with mine and wrapped my arms tight around him. I could wait a few more moments for a second fuck. A hand rediscovered my tit and stroked, squeezed and rolled my nipple around then it pinched quite hard. The sudden charge of pain raced through my body, straight to my pussy. I shuddered with pleasure and moaned contentedly. He didn't need to ask if it had pleased.

He dragged his mouth free and shuffled down the bed until he could replace my mouth with my spare tit. The other still being manipulated to send waves of delight to my pussy. He kissed the side of my breast then licked it tenderly. He opened his mouth. I felt his lower teeth under the soft curve at the lower side of my ample tit. He lifted it up with his teeth and I felt his top teeth his on the top side of my breast. 'This is going to be a big love bite!' was my only thought. He didn't bite, he sucked as much into his mouth a possible, that felt wonderful, then dragged his lower teeth over my soft, tender breast towards his upper teeth. When most of my tit had been pushed across his upper teeth and it seemed certain that he was going to give me a massive love bite he started to push with his tongue. Forcing more of my tender flesh against his upper teeth. When there was too little for his tongue to control he used his lower lip until finally there was very little flesh to manoeuvrer. He used his lower teeth again and nipped me. A shock of ecstasy flooded through me making me shudder.

I know it doesn't sound very sexy but trust me, it felt fantastic! While his hand toyed with one tit his mouth drove me wild on the other. My head rolled from side to side totally out of my control. I'd never experienced anything like it. With each mouthful I eagerly anticipated the little nip at the end. With each nip I eagerly anticipated the feeling of his teeth on my tender breast. His mouth roamed all over my breast. My nipple was straining as if demanding 'me, me me, oh please me next'. When my nipple was included his teeth, upper and lower, moved together to meet on opposite sides at the base of the nipple. The areola was very puckered by then and some of the little ridges caught on his sharp teeth increasing my pleasure many fold.

He moved his mouth to the other tit and started again the long, slow, gloriously painful process of nibbling, of increasing my arousal. I wanted his free hand between my legs playing with my pussy and tried to encourage it but he used it to to support himself ensuring that he was able to continue creating delicious pain in my throbbing breast. After far too long, also far too short, a time he abandoned my tit and moved back towards the other. 'Oh, please, please, please, my pussy, fuck my pussy now.' my head screamed silently but his mouth stopped in the valley between my breasts. He blew, first on one nipple then the other. It felt cool, wonderful. He took my right nipple between his teeth and lifting his head drew my breast into a full, perfect cone then flicked his tongue over the trapped, straining tip. Before I could stop shaking he was fastened on to my left nipple.

He waited until I recovered then kissed me hard, his tongue seeking mine. A little nip on my lower lip and his mouth was again moving onto my naked body. Little nips across my chest and back again across the top of both breasts. Both nipples received further attention making me squirm yet again. His mouth was between my breasts, nips on both sides, then on each underside. Down onto my belly, little sucking nips on the bits I don't admit to having. His mouth, tongue, lips and teeth grazed around my belly button. I was groaning loudly by then, lifting my hips up to encourage him closer to my pussy. I wanted him to bite my pussy! Eat my swollen labia and chew on my clitty!

He was in no great rush. He changed his position, he was on his knees, legs up by my head and his mouth just at the very top of my smooth mons. I reached for his cock and was told to be patient, that this was my time and his would cum later. He started to graze over my mons, licks, sucks and nips. Over my upper thighs, down to my inner thighs then up to my mons. Always getting closer to my swollen labia and always missing them. I pushed up to meet him, to encourage him all to no avail. His mouth was going where he wanted and the anticipation built steadily in my trembling body.

At last his tongue slid slowly down the outer lip of my pussy and back up the other side. Such a simple, delicate touch and an earthquake shook my body. After I'd settled he lifted my knees and told me to swing them apart. I was then fully open to him. He licked around again then down over my clitty around my love nest and on to my anus. More shuddering and shaking followed as he continued to suck and lick my throbbing pussy.

He let me rest again then reorganised himself putting his shoulders between my legs and tucking my legs under his arms. I was pinioned with my legs held wide apart and his mouth and fingers only millimetres from my pussy. He moved back a little rolling my pussy and anus up towards his mouth and placed his knees either side of my head, his cock tantalisingly inches from my waiting mouth. I strained my head up and licked the dribble of pre-cum from the tip. Again I was told to be patient and that his turn would cum.

