Written by anonymous

20 Sep 2010

My Mrs used to work in a pub in the East end but shortly after we met we moved to Kent.

She has stayed in touch with a few of her friends and one of these is a guy called Bob.

Bob is in his late fifties if not slightly older and has always fancied my Mrs and at times openly said so.

They used to go around in a crowd of others but he always made it clear how he felt.

We havent seen him for a couple of years and were surprised when he texted her to say he was going to live in France for a year or so and could he call in or possibly stay the night on his journey through.

She texted him back to say he would be welcome to stay over.

A week later on a Friday evening he arrived and after a bit of chat and general catching up we all went off down the town.

We had a fair bit to drink and came home around eleven o clock.

Bob told us that he had split up with Sarah his long term partner who we all knew from many years before.

During the conversation i noticed on our t v a couple were shagging. It wasnt porn or even soft porn, just part of a film and mostly everything was left to the imagination.

I remarked on what we were watching and Bob said how he tries to ignore that sort of thing since it just frustrates him.

We were all having a good laugh and drinking sambuca when Bob remarked that My Mrs had lost too much weight.

He said how he prefered her when she was bigger and missed her previously larger breasts and deeper cleavage.

She pulled her dress down slightly, revealing her bra clad breasts and jokingly asked him if she no longer turned him on.

He shot a glance at me and then cupped her breasts and said she would always be the sexiest lady he knew.

Although it was done in jest his hands fondled her breasts as he held them and the moment lasted for almost a minute, in which time we all seemed to go very quiet.

A bit later we were talking and Bob said how i was a very lucky bloke.

I pulled My Mrs a bit closer and kissed her.

It might have been the drink but it turned in to more of a snog with her responding eagerly to my surprise.

Her hand was in my lap and as i shifted it moved over the outline of my cock.

"Somebody is getting excited" she said.

I pulled her closer again and we kissed.

"Do i have to leave the room"? i heard Bob ask.


Then she moved towards me and we were snogging again.

Everything seemed to happen at once.

As we kissed i slipped her dress slowly down her shoulders.

She slipped it through her arms.

I undid her bra clasp and it slipped forwards revealing her lovely pale pert breasts.

I undid my belt and trousers, her hand moved under my pants and gripped my rigid cock.

Then her head moved to my lap and after fully revealing my shaft she took it deep in to her mouth.

Bob meanwhile was forgotten.

I looked over at him and saw he had undone his trousers and was wanking an impressive sized cock as he smiled and watched us.

I reached over my wifes back and slowly drew the rest of her dress upwards. It was now just draped around her waist revealing her panties to Bob.

I was enjoying every second of the blow job but she soon stopped and stood up.

She pushed herself free of her dress and as it fell to the floor she went to slide her panties down too.

She froze and looking at me said "are you sure? "is this what you want"?

"Oh yes" i said.

"Please dont stop" i heard Bob softly say.

Her fingers pulled her panties slowly down revealing her shaven pussy lips.

The panties dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them.

She was just standing there. Her eyes were closed tight. Nobody said a word.

Myself and Bob were stroking our cocks just looking at her.

I dont know how long we were both just numbly enjoying the moment but the next thing i knew Bob very slowly reached forwards and i saw his fingertip gently slip between her pussy lips.

It didnt move but he just silently held it there.

She was breathing heavily, her breasts rising and falling with each breath, her eyes still closed.

Then she moved forwards slightly. She appeared to be moving on to his finger.

Rocking backwards and forwards in tiny movements.

He sat up closer to her and i watched as his face drew closer and closer to her shaven mound.

He withdrew his now wet finger and i was transfixed as he stuck out his tongue.

Gently at first. It barely touched her lips.

Then he carefully cupped her buttocks in his hands and as i watched and wanked he licked and lapped at her pussy.

I saw her pant and she held her breasts then moved further forwards against his face.

It wasnt very long before i saw her start to gasp. Her eyes were still tight shut, her hands holding her breasts allowing her nipples to flick between her fingers.

She ground against his face, her legs parted further, relying on his hands holding her bottom to support her.

She called out as she came.

It seemed to last for an age.

She shook, gasped and pushed hard against his mouth as he tasted her juices.

Bob released her and she slumped down in front of us.

Bobs mouth, chin and throat was glistening.

Quickly i stood and dispensed with my clothes.

I got between her open legs and shoved my cock in to her soaking pussy. We kissed and she gripped my shoulders as we fucked.

I pulled both of us around and manoevered her on top of me.

This is not normally her favourite position but she seemed to be loving it and bounced up and down hard on my cock using every inch of it.

She even took her weight on her feet and in a sitting position started to pump up and down on my cock. At times reaching between her legs to feel it enter her.

I lay beneath squeezing her breasts and sucking her nipples when she leant forwards.

Once again Bob was far from our minds but i quickly became aware that he had moved and was now standing beside her as she rode me.

He was wanking his cock close to her head.

I gripped her waist and fucked her hard in upward strokes.

Bob reached forwards and took her hand.

He placed it on his cock.

Her gaze never left me as she started to wank him.

Her touch was soft almost tickling him.

I was close to cumming as i saw her turn her head and look at the very erect cock that was now in her hand. Her chest and neck were flushed red with arousal.

A second later he had moved a fraction closer and she had tilted her head.

As i fucked her i saw her red lips open wide and another mans hard cock enter her mouth.

First the large round red head then the shaft gradually slipped inside. Then she was sucking him.

All too much for me i came and pumped my cum up and in to her.

As i slowed and relaxed she seemed to concentrate more on his cock.

He gently held her face as he slowly fucked her mouth.

She was playing with her pussy with my half erect cock still inserted in to her.

Bob wanked his cock with half the thing between her lips.

Moments later he said he was cumming and with her lips still clamped tight around his cock he emptied his semen down her throat.

She flicked her pussy faster as he pumped. She started to cum again and ground down on my rapidly recovering cock.

When his cock slipped free not a drop was left in it.

I moved her towards the sofa and with her bent over the edge i fucked her hard with him watching before cumming inside her again.

We all quietly dressed and recovered.

Nothing else happened during the evening as we retired to bed and Bob had to dash off quickly in the morning and we havent spoken of it since. I think she is ashamed and shocked at her own behaviour despite my trying to reassure her but when Bob returns in a years time i am hoping for a repeat event.