Written by Robnang100

14 Oct 2009

Our first experience of swinging happened this summer whilst on a tour of Northern Italy.

We arrived on the last part of the holiday in the beautiful city of Florence. A couple (Steve and Jayne) who we were sat next to on the coach and had spent quite a lot of time with at the different places we had visited said they were going that evening to a club they had been to on a previous visit to Florence. I asked if they would mind if we come along with them. Steve said we were quite welcome to but we might be a bit shocked when we got there because the club was of an adult type. He said we might be approched be other couples but if you are not interested just smile and say not thank you.

Anyway off we went. The club was not far from our hotel, we paid our admission fee and went in. It was superb bar on three floors each with different theme based on a poem called divine comedy. There were lots of seating areas full of Italian couples who were dressed like they were modelling in a fashion show. We were dressed casual like we were going to the local pub. Anyway we bought some drinks and found a seat. Steve said that he and Jayne were going upstairs to have a look around and they would meet up with us later for a drink.

We were sat there just watching for quite a while and we had just about decided to leave when an Italian couple came over and ask if they could join us. We said yes and introduced ourselves, luckily they both spoke perfect english. Carlo and Maria who were both in their early forties, and lived in Florence. We were getting along great, I was chatting to Maria and Ang with Carlo when Maria suggested to Ang that we all go back to our hotel for a quiet drink. We agreed and off we went.

When we got to the hotel I collected the key and we went staight up to our room no one even looked at the bar.

When we got into our room Ang kicked off her shoes and laid on the bed. I was surprised how calm she was as neither of us have ever had any sexual encounted we someone else since we\'ve been married (over 20 years).

Carlo started to undress first and stipped down to his boxers. I said I needed the bathroom and went in to brush my teeth. When I returned Ang was laid on the bed in her bra and pants. Carlo was now erect and pulled of his boxers. I looked over to Ang who was fixated on his cock. It was a bit bigger than mine and very dark brown. He walked over to the bed towards Ang. She reached out and took it between her finger and thumb as if she was picking up something that you didn\'t like, giving it a good inspection. Then she took hold of it and pulled it into her mouth. I thought \'fucking marvelous\' she\'s never does that for me.

Maria is down to her bra and pants and is starting to undress me. We I am naked she pushes me on the bed at the side of Ang and proceeds to give me a blow job.

After about 5 minutes Carlo is on top of Ang and sliding his cock into her. So I turned Maria on her back next to Ang and started to fuck her.

This was a first for us and I can\'t tell you how arousing it is to see your wife enjoying being fucked whilst you are at her side. Carlo was banging away at Ang, I was banging away at Maria. Ang reached over, took my hand and squeezed it. I looked over at her and she smiled at me and I thought why the fuck didn\'t we do this years ago.

I came first. I pulled out and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I returned Carlo is still at it pounding away (they don\'t call them Italian Stallions for no reason). Maria is now snogging Ang, wow! and guess what, Ang is massaging Maria\'s clit, another first.

My cock started to become hard again was getting ready for some more (this normally never happens to me).

I walked round the bed looking to get back into the action. Maria is on her knees still snogging Ang whilst Carlo is still fucking her. I feel Maria\'s cunt, Ang\'s fingers are sliding in and out. I push my cock into Maria whilst Ang massaged her clit. After a few minues I felt the girls stiffening up, ready to come. Carlo sensed it too. He quicken up his stroke, so did I. They all came together. I couldn\'t come a second time but it wasn\'t for the lack of trying.

Carlo and Maria got dressed, kissed us and thanked us for a wonderful evening.

That was our first experience of swinging and what a difference is as made to our sex life.

We have decided we don\'t want to do it every week but we will certainly try it again epecially on our next visit to Florence (we\'ve already booked for next year).