Written by Steve

29 Jul 2013

Although I'd fantasised I would never have raised the subject of swinging with Jane as she'd said from early in our relationship that she couldn't understand how people could do that. Both in our 40s we have a mutual friend in Matt who is 30. Actually Jane and Matt were really matey and I suspected he fancied her but was never jealous because Jane just wouldn't cheat, of that I'm sure. Anyway, Matt met Jenny, a bubbly gorgeous Manchester girl in her mid 20s and the 4 of us got on great. We live a drive apart so had arranged to stop at their place after a meal out with drinks. Back in their lounge we chatted away happily and conversation turned to a lesbian couple that we all know and Jane shuddered saying I just couldn't lick a woman out, could you Jen? Jenny blushed while Matt laughed and it transpired Jenny had experimented a few times at uni. Matts beaming face told us he'd heard her stories and they'd probably been part of their foreplay. It was an arousing thought for me knowing that the petite pretty blonde was a bit of a dirty girl. We all had a laugh and Jenny and Matt went to the kitchen to fix some drinks. I took the chance for a kiss and crafty feel and Jane laughing said, that's turned you on hasn't it? I had to confess it had. Matt and Jenny were a long time in the kitchen and we got a bit carried away in their absence with my fingers flicking urgently at her hard little bean. Matt and Jenny reentered looking a little flushed and I quickly withdrew my hand. Don't let us stop you, grinned Matt. The sexual electricity was sudden and very exciting. Jenny nodded at my glistening fingers, I bet that tastes good she said with no hint of a smile. Half joking I held my hand up, try it I offered. We all laughed apart from Jenny who firmly gripped my wrist and sensually licked Janes juices off my fingers. No one laughed now. I wasn't sure which way this was going to go but Jenny's tongue on my fingers had given me a massive hard on. Jenny looked at Jane and said, it's a pity your so dead against it because I'd love to drink it straight from you. Matt and I exchanged glances and I could see the hope on his eyes as we awaited janes reply. Jane said, I only meant I couldn't lick, I don't mind who licks me. Jenny's face relaxed into her natural pretty smile and she dropped to her knees in front of Jane running her hands up her dress and gently removing her g string. Janes face flushed and she not her lip, a sure sign of excitement. Matt sat on the other side of Jane and me and him gently opened her legs to give Jenny access. Jenny buried her face in pussy and expertly brought Jane to orgasm. Jane sat gasping her arms draped over us men. God I enjoyed that said Jenny. So did I Jane sighed. Matt, still holding janes leg asked her, aren't you going to reciprocate? Jane shook her head, sorry, she said to Jenny, I just can't. Jane pointed to me, but he can. I gulped and looked at everyone. Can I? I asked. Matt smiled his approval. Jane said yes she deserves it and Jenny was wrestling her ass hugging jeans off with some urgency. Jane moved over and Jenny positioned herself between the others as I dropped to my knees. Although trim Jenny's bush confirmed her a natural blonde and I blissfully pushed my face into her sopping cunt immediately sliding my tongue inside to her grateful sighs. I tasted salt and looked up at Matt, did you fuck in the kitchen? I asked also noticing that he was holding janes hand behind Jenny's back. He just laughed. Jenny gripped the back of my head shouting aggressively don't fucking stop. She plunged my head back in and I licked sucked and bit as best as I could, sounds muffled by her gripping thighs and her demanding cunt grinding at my face. I was aware of some movement above me but was powerless to resist Jenny's clutches. Not that I wanted to. I was enjoying the mix of spunk and sweet pussy juices and the squeals of delight above me. She came with a series of violent lunges and finally relaxed her grip on me. I sat back on my haunches wiping my dripping face to find my wife and Matt totally naked fucking doggy style completely oblivious they fucked. I'm having some of this I thought quickly discarding my clothes and mounting Jenny who was still recovering from her mighty cum. She didn't resist as I entered her and smiled as I wiped the sweaty blonde hair from her eyes. God she was tight. I didn't last long enough to bring her to orgasm but I squirted uncontrollably up her as Matt and Jane climaxed simultaneously and very noisily. We all collapsed in a wet sweaty spunky mess.