He put his head between my legs and started to graze on my pussy, everywhere between my mons and my anus, nothing was left out, nothing went without the minutest attention. He didn't chew on my clitty, he nipped it and drew it up as he had with my nipples. Such exquisite agony. My orgasm started within seconds and continued, it seemed, for hours. Just when I thought I could take no more, that he had exhausted all the ways of giving me sexual pleasure (without actually fucking me) he slipped a finger into my cunt! The roller coaster of pleasure started all over. His finger probed and explored, slow and careful movements allowing me time to enjoy every nuance of his touch. A second finger, one from the other hand entered the fray. Between them they spread my inner lips.

His tongue probed deeper the sucking grew intense and the nips pushed me over constantly. Three fingers teased me further apart, each one rubbing gently on my pussy wall. A different pressure. A different direction. They opened me wide, so wide I thought I'd tear and always the kissing, licking and sucking. Four fingers now. I'm dripping with cum juice, I squirted, to his delight, more than I'd thought possible. The fingers eased out, one at a time very slowly, reluctantly.

'Stay there! Don't move! He instructed. I lay still recovering and getting my heart and breathing somewhere near normal. He went to the chest of drawers, took something out and closed the drawer. When he turned back to me he was rubbing his hands together. He laid with me his head resting on my belly, a hand on my mons. It felt different. He moved it down, it glided over my pulsing pussy. He'd put lube on his hands! I knew what he was going to do, so did my pussy. It flooded instantly. His hand was at my eager hole, fingers closed together like the poles of a tepee and his thumb tight buried in the middle. Just like you do. He worked them into me, the lube helping to ease them over my tortured flesh.

I automatically opened to encourage him. He was in to his knuckles. I felt him change the shape of his hand making it a little smaller across the top. He wriggled it around and it slid right in up to his wrist. I sighed with total satisfaction and squirted all over his arm. He fisted me almost as well as you do. His hand twisted, probed and explored every little place. He opened his fingers expanding his hand and pulled back to the very entrance before sliding it back deep, deep inside.

As you well know a fisting always gives me a very special orgasm and that one was no exception. I rocked all over the large bed as the convulsions hit. I had to beg for mercy, to be allowed to rest and recover.

He left me curled up on his bed. I must have dozed as the next thing I was aware of was he being sat up beside me having a drink. I looked up at him”

“Alright?” he asked solicitously.

“I told him I was and reached tentatively for his cock. 'My turn now?' I asked. He laughed and told me to sit up, that there was a drink on the bedside table and that my pussy would be very ready for his cock in another fifteen minutes. He clearly knew what effect a good fisting had on as girl's pussy.

My wonderfully abused pussy throbbed as we sat back with our drinks and made polite inconsequential conversation until I could wait no longer. Putting the empty mug back on the bedside table I wriggled down the bed. His turn now.

His cock was flaccid. The big, beautiful, purple head hid beneath to folds of the protective foreskin 'can't get me!' it seemed to say. 'Oh yes I can' I told it (I was feeling wantonly frivolous) and rolled the foreskin carefully back until the eye of cock was just discernible. A tiny pool of pre-cum formed in the little cup I'd made. Leaning forward I licked it up leaving a thin trail of pre-cum between cock and tongue as I lifted my head. I rolled the foreskin back until the eye and about half an inch of purple cock head showed. This time I allowed my tongue to probe deeper, pushing under the foreskin to the top of the glans then further until my tongue reached the beautiful hollow that encircled the cock defining the point at which the cock head and the delivery system were joined. I explored around the base of the knob end, thrilled to find that its delivery system was refuelling and preparing for launch so quickly. My mouth opened instinctively and I pushed the foreskin back with my lips needing to get the beautiful cock head and as much as the shaft into my mouth before it grew too fat for me to take.

I set about making it too fat urgently. Having it in my mouth and growing steadily was fine but I needed it swollen and fat and throbbing with lust and buried deep in my pussy ASAP. I was soon asking 'how do you want to take me?'”

“On your back with your pretty bum on my pillow.” I was told.

“Perfect! As you know that it my very favourite position. I rolled onto my back and lifted my bum. He pushed the pillow into place, knelt between my parted legs and offered his cock to my eager cunt.”

“Lift!” he instructed and repositioned the pillow when I obeyed.

“He took an ankle in each hand and lifted my legs high and wide, just like you do. His was perfectly positioned. He pushed his hips forward. The big, fat, beautiful cock nuzzled my swollen pussy lips apart and started to work its way deep into my cunt. I sighed then moaned more noisily as it penetrated deeper and deeper into my greedy cunt. I took the entire length with ease the head pushing hard against my cervix and his balls resting on my bottom.”

