Written by phil_kaz

28 Sep 2010

This happened about three years ago. My wife and I who are in our mid 40's now had been talking about swapping with another cpl for some time so we decided to give it a go.

We joined a site and after numerous attempts, got chatting to a cpl.

R and her partner S were from kettering. After several emails and a brief telephone conversation, we agreed to meet at a hotel in their home town.

We arrived early, so had a cpl of drinks in the bar before heading back to the room to shower etc..

We went back to the bar and got a text saying "we are sitting under the tv". They were quite an attractive cpl a little younger than us. We chatted for a while, my wife went to the loo quickly followed by R. She came back and said "she's just tried to stong me".

A few more drinks followed and we had a game of pool. R made a sexual comment which I can't remember but S said "That means she's horny".

We went back to our room, my wife went to the bathroom. R,S and I lay on the bed. R removed her skirt and said "I want her". My wife returned and joined us on the bed. We kissed and undressed each other. R began to kiss my wifes neck and we swapped over. I kissed her all over. She got on all fours and began to lick my wifes pussy along with her partner. I licked her pussy from behind.

He moved his cock to my wife's mouth, she licked his shaft but did'nt suck him.

We said from the outset about safe sex. Unfortunataly, he tried his luck and I could see my mife was not happy. I again reminded them about safe sex, to which I got the reply "ok,ok". My wife got up and left the room.

I went into the bathroom and comforted my wife while they had sex. I then asked them to leave.

After they had gone, we showered together, laughed about our experience and made love for hours which was the best ever.

In the morning she dicovered they had stole her knickers.............hope they had a good sniff.