Written by PM&K

3 Aug 2010

Recently my mate Paul said if i was to book a hotel in Birmingham then he and his very attractive wife would meet up for a drink 1st before we would all go back to the room for a threesome! he said it was something they had fantasised and talked about for quiet a while and as I've known them for a few years and with me recently splitting up with my wife i was ideal to fullfil this fantasy! so with everyone happy i booked the hotel last saturday night then all got together at the bars in the arcadian centre in birmingham, quiet a few drinks later we headed for the hotel, unknown to me was pauls wife had came off the pill and paul had not brought any condoms with him! they both knew some years ago i had the snip so i was safe! so after lots of great fourplay licking her pussy after paul had not taken her nickers off but pulled them to one side we were lying each side of her with very hard cocks and she lay there with a very wet fanny, what then suprised me was paul said there's no way he could fuck her without a condom but i could! wow! so there i was giving his wife a good fucking while she was wanking him, he then said come inside her so ican lick it out! this also suprised me but its what they'd talked about and wanted, so i fucked and fucked her, loved every min of it as i'd always found her attractive when i was with my wife but now i was single and fuckin her, i soon came loads and loads then as we were into the early hours felt i would now leave an go home leaving them to relive there fantasy with each other and enjoy the rest of the night, paul texted me the next day to thank me ( god knows why? i loved it ) and also to tell me he'd give her full pussy a good licking after i'd left... P.S. he's now asked me if i could call round for a coffee one morning at the house after he's gone to work and give her a good fucking on my own then he wants her to tell him all about it when he gets back from work while he's either fucking her or licking my spunk out of her again! i will write again and let you know when this coffee visit happens!