Written by Ray

14 Jan 2012

Hi, love to share with you the very first time we indulged in a foursome. We are a healthy middle aged couple in mid to late forties

having grown up childrens, who have now left the home.So we were alone in the house for most of the times.I work as a consultant in big

corporate company and Rekha is home maker, having taken early retirement from a healthy profession.

We hare having very good sexual life and being alone,we used to do in odd hours and fantasising lot of naughty ideas...like having sex with

a distant friend or stranger,couples etc.Our fantasies were real wild and erotically active etc...Let me describe our physical statistics:

Myself Raj, Aged- 49 yrs,height-5'8",medium built up,medium complexion,tool size-7" 40mm girth, non-circumsized, loves the orals

and sexy body odour of woman is a passion raiser for me.

Rekha's aged-44, ht 5'4",medium built up,wheatish,round large but firm boobs, 40 size bra,Sholuder length hair,some right sexy bulge in the

right places .Loves the orals,kissings etc.sucking my cock... Of late, during our love sessions, I had noticed Rekha gets orgasms while I

narrated wild fantasies especialy in threesome/four somes stories male-female-male-female etc .We started discussing to have this

fantasies inreal.

In the begning Rekha didn't totally agreeing with the idea being screwed in front of anyone or fucking with any one else....or

threesome,but gradually she agreed and gave her consent to search a guy or couple in same age range but should not be in our friend circle/relatives.The day she agreed consent,we had real hot fiery sex session and esspecially I was getting more excited about screwing my wife with

another couple and imagining the scene Rekha will be fully engrossed with another couple in my presence.

Her choice was : he/ she should be decent,non-smokers,hygine with medium built up and well endowed.. Looks/colours are immaterial to

her.Hairy chest,strong hunks and having big cock will be bonus for her.It did not matter if it was haven or not.My preferances were for a

shaven pussy.

We started to see who we could find.We looked on the internet and each time we went out we often met couples we thought would fit the

bill..but that was about all we managed.One day attending a family wedding do we met a couple who we both found attractive and about our

age and they appeared to meet the picture we had in mind.We all chatted and found that we had very many similarities.They were Taran and

Annu.Taran was the same age as me and Anu was 43 and about the same voluptous build as Rekha and with a pert butt and boobs.

In the course of the evening, we often found ourselves sharing the jokes and the as the evening wore on we were sharing more sexily

daring jokes between just oursleves.As Taran and Anu departed and we said good byes, it was obvious there was some chemistry between us.They asked us to ring them to meet up some time.

After about two weeks, we were very nervous,but any way,one day we rang them, with open speaker chat on our phone so both Rekha and I

could chat/hear at the same time.I made casual talk, with Taran who answered.We talked for a while when suddenly Anu's voice came over the

phone, she sounded very joyous and flirty in her chat.It appeared she had had a drink and was being merry.She went straight to the point

and said,Taran and I really liked you guys and wondered when you would ring up and meet up.Before, I could say anything, she was saying she

found us very attractive and sexy....as we were lost for words, we heard Taran say, dont scare them off in the back ground...Rekha then

butted in saying ..we are not scared that easily, we found you two very attractive as well and wondered what you thought of us!Oh we should

meet up, Rekah , Anu said.Taran and I would love to ...I moved away and let Rekha chat with Anu.

Rekha nervously started chatting meanwhile beside her, I was having fully erected cock and caressing her boobs,hinted to her to talk some

erotic in response to Anu's suggestive talk ...she reciprocated and asked her to ask physical stats and also gave her physical

stats...then,gossips started about their sexual favorites etc.I felt some sort sensual and I knew Rekha was fully aroused too.Just then we

heard Anu screaming "... Oooh, thats nice!" Rekha asked Anu if Taran was being naughty with her, Anu, said of course

he was..carrasing her butt!Oh Raj is doing the same here with my boobs......these men they are naughty...Rekha said!Perhaps we should

let be naughty together Anu was saying, when Taran shouted out, why not Raj?Of course yes we should ...said I.

