24 Jun 2016

As I have already said my wife Fran is very adventurous but I got a shock when her nature came to light

We had gone to Majorca and had a nice room with a big balcony. We were the end room and we often sat n the balcony in the evening with a bottle of wine and played cards. As we were at he end we could onl be seen from one side. There were two young guys in the next room and one night as the wine slipped down she was clearly feeling horny. She sat opposite me, opened her legs and started to rub her pussy. They smiled at me and she continued apparently with them oblivious .

This was turning us both on so she got up went inside and came back without knickers and proceeded to bring herself off.

This became a bit of a game and she did this for the next couple of nights. The following night, we had had a great meal and she was a bit pissed I was chilling on the bed and she went and stood on the balcony. The two guys were there and started to chat so I stayed where I was and listened. They were a bit flirty commenting about her figure and she was lapping it up.

Suddenly I heard one of them say why don’t you si down and do for us what you do for your husband each night. She asked what they meant and they said they knew she was masturbating because of the subtle movements. I wondered what she would do when I saw her sit facing them. Hey aid lovely, now open your legs which she did. Then Ii heard a big AWWW as they noticed she was wearing knickers. They begged her to take them off which I watched in amazement as she eased them down. She started to play with her clit then I heard her say god your both big which made me realise they had their cocks out.

They encouraged her to climb over onto their side and I soon heard the sound of raw sex . I went onto the balcony and quietly climber over and peered round the patio door and thereshe was sucking a large cock and impaled on the other one as he fucked her from behind.

They encouraged her to talk dirty between sucks and she was begging for loads of cum and asking for her cunt to be fucked hard.

The one in her mouth came and held her mouth so she had to swallow . then encouraged his mate to fuck her and let him take over. I continued to watch as he filled her with his cum. They all laid on the bed and she started to stroke their cocks so they asked if she wanted more to which she said god yes.

They asked where I was , asking if I had gone out and she said no he is in the room at which point I made my presence known. They looked shocked and asked if I minded and I said no I want to fuck her and then she can stay the night. I didn’t last long and true to my word I went back over the balcony to our room.

They fucked her multiple times before the left at the week end