Written by gondobi

4 Jul 2014

Pam and I didn't last long in the dunes and after we had finished just sat there for a while not saying a word.then I said let's go back to Lyn and Terry.as we walked towards them it was clear to see they were a little uncomfortable as they hadn't realised we had seen them having sex.Terry said you guys ok and Pam said were great.we saw Lyn sucking you so went into the dunes and tony fucked me.Terry looked at me so I smiled at them then he looked at Pam's pussy .Lyn was quiet but as I sat beside her cuddled me,and whispered did you mind me sucking Terry I grinned and told her it was fantastic seeing his cock in her mouth after all these years.well Terry said where do we go from here so I said back to camp as we've some catching up to do.when we got back were all naked in seconds.Terry was kissing Lyn and I was rubbing my cock on Pam's arse as we watched them then Lyn said to Pam I want to see you sucking tony,Pam did as asked and boy what a cock sucker she was giving a great show to them.Terry.as fingering Lyn I had to tell Pam to stop as I didn't want to come too soon.then Terry and I got to sucking the women while they lay there holding hands Lyn came very quickly then Terry go on top of her and started to fuck her.Pam orgasms then.they were still holding hands so I got between Pam's legs again and fucked her it took ages for me to cum but Pam orgasms a few times.by now Terry had cum in Lyn too and it was his cumming that tipped me over.we were all knackered now and cleaned up for dinner at a pub close by.