I fingered and licked her cunt and found it getting moist...she was still chatting and asked them to start describe waht they were

doing,Anu started giving a commentary with Taran chipping in, wheile we started from our side....meanwhile I licked Rekha's face,ear,and then

boobs and slowly moved towards her crotch...and passionately licked the wet pussy .She was in full intoxication of sex, shivering and

moving her hips wildly.It was reminding me of our honey moon days as my hardened cock entered her soft and wet pussy and started ramming into her.

She told them about the fuck she was having, after that she threw the phone on the bed, and we could hear Taran and Anu were fucking just

as wildly and loudly...Rekha embraced me tightly,kissing me madly and finally got huge orgasm.I too vigoursly rubbed my body with her and

masturbated and ejaculated on her body...After returning to normalcy, we put the phone back not qquite knowing what to expect, but Taran and Anu rang back and thanked for phono -sex, and said that they too enjoyed and masturbated/ fucked wildly with each other fantasising us.

Then Anu and Rekha talked again giggling between them and making the casual 'oooh... aaaah... wwwow..' in between and made plans to meet

upthe following weekend at our place.

Thus we were awaiting their arrival and every time we made love until that weekend ,we used to describe in our fantasy about first encounter

we will have with them.

It was unbelievable that Rekha and I were aroused very much looking forward to that weekend.The day before Anu rang and said they could not

wait to meet up.

Rekha had waxed herself and wore sexy outfit.I too mentally prepared and to over come from nervousness,I made drinks and composed my

self,because the fantasy to have a foursome was going to take place at last in reallity. I kept wondering was how to handle the situation

because,we were going to fuck two strangers together for the first


On the day, we were bothe nervous and wondered if we made a mistake.After completing my small pegs, Rekha sat beside me, and we

started talking again about the arrangement,she was too nervous because some thing unusual was going to happen in next few hours !! She even tried

to postponed fearing, some thing guilty..but I fully encouraged her,and said lets enjoy the evening and let the fantasy comes true; if it


She started smooching me but I kept my self very cool and anxiously waiting their arrival. Finally door bell rang and I opened the door,

with Rekha standing besides me .. and found that both Anu and Taran were there dressed smartly,sexily and smiling, with a bottle of the

Vine and a boquet of flowers. They both hugged us one after the other and took off their coats, I could see Anu was wearing a very flimsy

dark bluish see through dress with slits opening right up to her tighs;leaving nothing to imagination.Rekha too was wearing a very tight

body hugging, but short dress, that too showed off her contours and fair tighs as much as possible.

After casual conversation about house,I made drink for all of us!As we chatted and narrated the phone sex incident and how we enjoyed.Anu

and Taran too said they enjoyed that very much and were looking forward to this evening!

We could feel the air was filled with ecstacy, laughter and erotic chat and lots of touching each other.It was as if we had known each other

for years!After some time, we put on some light soft music.Anu started dancing, first slowly, as I, Rekha and Taran sat together on a three

seat settee, as we encouraged Anu and complimented about her sexy moves..she started gyrating her body and moved right in front

of me...with her crocth inches away from my face..Rekha nugded me as if what am I waiting for..I looked across at Taran, he smiled, then I

realised he had his hand in Rekhas dress and between her legs.

The light was very dim...Anu was by now rubbing her pussy inot my face gently, gyrating her bum very sexily.. I saw Rekha had now moved and was on her knees in front of Taran and had Tarans cock into her mouth,as he lifted her dress off exposing her sexy rounded firm bum...He held her head over his cock...as she sucked it hard and loudly ... . woth he rhead bobbing up and down. Anu by now began to rub her pussy harder into my face and my tongue found a little opening to lick her cunt.She was wearing g- string and it was not hard to dart my tongue in, she had smooth shaved pussy,just like and as sweetly welcomming as Rekhas always was.... Rekha had by now stripped off Taran' clothes. He had done the same to Rekha, and was on his knees as she lay on the settee; was now sucking her pussy,with his bare body and heavy breathing.

Anu had by now sat on my lap, totally naked and was letting me suck her pussy as she played with my cock with her hands.It was standing hard, and Anu was whispering"..I love it, let me suck that Raj, oh please let me suck that...then you and Taran can fuck me just as you fuck Rekha..."

