Written by Kinkywife

18 Oct 2009

Well it seems some of you would like to hear more of our experiences, so I'll continue. I left off last time having just sucked off our new male friend, and as his cock slipped out from between my lips I turned to watch my hubby who was still enjoying the oral skills of our new female friend. Her cute little arse was fully on display in front of me as her head bobbed up and down enthusiasticly on my husbands dick, and as much as I was enjoying the view I could barely resist the temptation to get down on my hands and knees and slip my tongue between her pert little bum cheeks. Sweat glistened off her buttocks as she worked away, and I knew my hubby was close to a climax, so not wanting to miss my chance I knelt behind her and slowly ran my wet tongue down the crack of her arse. She stopped her frantic sucking for a moment, enjoying the sensation as the tip of my tongue found her tight little arsehole, letting out a quiet gasp as I slipped it gently into her anus. My husband, not fully appreciating the impromptu break in the action, grabbed her by the hair and resumed the throat fucking he was obviously enjoying so much. I mirrored the thrusts of his cock with my own thrusts of my tongue into her arse, occasionally letting my tongue wander down to her wet, shaven pussy. My tongue and lips teased and carressed her clit and cunt lips, licking and nibbling and sucking, before returning to her wonderfully tight arsehole. I could sense my hubby, and the sexy little cock-sucker between his thighs, were both close to cumming. It was at this moment I felt a tongue between my own arse cheeks, greedily licking up and down, slipping effortlessly into my dripping wet cunt, thrusting in and out before withdrawing and quickly replacing it into my tight anus. A shiver of excitement rippled through my body as his tongue probed me, and at the same moment my husband tensed as he finally let flow his semen into the mouth that had pleasured him so expertly. We ladies had both now tasted each others men, swallowed their seed, and now it was time for the real fun to start...