Written by aussi nudist

3 Feb 2010

My wife and I have been nudists for many years but just a year ago joined a club, mostly older couples but with a few single males as well. We meet at the homes of various members for nude swims and barbeques and occasionally go on outings as a club to beaches and such. Everyone says nudists are not into sex but let me tell you that,s not true. There are a couple of the members who frown on any sexual activity and a lot more who say there not into it but I suspect are. It,s also often said that ladies don’t care about the size of a mans prick but that also is untrue. There is one of the single guys in the club who is literally hung like a horse and if it,s not his big prick that attracts all the ladies too him I don’t know what it is. He,s not great looking or got a great body or even a good conversationalist but most the ladies, particularly the more mature ones and the married ones hang round him like flies. Naturally my wife is one of his admirers, she makes no secret she likes well hung guys and it,s fairly obvious to all that he fancies her as well. We had a swim night and he was always swimming close to her and cornering her in the dark end of the pool. I didn,t see anything going on except some innocent games of tag but she admitted to me after we left that he had fingered her briefly in the pool. A couple of weeks later we had a massage night. We had a couple of borrowed tables and couples were giving each other massages, not sexual but there was a bit of playing happening. Kurt had been hanging round with us most the evening watching me and my wife masage each other and all. The night had begun to wind up one or two people were getting ready to leave when Kurt asked my wife if she,ld massage him and she agreed. She started on his back then told him to roll over. When he did he had a huge fucking boner. One or two of the ladies saw it and grinned but nobody was taking a lot of notice they were mostly too tired or too pissed as we had all been drinking. The tables had been set up away from the pool where everyone was anyway. I could hardly believe my eyes when my wife took hold of his stalk and began wanking him. I pretended not to see and she only did it for about a minute but I,m sure others must have seen as well. We had one designated driver who had stayed sober to run us all home at the end of the night and when it was our turn Kurt came along as he only lived a few miles from our place. Kurt hopped in the back and so did my wife while I rode up front. As we started off I looked over the back and Kurt had his hand up my wifes skirt feeling her up. I glanced at our driver and he was watching it all in his rear view mirror and he continued watching the whole way home. Liz invited Kurt in for a nightcap and he agreed. While I mixed some drinks my wife put on music and wanted to dance. Kurt was up for it specially when my wife removed her skirt. As he put his arms round her she removed his shirt and unzipped his pants and he obligingly removed them to show he was semi hard again. Liz loved it and was grinding herself against him as they danced. After a half hour of this she sat down beside me on the sofa and whispered that she was horny and was it alright to ask Kurt if he wanted to stay over as it was too late to walk home. I told her that was fine and she went to make up the spare bed while Kurt and I chatted and he asked if we swung and I told him we were very liberal. Liz returned and sat beside him on the sofa and he put his hand between her legs and began feeling her up again in front of me as we chatted away. I mentioned that he was popular with most the ladies at the club and he grinned and told me he liked married ladies and had fucked quite a few of the women at the club and spoke quite openly about which ones and how often and it seemed many of the husbands like me knew and didn,t mind their wives getting fucked by him. Kurt fucked the arse off my wife that night. I ended up in the spare bed while he took Liz to our bed and fucked her repeatedly. I think by the next weekend almost everyone in the club knew he had banged my wife. He told some and our driver that night told some and soon it was the hot gossip about the club. I felt a little embarrassed at first but then I remembered there were a lot of other wives and husbands in the same boat