Written by Ken

26 Feb 2007

This is a story of our first swinging session, several years ago. We had ‘found’ Mike and June on this site, and had been swapping pics and stories for quite a while, before finally arranging a meet with them.

We arranged to meet in Yorkshire, at a pub, not too far from where we live. Dee (my wife) was very wary that we are actually meeting somebody we have only ‘met’ on the internet.

As soon as we meet, it is clear June is a little nervous, too. We find seats in a quiet corner, and Mike and I go off to the bar for drinks. We make small talk, but both say how fantastic each others' partners are looking - much sexier 'in the flesh', as it were. When we take the drinks back to the girls, we find they are both getting on like a house on fire. It seems while we were away, they both confessed to each other about being nervous, and both said they were really only doing it for us two, but were sneakily a little excited by it all, too. That is why they had both dressed up in sexy underwear, and in the darkness of the quiet corner, Dee lifts up her tight-fitting mini skirt to reveal stocking and suspender, but no knickers, June does the same, and also has stocking and suspenders, but with knickers on. By now, Mike and I have joined them, June excuses herself, winks at Dee, and says she feels a little over-dressed and trots off to the ladies. She comes back, sits back down again next to Mike but opposite to me and Dee. She says to Dee "how about this" and to my great astonishment and delight, pulls up her skirt a little, and opens her legs wide to reveal the most gorgeous shaven pussy. June is obviously a little excited already, as I can just detect the merest hint of pre-cum glistening on her pussy lips.

From now on, the conversation flows more freely. The girls are really warming to the situation now, and the conversation is beginning to turn to how much they both enjoy posing for the camera. Dee has a wicked look in her eyes, as she leans over to you, and under the table, gently places her hand on Mikes' crotch. Mike is already stirring with the sexy talk, and as Dee slowly rubs the outside of Mikes' crotch, he starts to harden. I'm watching all this, and this is the first time I've ever seen Dee touching another man, and it really turns me on. I ask Dee to swap places with me, so she is sitting nearer to Mike. The pub is still very quiet, and our table is in a small alcove hidden from the bar. I reach over, and slowly run my hand on the outside of June' thigh, up under her skirt, until I feel the softness of her thigh above her stocking tops. Out of the corner of my eye, Dee is still rubbing Mikes' cock on the outside, and Mike is beginning to caress Dee's thigh, first on the outside of her skirt, but as it rides up, Mikes' fingers are presented with her creamy skin above. Mike moves his hand gently round, and Dee parts her legs slightly to give Mike better access. I see Mikes' hands disappear up her skirt, and can tell from the movements Mikes' hand is gently running up and down the front of Dees' pussy lips.

This is all getting a little too much for me, and I suggest we finish our drinks and go back to our house, where the kids are conveniently away on sleepovers. Reluctantly, because we are beginning to enjoy things so much, we agree and go out to the cars in the car park. To make sure Mike doesn't get lost on the way home, Dee agrees to ride in Mikes' car, and June in mine.

Me and June

I hold the door open for June, not really because I'm a gentleman, but because then I get a real good flash of her shaven pussy as she glides in.

On the way back, which is about fifteen minutes drive, June rucks up her skirt and starts to finger herself. I reach across, still driving, and gently remove her finger and replace it with my own, and glide it up and down the ever-moist crease. June unbuttons her blouse and slips her hand inside her bra and starts playing with her nipple. I'm thinking this is great, and what is Dee doing with Mike.

All too soon we arrive at our house, and park in the drive. I see Mikes' headlights appear at the top of the street, and lean over to June and kiss her on the lips, gently at first, then her lips part and our tongues meet. We break off as Mike pulls up behind us.

As we climb out, Mike and Dee get out of Mikes' car, and I can see Mikes' flies are undone, and Dee has most of the buttons on her top undone too, so they have obviously been very busy.

Mike and Dee

As Dee slipped into the passenger seat she raised her skirt to expose her naked rear to Mike and bent over slightly so that he could glimpse her shaven pussy.

Dee then proceeded to pull her skirt up around her waist and splayed her legs wide so that he could see her wet shaven pussy.

She began fingering herself and the juices flowed from her pussy over her hand. She then raised her wet, juiced up fingers to Mikes' mouth and invited him to lick her pussy juice off them.

The car seemed to fill with her pussy scent making the atmosphere erotic.

She leant over and unzipped his flies whilst she rubbed her clitty.

Stroking his cock she told him that she couldn't wait to have her pussy filled with a different, hard throbbing cock.

He told her that she would have to wait but if she opened the glove compartment there was one of June's crystal dildos she could play with.

She inserted the dildo in her pussy and proceeded to fuck herself slowly with it. Her pussy juices were now leaking onto the seat, whilst Mike tweaked one of her nipples.

Approaching the house she bent over and licked the end of Mikes' cock.

Coming to a halt behind Mikes' car, we follow Mike and June into the house . we open the door and go in....

