Written by Thursby

1 Apr 2010

Please see parts 1 & 2 dated 28th Feb. Sorry This has taken so long, but I went to get everything just right before I publish.

I woke up on the Sunday morning and turned to see Jenny beside me already awake. “Are you alright?” I said.

She nodded, but didn’t speak.

I said “I feel a bit guilty, and that we‘ve done something we shouldn’t have done.”

She replied that she was feeling exactly the same.

I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me.

“It was bloody brilliant though” I blurted out, and as we both started laughing Jenny almost shouting replied with “God wasn’t it just.”

That broke the ice and we began to relive the previous evening. This time we took it slowly, telling each other exactly what we had done and we had more time to talk about Dave and Erica. I had to ask the obvious question.

“How big is Dave’s prick?

It was apparently shorter than mine but thicker, which meant we were both just average, which seemed a fair compromise. Mind you to this day I am still unsure whether this was said just so my male ego wasn’t bruised.

The more we talked the more we got excited and our hands, lips and tongues began to wander, and we were saying things like “Is this how Dave touched you” and “Did Erica suck you like this?”

Eventually I climbed on top and we made love after which we both admitted that in our imaginations Erica and Dave were the ones we had fucked.

Over the next few days our little adventure was never far from our minds and we replayed the details a number of times in bed, each time wondering if that was as far as anything would go, and both desperately hoping that this was not so. On Wednesday Jenny called me at work with the news that Erica had been in touch and had asked us to their house for a meal on Saturday night. Jenny had agreed straight away and for the next couple of days our imaginations ran riot.

Saturday could not come soon enough. I dropped the kids off at my parent’s house and we began to prepare for the night. It is almost impossible now to describe the thrill and sense of excitement we were both feeling for that hour and half before we were ready to leave the house. I watched Jenny trim her pubic hairs and wondered if Dave’s hand would be caressing her there later and if he would follow with his tongue and would his prick be only the second one to rub against them and eventually enter her.

Jenny said “I wonder if Erica is trimming her pubes at the moment and thinking of you,”

I must admit that was going through my mind too.

Finally Jenny was ready. She wore an off the shoulder dress, about knee length with no tights, as it had been a decent summer and she had nicely tanned legs, I thought that there was no way that Dave would not fancy her and at last it was time to go.

“Jenny” I said, “If things begin to happen tonight, how far do we go?”

She thought about it for just a moment, and then with a smile, “All the way” she said, and with that settled we set off for the night’s entertainment.

Both Dave and Erica met us at the door and I saw Dave look Jenny up and down and I guess I did the same to Erica who was again wearing a halter neck dress, the material was shear, and I immediately noticed her wonderful nipples protruding through it and I knew from that moment that this was to be a special night. I loved my wife, and still do, dearly, and in my eyes she was beautiful, but that night I could not take my eyes off Erica. I was desperate to touch her, to feel her lovely warm skin, to run my hands up her long legs, to kiss her, and god did I want to fuck her.

We sat and had drinks, we chatted about everything and nothing. We laughed and joked whilst eating at the dining table but looking back at that night nearly thirty years ago now, I realize we were all just marking time, waiting to get the necessary preliminaries out of the way and to get on with what we all new we were there for.

There was no talk of sex, no real flirting like the previous week or anything that an outsider looking in would have thought was any different to two sets of friends having a dinner party, but we all new something was brewing but it seemed none of us new how to move to the next level.

We finished the food and Erica made to clear the table, but Jenny, god bless her, said “That can wait, lets all have a dance.”

And that was it, that’s all that was needed. Dave turned the music up, took Jenny by the hand and moved into the middle of the floor, Jenny’s arms went round his neck and the two of them were as close together as two people can possibly be.

