Written by Fruttitutti

9 May 2013

We all laid side by side, Frutti between us, gathering our breath. We had all been on the verge of coming but we all wanted the action to go on longer."This is absolutely the best ever" said Frutti, breaking the silence. She had the broadest of smiles on her face - she'd had no need to say that - we could tell just by looking at her!

James was massaging her left breast, I followed suit on the right one. Her nipples had only just calmed down but immediately became hard and erect again. The same thing was happening to our cocks too! James took her nipple in his mouth and sucked gently on it, I again followed his lead. Her nipple continued to harden in my mouth, her chest started to heave, we were away again. James and I looked across at each other as we enjoyed her tremendous breasts - we were sharing the same treat. I reached my hand down between her legs only to find them open again and to find James had got there first, he already had a finger moving in and out, for the third time I copied him and slipped one into her alongside his. We were truly sharing my wife here in everything we did to her. I moved down with my lips, down off her breast, down gently over her belly, past her belly button, stop and flick my tongue inside it then down to my target. Pussy heaven. I moved around so that I was knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed - pulled her by the hips until her pussy was within range, then started to bury my head in her crotch. My tongue found her clitoris straight away and I felt her shudder with pleasure. I flicked it around and felt it respond - she was panting again! I moved up and down her outer lips at first, and then the inner ones. She started to whimper - I could tell that I was hitting the spot. Suddenly the whimpering stopped - I looked up and could see why. James had moved too and was laid with his huge cock in her mouth. She was literally fucking his cock with her mouth. What a fantastic sight to watch as I licked her pussy, which now was getting wetter and wetter, and wider and wider. I was sure it was pulsating. I watched as she sucked and saw his cock grow and grow, then he moved again, knelt over her so that his heavy ball sack was directly above her mouth. She took the hint and took one of his balls into her mouth. He gasped, almost squealed, as she sucked on it - his face was a mix of pain and ecstasy - it obviously hurt but he was clearly enjoying the pain. Frutti seemed to be enjoying dishing it out too from the reaction I was getting from her pussy. He stood it for a few seconds then pulled away and replaced his ball with his cock - thrusting it into her mouth hard and fast - she loved it ! I moved away and sat back to watch the action again, giving my cock another stroke as I watched. He pulled her up and asked her to kneel - she obliged and knelt facing me - I got off the bed and stood at the side of it. She was on all fours, her huge pendulous tits hanging down. She was still grinning like the cat that had got the cream - she probably realised that's what she was about to get. James knelt between her legs and smoothly and quickly entered her again - her face told me how good it felt to her. His rhythm was slow and deliberate, his strokes long and steady and controlled - her tits were swaying and her nipples firm and long. The whole vision was nothing short of wonderful.

I moved around the bed so that I could actually see this massive cock entering my wife's cunt. That was another view I shall never forget. It was a view that I could concentrate on and take in as it wasn't me doing the fucking. As his cock went in it pushed her labia in with it, as it came out the labia were like a collar on his cock. I was fascinated and couldn't look away. I reached down with both hands and pulled the cheeks of her bum apart to give myself a better view of the point of penetration - what a sight. My cock was throbbing more than ever now, it needed some attention of it's own.

I moved round the bed to face her. I lifted her head and put my cock back into her mouth. James moved forward as he rode her, her swinging breasts now cupped in his hands.

His rhythm speeded up - his hands now moved to her hips, he started pulling and pushing her to ride against him. Her tits were bouncing all over - they looked fantastic - so full and so sexy. They are a fabulous pair anyway but look absolutely terrific in action.

So this is what a spit roast felt like!! We all got into a steady rhythm - James pounding at Frutti from behind, her head moving backwards and forwards as she sucked me.

I looked at James and could tell from the look on his face that he was now holding back again, so was I.

It was time to unload, I said " I'm there" James replied " So am I - inside or out?"

"Inside" I said as I felt my balls tighten - I was there, there was no holding back this time.

As I felt my spunk shoot into her mouth I looked James in the face. It was obvious that he was filling my wife with his sperm at exactly the same time. His face contorted with the pleasure - I knew mine was doing to.

From the way my wife was bucking and sucking she was loving the moment too !!

We seemed to take ages in the final stages - both moving slowly in and out of opposite ends of my wife, trying to fill her with every last drop of our spunk, slow deliberate strokes accompanied by the obligatory groans and moans that seem to make the whole process of ejaculation all the more pleasurable.

We collapsed onto the bed, there was one final act that needed completing - Frutti hadn't come !!

I reached onto the bedside drawers where James had laid the vibrator, rubbed it between her labia then slowly and gently slid it in, as I did I could see James's sperm oozing out if her. I pushed it in to its full length and had the thumb of the rabbit against her clitoris. Then I switched it on, first the thumb like clit tickler, she was squirming straight away, then the shaft and head - wild writhing as she moved towards her orgasm. She arched her back, raising her hips off the bed. James reached for her and began to kiss her again, squeezing one of her nipples as he did. I felt that first tell tale shudder move through her body, she was grinding against the rabbit. Goose pimples started to form all over her breasts - she was there - and how ! Her whole body shook, she cried out - almost a scream. The noisiest orgasm I had ever heard her have. Panting she laid flat.

She was smiling ! .