We all fall into the house, giggling a little and a little breathless. Dee shows Mike and June round the house, and shows Mike where the guest bedroom is. While that is going on, I pop open one of the 3 bottles of champagne I'd put on ice earlier, turn the low lighting on in the living room, and put a smoochie cd on the player, with the volume turned down. I am just pouring the drinks out when all three come back downstairs. Dee still has her top buttons undone, as does June. I hand out the glasses of champers, and toast "to whatever happens", and they all join in. We seem a little nervous again, as some of the momentum has gone out of the situation.

I suggest a game to break the ice. "pass the ice cube". We get in a circle, and I explain that we pass an ice cube mouth-to-mouth (boy-girl, boy-girl sequence - me to June, June to Mike, Mike to Dee, and Dee back to me), and the last person that is unable to pass the cube because it has fully melted, removes an item of clothing. Just a variation on strip poker. On we go. Increasingly, when it is my turn to receive from June, she lingers a little longer, and I feel her tongue slipping into my mouth as she passes over the cube. I notice the same thing is happening when Dee passes it to Mike. I'm the first to lose, deliberately so on my part to quicken things up a little, and quickly take off my shirt. Dee playfully rubs my nipples, and June takes the opportunity to do the same, and flicks her tongue on the other nipple. On we go, this time June loses, and she slowly unbuttons her blouse, as we all clap and chant the striptease song. June becomes a showgirl, and tantalises us as she dances about, until the blouse is discarded, and she is there in a low-cut lacey black bra. Mike leans over and gives her a gentle squeeze on one tit, and not to be outdone, I do the same with the other. Dee, not to be left out, removes both our hands from Junes' tits through the bra, and replaces them with hers, and cups June' tits in both hands and gently rotates them. June moans gently, but Mike and I are impatient to move on, so Mike start the game again with a new ice cube. Then it is Mikes' turn, and because Mike drops the small sliver of ice out of his' mouth completely as he tries to pass it to Dee, we all agree he has to pay a double forfeit - two items. Mike grins, whip off his shirt, and down come his trousers. Mike has on a pair of calvin klein boxers, and it is clear from the bulge, that he is well aroused already. Both girls advance on him, and start to rub alternatively Mikes' nipples and Mikes' crotch. Dee gets more daring, and slips her hand down the front of Mikes' waistband, and his cock rises to its' full size in her hand. June joins in, and slowly pulls Mikes' boxers half-way down, exposing Mikes' magnificent throbbing cock. Dee is still stroking Mikes' cock, and June cups his' balls in her hand. I'm getting really aroused now, watching Dee pulling Mikes' knob back and forth, and with trembling fingers, undo the clasp of June' bra - a front loader. Out pops those fantastic tits of hers, and I cup them from behind, one in each hand, and gently squeeze and tweak the nipples. Mike reaches over Dees' shoulder and do the same to her bra from the back-clasp, and out her tits tumble. She is facing Mike, still stroking his cock slowly. Mike taks one of her tits in his hand, and bring it up to his lips, and starts pulling it gently with his lips, sliding it over and over his' teeth. Her nipples are rock hard now, and she moans gently. I can hardly believe the scenario now, the two girls in front of Mike, Dee slowly wanking Mikes' big cock, June cupping and squeezing Mikes' balls, and he kissing Dees' nipples. I'm behind the two girls, hands caressing and cupping Junes beautiful tits. I reach down into the icebucket, and gently rub a cube over and over Junes tits. Her nipples are now rock hard, stuck out like pegs. I'm thinking, do we go on with the game, or let things develop naturally.

I gently pull June away from Mike and turn her around. Mike and Dee now start a slow smooch, her hand is still latched onto his cock, which is now rigid. June and I fall gently to the floor, and I start kissing her. first on the lips, then move slowly down, kissing her neck, shoulders, lingering a long time on her nipples, sucking them gently but noisily, then glide my tongue down her cleavage, across her taut belly. I can smell the erotic smell of her juices which are beginning to flow now. June is slowly pulling my knob back and forth, the blood pumping into the head. My tongue flicks along the crease of her cunt, up and down, up and down. I gently pull her lips apart, and lick up and down her clittie. June is moaning now, and pulls me closer to her, and takes my cock in her mouth. She slides her tongue up and down the shaft, then licks the pre-cum that has just bubbled on the end, until I can stand it no longer. I push my hips forward and my cock slides neatly into her mouth. The room is now heady with the smell of sex. I ask June to slow down a little, as she is now pulling my cock faster and faster in her mouth, as I want to last as long as I can. I am still flicking my tongue harder and harder on her little sex-button. I reach up with my fingers, and gently insert first one, then a second finger, still running my tongue around her clit. June is now dripping wet, some of it running down my fingers. I can hear moaning coming from the other side of the room, and recognise Dees' sex-moans, so reckon the other two must be doing the same kind of things. Earlier on, Dee had asked me to promise to keep to petting only - no actual fucking. I'd agreed, but said if she so decided and let Mike fuck her, then that would leave me free to do the same to June.

I look up, to see what is happening with the other two........

If you'd like to read what happens next, let me know.