“Ready for a damn good fucking, young lady?” he asked.

“Fuck yes! And don't you dare treat me like a lady – good and fucking hard is what I need!” I told him feeling his cock retreating slightly.

“Fucking hard I had demanded and fucking hard I got. His cock rammed in and scored a bullseye on my cervix. It seemed to me that I had waited hours for this. My head exploded, my eyes crossed and the orgasms started to roll, one upon the other. My language went through dirty and deep into filthy as I demanded more, harder and faster. My head rolled side to side and still the orgasms kept sweeping through me.

So hard were his thrusts that my entire body was slowly and steadily moved up the bed until my head pushed uncomfortably against the headboard. He buried his cock deep in my cunt to keep me in the correct position then dragged me bodily back down the bed where he started all over again, always a full bore thrust deep but slow to start and building faster as I demanded.

Five times he dragged me away from the headboard and four times he fucked me hard until I was back there. On the fifth time he fucked me very hard and very fast right from the off. I was screaming with pleasure. I knew he was on the verge of cummin'. “Give me your spunk! Fill my greedy cunt with your seed. Send me home to my husband with my belly full of your cum!” It didn't seem possible but he went at my cunt harder still and even faster. “C'mon, fuck me! Feed me, Fill me! I want your spunk! I need your seed!” I urged. He held my legs further apart than I had thought they would ever go then with final, frantic thrust his head went back, he snarled 'fuck YEEESS!' and the dam burst. His spunk flooded into me.

After I had done my best to milk him of every last little spunky drop he collapsed onto his elbows and worked on his breathing.

“It's a bloody good job I can't get pregnant, coz I swear you kicked the fucking door down and dumped your spunk all over the delivery room. They had no swimming to do!” I told him when he seemed a little recovered.”

I heard him chuckle. “Yeah! Sorry about that.” he panted in my ear.

“We cuddled up and rested for a while then my fingers started walking again. You know me, once I've had a good fuck I loose all sense of proportion and just want more and more. They found his cock and started to play.”

“More?” he asked.

“You got the energy?” I enquired.

“You make him fit and I'll find the energy. Deal?”

“Deal,” I agreed and went straight down on him again.

It took a while but you know I don't give up easy. Eventually it was very fit to fuck.”

“How do you want to use me this time?” I asked.

“Is your arse available?”

I beamed at him “Oh yes! But I'll need loads of lube to take this Bad Boy,” I told him without hesitation.

“You know where it is.” he said.

“I slid the drawer open and there, beside the lube was a packet of those little blue pills we both know and love. 'No wonder he gets so hard and recovers so quickly' I thought with a smile. I knelt on the bed while he lubed my bum hole and all around. 'I seem to have lost a bit of stiff!' he said offering his cock to my face. I opened my mouth and restored its splendour.

He told me to smother his cock with lube, said he was going to fuck my arse cum what may and didn't want to hurt me. I thought that was very thoughtful and shuddered with pleasure as I followed instructions. He stood at the foot of the bed. I rocked back towards his cock and strained to open my hole up as much as I could. I felt his knob against the entrance and relaxed.

He pushed, I opened invitingly. The first bit was easy. Your cock isn't much smaller at the knob head so I was used to it. I eased myself back onto it. The glans were a bit tight, I moved off a little, paused and pushed back just as he pushed forward. I squealed as the glans penetrated then sighed with pleasure as the long shaft drove the head right up my back passage.

“OK,” he asked.

“Oh yes!” I told him, “now fuck my arse, shoot your load right up inside me!”

“And he did, slow and gentle at first then, as he realised that not only was it OK but I was really, really enjoying it, harder and faster until his cock was fucking my arse almost as hard as it had recently fucked my cunt. We were both making an awful lot of noise and using filthy language as he shafted my anus. He started to pant. I almost took over control of the fucking by thrusting back onto his cock then pulling forward. He stayed still and I arse fucked his cock until I felt him begin to cum. I pushed back hard and stopped just as his cock started to throb and pump whatever little spunk remained in his balls deep, so deep up my arse. I came with him and held his cock tight so that he wouldn't escape until he was very soft. We flopped on the bed, both exhausted.

“We should go back to the beach,” said a voice. I cracked my eyes open it was nearly a quarter past one. “You husband would like to discover us there.”