Written by Dee

7 Jun 2009

My wife and I have had a threesome on and off with a guy called Ian for a while, he's polite, respectful and sees what we have as just a fun extension of our friendship. One of the most memorable times we've had with Ian was a few weeks ago when we quite literally had 24hrs of fun.

It all started when my wife (Elle) was showing me a new mini skirt that she had bought. The hold ups and revealing sexy top she was wearing made the show of the skirt all the more interesting and I have to admit the show was having an affect and I soon had her bent over the couch with her knickers pulled to one side. As we were at it (it was about 10.30pm at this time) there was a knock at the door, I looked out of a side window and saw it was Ian. "That's Ian" I said to Elle "will I let him in?" The glint in my eye let Elle know what my intentions were and her reply was"if you like"

I opened the door and let Ian in - he'd been out for a bit and it had all ended a bit early so when he saw the light on he chanced his arm for a beer. The thought that a beer would be the last thing on his mind when he saw Elle in the living room went through my own mind but to my surprise, when I came into the room Elle was covered in her overcoat saying that she was cold since she had got in from being out at a friends.

We chatted about nothing in particular for a bit; all the while Elle was covered in a coat with her knee high boots peering out of the bottom. I was waiting for Elle to get up to go to the bathroom or for a drink which would have revealed her sexy get up but after an hour she still hadn't. I wanted to see if she was still up for something so I decided to take matters into my own hands by whipping the coat away. Ians face was a picture and things soon progressed when I pushed Elle into the position she had adopted before, only this time Ian's cock was in her mouth as I shagged her from behind. We changed over and Ian sat on the couch with Elle sitting in his lap facing out taking me in her mouth as she did it. What follwed was a 4 hour session with all three of us cumming hard.

Tired but happy, Elle went to bed at almost 4am and Ian and I continued chatting and drinking. The follwing day was a Friday and our kids had school so Elle got up at around 7 and found us downstairs. What happened next was a real turn on. When we'd had things go on in the past wqe qwould do something and then it would be all back to normal but this time she got us to stand together and she sank to her knees and took us into her mouth until we were both hard. she kept in this position until we both came in her face. Her payback was unfortunately interupted by the kids stirring upstairs so I made a suggestion. For the next 24 hours she could do whatever she wantewd with whoever she wanted when she wanted. The cheeky smile on her face told me that this was a suggestion that she was going to willingly accept.

I'll tell you what happened very very soon.