Written by Ben

22 Apr 2011

I'm Ben and my wife is Lynne, we are both in our early forties, most weeks we meet our friends Pam and Simon, who are in their mid thirties, at our local pub. Pam is a cuddly girl with quite large breasts, and after a few drinks regularly flirts with both me and her husband, while Lynne is quiet and only five foot with a 34b bust and a nice tight arse.

On the night in question Pam was very flirty and as she was wearing a low cut top was giving me a very good view of her boobs. When Simon and I went to get another round of drinks he asked me if I was enjoying the view that Pam was showing, I of course said ..that I was, he then asked if I would like to see more, cor would I not, after we returned to the table the girls disappeared to the toilet, why do girls go to the toilets together?. On their return they were both laughing and what I can only describe as flirty and fun, from my position I could see that Pam had removed her bra and I could now see down to her nipples, what I didn't realise was that Lynne had also removed hers,that was untill I noticed her nipples pushing through the material of her top.

At the end of the evening we walked home together and were invited into their house for a coffee, after a lot of banter Simon said it was about time Pam showed us her fab boobs that they were both very proud of, he walked over to her and pulled her top off, showing her big white boobs with big dark brown rings round her nipples, wonderfull. We then cajoled Lynne into removing her top, she did after surprisingly very little persuasion showing off her much smaller boobs. Simon moved over to my wife and started to fondle her, telling me to look after Pam, I started to fondle and suck her boobs, fascinated by her nipples that had grown hard and long, looking up I saw that Simon had his cock out, it looked about two inches longer than mine, and I thought mine to be about average, as I watched he pulled my wife's jeans down and I saw his fingers push into her fanny, I returned my attention to Pam my hand was soon up her skirt finding her wet fanny, fingering her till she reached her climax hanging on to me, she took my cock which felt was about to explode, in her mouth, sucking untill I filled her mouth with my cum.

We noticed that Simon and Lynne had disappeared so we went looking for them, we heard noises coming from the bedroom, looking in we saw Lynne on all fours on the bed with Simon behind with his cock in her arse, she would never let me go in there so I was a bit surprised, Simon grunted pulling her hard onto his engorged cock as he exploded into her. As Simon pulled out we could see his cum starting to run out of her crack and down her thighs.

We stayed the night together, Pam and I slept in the spare room, we had great sex twice, once before we went to sleep and a brilliant long session in the morning, Simon and Lynne was up about an hour after us, Lynne looked shattered saying that Simon was insatiable and had done her four times during the night and that she was now very sore but had enjoyed herself with him. She also said that his cock although bigger than mine felt different but not better, Pam said that it did feel different but

she prefered mine. The girls admitted that they had both decided on our swap when they were in the toilet and found that they were both up for it.

We regularly swap partners now, there is also another couple that have joined us. We have also broadened our horizons, we have all been to a swingers club, enjoying the atmosphere and the people at the club, and to a couple of adult cinema's but found that to be a bit intimidating with too many single men being there.

We now have a much better sex life together and with three couples have a lot more variety as the other couple have taught us so much.

We have had a long weekend together and are now looking forward to going on holiday to Spain.