Written by Me and Louise

15 Jan 2012

I have been reading the stories on here for quite a while now, and enjoy them immensley, so i thought it only fair that i make a contribution. The following story is 100% true.

Myself and my partner Louise have been swinging a few times now, mainly at chameleons on a saturday night. We are a good looking couple i have been told on many occasions i look a little like Robson Green and Louise is extremely attractive blonde with a great body and beautiful tits My mates are extremely jealous and are forever telling me i'm boxing above my weight.

Our swinging has been quite tame,Louise likes snogging other girls which would alwasys be the way we started, we then swapped partners but just for snogging and oral sex. But the thing i really wanted to see Louise fuck another man

Like most couples we love dirty talk when we're having sex, and i can always tell when she's close to orgasm because she always asks what are you thinking about, my answer is always the same, which is "you getting fucked by a fit man with a big cock in our house whilst i just sit and watch" and on most occasions we both orgasm and the subject is forgotten about. But on one occasion we had been out and had a little to drink, on returning home we would be mad for each other, but on this occasion the dirty talk got filthier and filthier,till we got to the question about what i was thinking about,again my answer was as above, but on this occasion Louise said "lets do it then, find me someone to fuck and i'll do it". Now i thought this would all be forgotten about in the morning. When i woke up i was so horny straight away thinking about what she had agreed to do, i started stroking and touching her, which usually does the trick and we are at it again within minutes. When she was quite aroused i asked her do you remember what you agreed to do last night, to my suprise she did, and even better she still wanted to do it and again told me to find someone. I didn't need a second invitation and immediatley got up and started looking, we have an account on fab swingers, so i used the search engine to find a suitable male for Louise to fuck.

I know there a lot of dreamers and wannabes on these sights, so i only looked at males with photos and with quite a few feedbacks from other meets. Straight away found a goodlooking guy with lots of great feedback, most the feedback was along the same lines, most said he was a real gent with a great body and best of all that he was a great fuck with amazing stamina. I sent him a message with pictures of ourselves and what we wanted, within an hour we had a reply saying his name was steve and that he would love to meet us and asking when? Louise had got up by now, so i showed her Steves profile and to my delight she liked what she saw, she agreed to the meet and we sent another message to Steve asking if he would be ok for Saturday night. He was, so we arranged a time and we gave him our address. I can't tell you how excited i was for the next few days. Saturday came quite quickly. We were both excited but also a little nervous as well I watched louise get ready, we had no idea what she should be wearing but eventually decided on a black basque which makes her ample tits look fantastic, and a pair of jeans and high heels, i asked her to do her makeup quite slutty, she put on quite a lot of mascara and a really nice shiny lipstick. We had arranged to meet at 8 and the door bell went at exactly that.

I invited Steve in, i took him to our front room where Louise was standing and i intoduced them to each other, they gave each other a kiss on the cheeks and they both sat down.We have two leather sofas in our front room. Steve sat on the 3 seater with Louise, but not too close to each other, and after getting Steve a a beer i sat across from them on the two seater, there was the usual chat for about ten minutes, then Steve said that getting started can be awkward and asked us what we would like him to do? I suggested that he should move a little closer to Louise and suggested they should start with a little kissing, Steve didn't need a second invitation and moved right next to Louise and they started gently kissing each other, i cant explain how excited i was watching this from the other side of the room. The Kissing started to get a little more passionate as Steve started to feel Louise's tits through her basque, Louise returned the favour and started rubbing his cock through his jeans, this carried on for a few minutes until Louise kneeled on the floor infront of Steve and stared to remove his Jeans and boxer shorts.

Steves cock was standing to attention and was a little bigger than mine about 8 inches but he was quite a bit thicker and his bellend was massive. Louise gives a great blow job and immidiately lowered her head and started sucking Steve's cock as steve started to remove Louise's basque. I was in heaven and by now had my cock in my hand and was stroking it intensley.

Steve was loving his blow job and was leaning back on the sofa with his eyes closed, after a few minutes of this offered to return the favour for Louise, he then removed her jeans and knickers, and swapped places with Louise who was now completely naked and leaning back on the settee Steve Kneeled between her legs and was now licking her already wet pussy Steve must have been doing a good job as Louise then told him "i want that cock inside me now, which even suprised me! (Now at this point most stories here would go on and tell you how he entered her pussy bareback, however this story is 100% true and we only ever have safe protected sex)

So Steve removed his condom and Louise eagerly helped him put it on. Steve then sat back on the settee and louise straddled him and let his large bellend enter her soaking wet pussy, Louise started to pump herself on to Steves rock hard cock, very slowly at first as steve sucked on her lovely erect nipples,Louise breathing started to get a little heavier, i could tell she was getting really turned as she then flung her arms around Steves neck and started snogging him as passionately as she could, i was in heaven and could of cum there and then, she started to pump harder and harder and snog harder and harder and her moaning became louder and louder, Steve then told her he wanted to fuck her doggy style, she was so sexually excited i think she would of done anything for him, Steve got her in position and started pumping has hard as he could and louise was forcing herself back on to his cock, at this point louises eyes were closed as she started to say i'm coming, she started to say it louder and louder, infact it was louder than she had said it with me. Her face was now contourted with pleasure as wave after wave of her orgasm passed through her, Steve asked where she wanted him to cum she immediately ordered him to cum in her mouth, she then turned round removed his condom and waited for his warm cum to enter her mouth she wanted every drop and eagerly took his cum, not letting a single drop escape her, she swallowed every drop then stood up and kissed Steve passionately, only stopping to tell him what a fantastic fuck he was.

louise then put her basque and nickers back on, and we started to chat for a few minutes and i thought that would be it, but to my suprise and great joy Louise lay back on the settee and said i'm ready when you are and opened her Legs to receive Dan again, she had 4 orgasms that night, more than she has ever had with me, i recorded this whole night and have enjoyed masturbating to it so many times since, i rarely get past the first 10 minutes though.

This is my favourite night of swinging but i have a few other stories i would like to tell if you have enjoyed this one?