Written by Cindysinx

25 Jun 2007

My wife Cindy and I have been married for 25 years now and our kids have grown up the last moving out last year. Since then Cindy has been changing her image and it seems along with it her personality. Thats not really true I think during our child rearing years she has been controling her personality.

It took Cindy a little while to settle into married life with the first five years she had two affairs with guys from work. She lectured at the local University and so had the same long holidays as her work friends and it was during these times that she arranged to meet up and they became her lovers.

We had always acknowledged that affairs did happen and had always agreed that should it happen to us we would always be honest with each other. So with this in mind Cindy began telling me when guys flirted with her and if she flirted back and consequently she explained in detail when they became more intimate through to them actually making love. I must say that whilst there were many mixed emotions to contend with such as jealousy, fear, and many more there was also a feeling of excitement at the thought of her having sex with anotherb man. I got well turned on as she explained the fun and pleasure she had with the first guy and when the second came along about two years later she really went to town both on him and also as she told me. We always had better sex when she was also with a lover and although good when she wasn't seeing anyone else our sex was ten fold better when she had been.

So for the next twenty years Cindy has been the perfect mother and been there for our children and for me.

So now to date.

As I said when our last left home I noticed changes in Cindy. Her skirt length rose a fair bit and she was buying skimpier tops and leaving more buttons open on her blouse and flattening the collar which has the effect of showing more cleavage.

She began to notice men and would tease me saying that he was gorgeous or sexy or hunky. We began talking about people we fancied and I noticed that whenever I spoke of women I had the hots for she would always say that maybe I should take a lover. This I knew was her way of setting up that if it was Ok for me it would be Ok for her.

By now it has reached the point that we always talk about her having another man before we make love, it gets us both going so that our fun is increased. She will sometimes pretend that I am someone else and we both love that fantasy. I can feel how he would feel inside her and see how she would respond to him too.

Just before New Years eve Cindy bagan talking throughout the day about taking a lover and not just as part of our sex talk. She was eying guys up around town and was generally a big flirt most of the time. On New Years Eve we went to our local to see in the new year. All evening Cindy had been dissapearing for a time and when she returned she had always been having a New Years snog with someone. At midnight Cindy and I fell into each others arms and kissed in the New Year. I was well errect having had the odd snog myself and at the the thought of Cindy having her fun too. As Cindy pressed into my errection she whispered that it was not the first she had pushed into that night. Later in bed she told me that she didn't think she was going to be Mrs Faithful for much longer as she was feeling the need for a lover. Tonight kissing different men ansd feeling their exitement had decided her. She asked me if it was Ok for her to have lovers and I said hat it was fine. What else could I say when she has been so honest. I mean in could hardly call it cheating on me could I ?

Cindy does not rush into anything and it was only at the beggining of June that Cindy said that she had decided to sleep with one of our friends Ian. I went to school with him and we have been close friends ever since. Cindy and he always flirt, even the years that Cindy was being a mum he was the only person that he still flirted with, it was a way of life that had always been. She said that she was going to call in on Ian and see how the ground lay with him.

A few days later Cindy phoned to say that she would be late home from Uni as she was calling in on Ian and Sheila on the way home.

In had an immediate errection which stayed with me even after I had layed on the bed and masturbated, I just had to. Cindy got home about two hours later than usual and told me that all was arranged and she would be spending the night in a motel with Ian on Saturday 14th July.

When she had arrived she and Ian were on their own for about half an hour before Sheila was due home. They had started flirting almost straight away which wasn't unusual but one of Cindys responces was a serious ' would like that Ian'. He took the bait and kissed her she let him know that she wanted more by grinding into him and it wasn't long before Ian was kissing her neck. Anyway it ended quite soon as Sheila was due back but not before his hand had been down her knickers and she had rubbed him through his jeans.

So here I am waiting for the 14th when my sexy wife is meeting our friend Ian for a night of fun.

Cindy here Pete has fallen asleep before sending this so thought I would elaborate a little.

Leaving for Ians I was already getting honey putting myself in this situation. When he answered the door and said comre in sexy I replied thanks Hunky and we were off. Our eyes kept meeting more intensly than usual and we were definately more serious than usual. Ian went to the loo and I undid an extra button of my blouse and lifted my skirt a bit. When Ian came in I could see the lovely bulge in his trousers and I know he saw me looking and I didn't care. We were getting more touchy than usual and when Ian said in a jokey way that he would give me more than one if he had the chance I replied that I would like that he told me that He had an excuse to be away on the 14th and we coulsd meet up then. I said yes please and all was arranged. I said that I wouldnt believe him until he had played with my boobies at least and with that he was undoing my blouse and discovering no bra he was massaging me expertly. We were kissing like nevcer before. I realised how dominant and assertive he was physically and this was turning me on more and more. I knew as his strong tongue pushed its way past mine and into my mouth that I wanted him. I was pushing myself into his hard bulging penis and wishing we were in bed naked so that we could go further. Ian was kissing my neck and I moved my hand down and began stroking his errection. It felt so good to feel it twitching in my fingers and I an gave a pleasure moan as I played with him. When I felt his hand slide into my knickers I sighed and began kissing him passionately. I could feel my juices flowing in anticipation of his hard cock. I told him and he said that if Sheila wasn't due in soon he would be sliding into me and I said that not before I had tasted him he wouldn't. He went wild and told me that Sheila never went near his dick with her mouth. When I finally believed him I promised him a blow job before we make love, one afterwards and on Sunday morning I shall wake him with my mouth sucking his cock.

Well what more is there to say. I am sure that Pete will send details of my fun with Ian soon after the 14th. I know I shall be found out about finishing Petes mail so if anybody would like me to jump onto his next one let him know !!! Bye for Now Cindy XxX