Erica came into my arms and I finally felt the soft warm skin on her back, I pulled her in tight and I swear I could feel those huge hard nipples digging into me. Without thinking I moved my lips to hers and immediately felt her tongue force its way into my mouth, after a few moments I guiltily glanced across to Jenny, but I needn’t of worried as her tongue was obviously deep into Dave’s mouth and his hands were not only on her bum but were actually up her dress and on her panties, and I was so turned on by the sight of that I became a bit distracted and Erica had to actually take my face in her hands and press her mouth to mine again. My hand went to her breast and as I gently squeezed she quietly sighed, my hands then moved to the back of her thighs and copying Dave I ran my hands up underneath her dress to her bottom and I pulled her as hard as I could into my obvious erection and she responded by grinding her groin into mine. This was so exciting, and I tried to lead her to the sofa but she said “No, follow me.”

As we turned to leave the room, I realised that Jenny and Dave had disappeared and I assumed they had gone to the front room.

Erica led me into the hallway and up the stairs, I followed quickly, admiring her shapely legs and nicely rounded bum. As we reached the landing my guilt feeling returned and I was worried what Jenny might think about me going to bed with Erica while she was on the couch in the front room but then I heard noises from one of the bedrooms and I appreciated that she and Dave were one step ahead of us.

I followed Erica into what was obviously her and Dave’s, bedroom and we almost dived onto the bed. I pulled at the button on her halter neck strap and the top of her dress fell away, and again I marvelled at the size of her nipples, immediately taking one into my mouth and feeling it swell and grow. She undid the buttons on my shirt as I fought with the zip on the back of her dress. I managed to get it undone and as Erica almost ripped my shirt off me I pulled her dress right down and I took in the sight of her almost naked body. I frantically took off the rest of my clothes as she slipped off her panties and we were at last able to lay naked together, all my dreams and fantasies of the previous couple of years actually coming true. We kissed as our naked bodies touched from tip to toe and our hands began their exploration, she groaned out loud as my fingertips found her clit and then the wetness that was almost dripping from her. I think I groaned even louder than her as she found my prick with her long slim fingers and as she slowly wanked me I explored the inside of her vagina with mine.

After a few minutes I moved my head between her legs and as my fingers continued to caress her insides my tongue played with her clit. As my tongue and fingers moved faster she began to respond, placing her hands on the back of my head and groaning and moaning ever louder until eventually she almost screamed as she began to cum, lifting her hips off the bed and pushing her cunt into my face. She carried on cumming for what seemed ages. I felt so happy having made a woman cum, in my mind the sexiest most exciting thing in the world.

Erica gasped “fuck me, please, put it in me please!”

At that moment my mind turned to Jenny, because I knew that was exactly how she would react after I had” licked her out” and as I raised myself over Erica and began to slowly press the tip of my prick between her vagina lips we suddenly heard through the adjoining wall the sound of what I knew was Jenny cumming. Erica knowingly smiled at me as the noise from the next room grew in intensity and as I pushed myself deep into her she moaned loudly as the sound of Jenny climaxing gradually faded away. I wondered at that point if life could ever get any better.

I raised Erica’s legs over my shoulders and pushed ever deeper into her, moving first slowly and then faster then slowly again as I marvelled at this incredibly sexual experience I was going through. Everything I had fantasised about over the last 10 years of marriage was finally coming true. Erica responded with groans, moans and eventually screams as she began to cum. I was absolutely overcome with pleasure, excitement and happiness as for only the second time in my life a women had an orgasm as I fucked her, and I was unable to hold myself back as I shot load after load of cum into her warm wet cunt.

Erica’s legs fell from my neck and I lay on top of her for a minute or so as we both caught our breaths before I eventually rolled off her and lay at her side still gasping for breath after one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced


As we lay there quietly recovering we could hear the sound of sex from the next bedroom. The sounds of a bed under pressure, with two people enjoying the most intimate and personal pleasure that is possible. Both Jenny and Dave were making enough noise to wake the dead and as they obviously orgasmed together I took Erica in my arms and with her breasts and those wonderful nipples tight against my chest we both grinned with satisfaction.

More to follow!