Written by Fruttitutti

2 May 2013

Suggest you read parts one and two first !

So there we were - all 3 of us in our garage - having a glass of wine and a ciggie - and the visit that started it all is mentioned.

I could see that at this point James looked ever so slightly uncomfortable as Frutti's response to his question seemed very enthusiastic . She had smiled broadly as she had replied and I think it had thrown him off balance so to speak.

In an attempt to put our guest at ease I looked him in the eye and said "I do know, you know!" He seemed to squirm a little - not my intention - "I know all about what you two used to get up to - all of it - don't be embarrassed - honestly - I'm totally cool with it"

He looked more at ease bit perhaps a little shocked. " Are you sure you are ok about it - really?"

"Yes, completely" I said, and looking at Frutti for her response followed with " in fact I find the whole thing a massive turn on when I hear about it or even think about it!"

"Good God" he said " I hadn't expected that !"

Frutti chipped in that she'd been shocked when I'd told her too !

"In fact it's given me a stiffy now even just admitting it " I confessed.

"I'm the same - in fact I've had a semi on all night just looking at you" he said to Frutti -" and it's fully hard now!"

The air was electric - charged with sexual feeling - hard to describe but you could literally cut the atmosphere with a knife. It was as if the three of us were waiting to see what happened next - all waiting for one of the others to break the silence.

"I wonder which of you is the hardest?" Frutti said, with that glint in her eyes that she always has when sexual fun is beginning.

"Why don't you be the judge ?" I suggested.

I felt myself tremble as my wife turned to her cousin and rubbed his crotch, her and rubbed up and down and I could see his erection straining inside his trousers, "Mmmm" she said " feels as good as I remember !"

She then turned her attentions to me - kissed me full on the lips, tongued my mouth and stroked my cock through my trousers. I thought it was going to burst it's skin. As she pulled away she whispered "Sure you're ok?" I nodded.

"Well " she said " it's hard to decide through your clothes, I think I need to feel them in the flesh !"

"That's not fair" said James "he's had a kiss to help him grow !"

Frutti put her arms around him and literally snogged his face off, I watched as their tongues delved deep into each other's mouths. This was the first time my wife had kissed another man properly for over 10 years - and I was sat there watching. I stood behind her and pulled back one of the cups of her halter neck, releasing her right breast - the nipple was hard and long and I tweaked it. James took the lead and followed suit releasing her left breast - and massaged it as it fell free. They were still kissing when I saw her hand back down into his crotch area, undo his belt and pull down his zip. He helped by pulling down the front of his underpants and his cock sprung out - free and rampant. She gasped as she grabbed hold of it "My, you are a big boy !" she exclaimed.

His cock was thick, long and rigid - it looked hard enough to have had a bone in it. She stroked it as they continued their kiss which seemed to have lasted forever - "would they ever come up for air?" I was thinking.

I moved round and took both of her breasts in my hands, both nipples were now harder than I had ever felt them. They had stopped the lip kiss now but were licking and sucking at each others faces, neck and ears.

I reached down and undid my own zip and released my throbbing cock.

She had her right hand busy moving up and down James' cock shaft so I took hold of her left hand , pulled it around her back and placed my cock in it. She started the same action on me and was doing her best to impersonate a cross country skier as she wanked us both at the same time. I let go of her tits and started to unzip the back of her dress, when I had the zip down I slipped the top if the dress off her shoulders and slid the dress off her - causing her to momentarily let go of our cocks. I couldn't believe the size of James's - it was bloody huge - and so engorged with the blood pumping through it was almost purple in colour. I was more than a little envious but now, even more than ever, anxious to see my wife get fucked by it!

Her dress dropped to the floor, there she was, my faithful but sexy wife, stood in hold ups and g- string and fuck all else - snogging her cousin and stroking his cock, him groping her tits. Probably the sexiest sight in the world !!

I placed my fingers into the hips of her g-string and pulled them down, James needed no further signal. His fingers were between her thighs before her panties were off - she opened her legs to accommodate his exploring fingers.

We all hurriedly finished undressing and were soon all stark naked - hands, tongues, breasts, cocks - sexual mayhem ! Taking it in turns to kiss my gorgeous wife, sucking a breast each - individually and together - her holding one erect cock and then two - she bent to suck my erection as I sat back on one of the bar stools - as she did James stood behind her and held her hips. His cock needed no direction - he moved forwards and she gasped as she sucked - he was inside her. She sucked hard and hungrily on my cock as he moved in and out of her. I remember being aware of the noises we were all making - this was like the sound track to a porn film. Well, more than just the sound track I guess !

He rode her slowly, she bucked against his movements - I throbbed in her mouth. This was too good to be doing standing up in a garage - "Lets go up to bed" I said. I didn't have to suggest it twice.....

To be continued.