Written by Engwife

28 Jun 2010

Hi Leesa here again, after being caught by Gary (May 2010), Jenny and I continued our relationship. We even had a couple of threesomes with Gary but generally we stuck to our regular arrangement. During the couple of times we had a three-way Jenny had casually mentioned the idea of bringing in another man but Gary had just laughed it off and I didn’t really think much of it. As mentioned before Jenny has always been very inhibited and neither of us thought she was serious.

Gary travels a lot for work and was recently sent to Germany for two weeks to fulfil a contract. Early in the first week he was away Jenny and I were talking and she once again brought up the fact we should introduce another guy. This time I took her seriously and asked her what she had in mind. Jenny talked about the fact that apart from our sexual relationship she had not had anyone else since she met Gary when she was 18 and now that she knew of my history and the fact that Gary had obviously had at least two other women during their marriage she felt she had been missing out.

In fact she was a quite frustrated that she had only been with one guy all that time (19 years) while we were out having a great time. As she correctly pointed out she had even had to take the first step with me to get the ball rolling. I explained that it can be an emotional rollercoaster sleeping with other people but she was undaunted. At any rate there were no other guys knocking at our door at that moment but we would keep an eye out unless someone else showed up and we left it at that.

On the Friday morning Jenny rang me from her work were she temps for the sales manager of a multinational medical company. The company had two salesmen from overseas over for training and they were having a final dinner that night. She was invited but said she only would if she could bring me. My kids were with my ex for the weekend so I was free and I was happy to go along.

Before we left Jenny mentioned that this might be our opportunity for some additional cock as the guys were all presentable and about our age with the two overseas guys in their late 30’s and the boss Ben in his early forties. We took a taxi to the restaurant where we met Ben, Bill from Canada and Dave from New Zealand. Jenny and I sat next to each other with Ben next to me and Bill on the other side of Jenny, We had a lovely meal and a few wines, Ben and I got along very while I could hear Jenny flirting with Bill and to a lesser extent Dave. Ben told me that although he had worked with Jenny for a couple of years he had seen a real change in her recently - she had become far more outgoing. In fact although he had asked her to these dinners many times she had always refused. On this occasion she had actually asked if she could come along.

After the meal Ben offered to drive us home and we all piled into his car. We were about to be dropped off when Jenny provocatively asked if everyone would like to come in for a couple of drinks. We had all had a few by this stage except Ben (driving) and they readily accepted. Jenny and I prepared the drinks while the guys sat down at the kitchen table. Ben was aware of Jenny and my relationship and started a dare session asking us to kiss in front of everyone. Being Happy to put on a show I thought this might get the ball rolling so to speak. Jenny and I started a long French kiss and when I cupped her boob the boys started cheering. This really excited me and I rolled the strap from her shoulder exposing her boob so that I could suck on her nipple. I was really excited by this and I could tell Jenny was too but we wanted more than each other tonight so I broke away.

We sat down on the lounge chair opposite where the boys were sitting and emboldened by our kiss Jenny declared she would make the next dare. She wanted her boss to go down on me, I was a little surprised how quickly this was progressing but was wet at the thought. Ben took off my g string and then got down between my knees and proceeded to lick my pussy. He had a very good technique and I was rapidly losing control but I wanted to get the others going. So I pulled myself together, instructed Ben to stay where he was and I then dared Jenny to give Bill a head job.

Jenny got off the lounge where she had been watching Ben and I, and moved over to Bill who was sitting in one of the kitchen chairs. Jenny unzipped his pants and took out his cock. He was fully erect and jenny began by licking the helmet giving him her full attention. By this stage I was lost to the probing I was getting from Ben’s tongue, sometime later when I looked up again Jenny had straddled Bill in the chair and was riding his cock for all she was worth. Dave stood up behind her and was fondling her boobs from behind, it was quite a sight to watch. Then Jenny stood up and turned around so that Bill could fuck her from behind while she got access to Dave’s cock.

Jenny was obviously aiming to be spit roasted when she released Dave’s cock. This was when I got a real shock, Dave’s cock was the thickest I had ever seen, not that long but incredibly thick, it was probably twice as thick as any cock I had seen before. Jenny started to lick it up and down but it was way too thick to get any more than the tip into her mouth. I was mesmerised by the size of it when Jenny stated to orgasm. Her orgasm along with Ben’s licking and the sight of Dave’s cock were too much for me and I lost to my first orgasm.

Throughout her orgasm, Jenny had not let go of Dave’s cock and she now pulled him over to the table, she lay back on the table and he poised his huge cock at her pussy. I had to get a better look at this so I went over to the table dragging Ben by the hand. I positioned myself over the table so that Ben could enter me from behind while I could suck on Jenny’s nipples and get a closer look at that massive cock.

Ben was rhythmically fucking my pussy while Dave probed at Jenny’s pussy. It was huge to look at and Jenny is quite petite so I just didn’t think she would be able to accommodate it. I stopped sucking Jenny’s nipples as I was mesmerised by the scene before me. Jenny was breathing hard in anticipation but Dave was taking it slow to give her time to adjust, at this stage he really only had penetrated the tip. After a while Jenny frustratingly cried out ‘Just fuck me you bastard’. With this Dave took hold of her legs and with one long continuous thrust pushed in the full length of his magnificent cock. Jenny screamed out in a mixture of pleasure and pain and almost instantly started to convulse in a powerful orgasm. I could see how stretched Jenny’s pussy was and was amazed that she had been able to take the full width of his cock. Now fully engaged Dave continued to thrust into her and after a short while he started to cum. The scene set Ben off as well and I could feel his cock swell and then pump a load of cum into my already soaking pussy.

After we all settled down a little Ben announced he had to drop Bill off at his hotel as he had an early flight in the morning. Both Jenny and I clung to Dave and he elected to stay as his flight was not till Sunday morning. After they left we all headed to the bedroom.

I had decided I had to get my hands on Dave’s cock. So I pushed him back on the bed and immediately went down on him. I was able to get all his now soft cock in my mouth although it was still a mouthful. I started to suck and lick it and it quickly started to expand, all too soon I could only keep the helmet in my mouth. To give an indication of size my mouth was fully open and it still felt like it was forcing my lips apart. He was now very hard and I straddled his hips preparing to ride the monster. I was so excited and my pussy was soaking with anticipation so I knew I didn’t need any lubricant but I was still daunted about what I was about to attempt. I positioned his cock at my pussy and pushed down on the tip, I relaxed my pelvis and started to rock while I increased my weight on his cock. I could feel him stretching the lips of my pussy and I felt a burning sensation as his cock slowly entered me. I was so turned on by what we were doing and the burning sensation was delicious part of my ecstasy. Finally I hit bottom so I started to rise along the length of his cock where I repeated the motion. I don’t know how long I rode Dave’s cock before he reached up and pulled on my nipples. This was like an electric shock sent me over the edge and I had the most intense orgasm I have known. It felt like my toes were going to pop off my feet. At some point during my long orgasm Dave also shot his load into my well stretched pussy. I was so exhausted when I rolled off Dave I almost immediately fell asleep with Jenny cuddled up on the other side of Dave.

I woke up the next morning with light streaming through the window and a very sore pussy. I left the other two asleep while I went and had a shower. When I came back Jenny was again astride Dave having one last fuck before we went out for breakfast. I don’t know how she did it as I was so sore but she told me later she couldn’t let that cock go before having one more go.

Now Jenny tells me they have guys coming in regularly from overseas for training so she is going to keep an eye out for other opportunities.