Written by anonymous

9 Oct 2010

Just an update of a previous story.

Bob our friend had gone to France to live and stopped with us for the night on the way through some weeks back.

My Mrs got a call however saying he was returning for just two days to pick up some more things and would love to meet up. She agreed and asked if he wanted to stay over again and he said he would love to but could not get to us until late Saturday evening.

Saturday evening came and i asked her if she wanted a repeat performance of our last evening of fun. This ended with Bob fingering her and her swallowing his cum.

After some discussion she agreed with me that it was very very erotic and despite feeling ashamed the next day she admitted to being highly aroused both during and since.

It was almost midnight when Bob arrived and after he had a quick shower we all sat and chatted with some drinks.

We had been talking for an hour or so and nobody had mentioned anything remotely sexual.

After topping up all our glasses i gently pulled my Mrs nearer to me and kissed her.

We all sat watching some rubbish film on tv for a bit. I was stroking her back and conversation had died down. It was a nervous silence.

She the casually raised her legs and lay them across Bobs lap,"Is that ok?" she asked. "Of course" he replied. Her upper body was laying against my chest.

I reached around and my hand slowly sank down her top and cupped her breast.

Bob watched and smiled at us both.

She seemed to relax further.

Bob meanwhile had started to stroke her legs,reaching a little higher each time until eventually he was stroking her thighs beneath her loose skirt.

The skirt was gradually rising up revealing her white lacy panties.

She turned her head towards me and we snogged as i played with her hardening nipple.

Glancing at her lower body i saw Bobs left hand was high between her legs.

He seemed to be playing with her pussy through her panties.

She had started to squirm slightly.

Seizing the moment i raised her top upwards and she leaned forward to let me.

I pulled her top over her head and off.

I gently slid her bra straps down and after undoing the clasp her bra was also removed.

She lay back along the sofa and i got up and stood at the edge watching Bob as his fingers slipped beneath the material of her panties and in to her pussy.

She opened her legs wider and closed her eyes.

Her hands were cupped over her face as if she was ashamed.

I removed my jeans,pants and shirt. I knelt at the edge of the sofa with my cock jutting out towards her.

She opened her eyes and we smiled at each other. Slowly she cupped my balls then stroked my hard cock length.

I moved a little closer and she opened her mouth. My cock went in and she began to gently suck me as Bob played with her.

I felt her tongue flicking around inside her mouth.

Bob then stood and undressed.

As she concentrated on sucking my cock he moved between her legs. She allowed him to remove her skirt and panties then opened her thighs wider for him,he moved towards her freshly shaven pussy.

Holding the shaft of his cock he rubbed the large red head of it between her pussy lips. Up and down her wet slit time and time again with me watching.

I could see her juices spread over his cock.

Her lovely pale white skin looked so good.

She was sucking me harder now and panting as he toyed with her.

"Shall i?" Bob asked us both.

In unison we both said "Yes".

He waited for a few seconds more. She tried to push down against him but he drew back each time.

Then as she held my cock close to her face and gazed down at herself,legs spread wide,as needy as i have ever seen her,Bob pushed the whole thing deep inside her.

She arched back and gasped.

My cock forgotten for a moment she gripped the sofa with both hands and Bob started to fuck her with long hards strokes.

She was flushed bright red around her neck and was panting loudly as he used her pussy for his pleasure.

He moved over her and licked and sucked at her pale creamy breasts. She ground them against his mouth. I could see him suck at her nipples and leave them wet.

They faced each other and then they kissed.

Her tongue was entering his mouth,then i could see his tongue slipping in to hers.

She sucked on it like it was some sort of minature cock that she was trying to felate.

He started really slamming in to her and rose upwards. I stood close by watching and wanking my cock.

His speed had only increased slightly but he was withdrawing fully then pushing it back in to her to the hilt. They had both become very wet with a mixture of juices and a white fluid was smeared all over her pussy and his long red shaft.

She started to cum. She shook and gritted her teeth,her eyes tightly closed,she gripped his waist as he fucked her hard.

She was still cumming when he looked straight at me and asked if he could cum inside her. "Please" i heard myself say. For me probably the most erotic moment.

My cock was the hardest it has ever been.

He began grunting and pushing harder. She looked at me stroking my cock.

She seemed to be still in the middle of her orgasm,her eyes rolling slowly and her body glistening and flushed.

"I love you" she mouthed to me as Bob called her name and started to cum.

He had his cock buried inside her as he emptied his sperm deep into her belly.

He seemed to be cumming for ages. Shaking and panting,pushing his groin in to her.

Then he slumped gently on to her and they began kissing again.

Bob slid down her body,kissing and licking her breasts and belly as he moved,then sat close by,eyes closed,still panting.

I moved between her gaping thighs.

Her whole lower body was sticky and soaking wet.

My cock literally fell inside her pussy as my body moved against her.

The feeling of her juices and his warm sperm sloshing against my skin as i fucked her was just incredible.

I kissed her as he had.

I sucked her breasts as he had.

I fucked her hard as he had.

She began another orgasm and i wasnt far from cumming.

Bob by then had moved towards her and knelt as i had previously,near her face.

His thick cock was still quite erect and shiny with cum.

He stroked her hair and looked at her with me inside her where he had just been.

My gaze was drawn to his cock as it began to twitch,it hung there for a second near her face,i was inches away from it.

Her eyes opened and she moved her head slightly towards it.

As i fucked her she looked at me for a second then slowly opened her mouth and with me so close i could see every vein on his shaft it slide in and she sucked him.

The head of it was really engorged as it slowly moved in and out between her lips.

Her lips and his cock glistened and became sticky.

Everthing seemed to happen at once then.

I felt myself start to cum,she shook and squirmed as she gave in to another orgasm and Bob gently wanked his cock with the head still dropped inside her mouth.

She groaned,i groaned and Bob called out for the second time that evening as he shot another blast of sperm in to her. This time her mouth. With me inches away.

I could see it pumping as she swallowed.

I had cum inside her and felt it begin to ooze around my shaft and her thighs.

As he withdrew it was still leaking and dripping over her mouth.

She gulped and her tongue lapped at the creamy drips on the end of his cock.

Bob moved away and sat slumped nearby.

My cock was incredibly returning to life and hadnt fully left her pussy.

She just lay exhausted,unmoving as i fucked her slowly one more time.

I was so aroused by what i had just seen that within a minute or two i came again.

We then just lay together.

Bob stayed over and like before nothing was mentioned.

He left the next morning but did say he would try and call back to see us soon even though he is gradually becoming settled in France.