Anu squeezed my hard and erect cock and began kissing and licking it passionately.Taran was sucking Rekha's boobs now; as she was moaning gently amid heavy breathing and purring like a wild cat.I had my fingers entering Anu's arse and rubbing in and out!She was moaning in pleasure.I began to suck her boobs..then she lifted her arse up and down and hugged me tighter.

Taran was now slowly fucking Rekha his moves up and downward,as Rekha was licking his chest with each thrust,her nipples were large and could be seen clearly aroused. After some time she took his cock out of her pussy put it into her mouth and took it out to started rub on her face, she kissed it and licked it wildly.Her tongue moved on the foreskin and veins of cocks and and then finally grobbled the cock inside her mouth.It was very sexy scene and much much talked awaited fantasy was real.

I too could not wait ,I pulled my cock out of Anus wild mouth and thrust it into her wet pussy, and hugged tightly her behind,my erect cock was thrusting strongly into and out of her very v ery wet pussy .She moaned wildly, and loudly[luckily we lived in a detached house]lightly and looked my eyes straightly to observe my feelings,I was totally aroused after seeing Rekha too had shed all inhabitions and "shame".Then both the girls urged us to fuck them sandwitched between two of us, which Taran and I did.

The whole atmosphere was very steamy and all the body smells were emanciating full of great lusting sex.All four of us didn't have any inhibitions left ;as we fucked each of the girls, the girls giggled and held Taran's or my cock in between their fucks or cock sucking. Sometimes,Anu positioned herself like doggy and I entered her,while Taran had his cock licked by her from the front.At other times Rekha went into the doggy position and had my cock in her mouth as Taran fucked her or vice versa.In between the girls touched each other for giggles and dares!In between both the girls would dare to take both our cocks together in their mouth ...each at a time!We played naughty games and chased after one another around and this led us into our guest bedroom where we have a King sized bed.

On the bed, Rekha stood up and embraced me tightly again; kissing my lips,and her hands on my cock.I also reciprocated and started kissing her passionately withembracing her tightly.. ,she sucked my manly nipples and chest etc. It was very sexy scene to watch her doing like this and

I was completely taken aback about her hot behavior but all of us were enjoying this and I was not going to complain.Esspecially after all the reluctance Rekha had initially shown.

While at the other end of the bed,Taran sucked Anu completely in doggy position and she began to moan,as she was going to climax,this time he pushed his cock inside her cunt,as both of them clasped together tightly, as they came.It was a very wild scene to see.

We all vigoursly started fucking each others own partners again, jerked and pushing each other.I felt Rekha quivering and she was in fully arousal state and sounding hoarsely.So all of us discharged simulteneously.Our jiffy juices were oozes out of their pussies. !

The girls all had big orgasm and silence prevailed as we fell fully exhausted...all of us rested for

some time..After half an hour,we all freshed up again and sat very closely to each other.We again had another round of drinks, aqs we all chatted generally and about the fun we have had.

Rekha went off to the bedroom and came back, wearing another sexy pair of two piece flimsy bra and g string...A cup bra and G string pantie.Though,she appeared little bulgy,but in this outfit still looked very appealing.Taran crawled to her and parted her thighs and directly burried his face in her pussy and started rubbing,she was just started moaning,bitting her lips,I could not control started touching Anu,who was masturbating,then she came to 69 positions and sucked my cock cock like a hungry women.

Taran too had same and it went on like for 15-20 minutes.The room was full of

ooh..aah.Anu whispered some thing in his ear and he stood up and hugged her tightly with kisssing all over facial,neck, she too

licked his facial and shoving her tongue inside his mouth.While Rekha and I ejaculated, we laid down and did like wife-hubby does

in normal positions.

Finally, all of let out a cry, oooh ooooh wooo... cummimg,cumming and bursted out..Me too

sprayed my jets on Rekhas face.!!!

Seeing this Anu got aroused again and started fondling Taran's cock again, which aroused Rekha and me. !! I started licking

her pussy which was again naturally lubricated and was very warm inside.,Taran shoved his massive cocks in Anu's mouth and she was

shameless grobbling it..until he came.

By now it was almost 5 am, as we made more drinks and fell asleep togther.What happene dnext will be for another day.