Written by Lisa_maria

12 Jun 2013

well i am Lee my wife is Karen we had talked lots about her being fucked by another man but we were complete novices finaly Karen had being chatting on line to a guy named Tony and we arranged a meeting in a country inn i thought it was innocent enough for our first time with anyone he discribed what he would be wearing we did likewise and made the time to be 9-0pm we went early and had a meal then sat waiting with a drink for this tony to turn up and bang on 9-0pm in walked a guy dressed has he had said but the shock was he was asian but looked very fit he walked over to us and said i am tony are you Lee and Karen

we nodded yes then he said you go and get the drinks now i was a little shocked he then said what are you waiting for get going mines a scotch so i went to the bar to get the drinks when i came back he was seated next to Karen so i had to sit opposite them he took his drink and then told us he was a dominant man and would expect us to submit to him if not he would leave well he said whats your answer i looked at my wife she nodded yes to me she has always being a submissive person and this guy tony seemed so overpowering as i sat there he put his arm around karen as i went to make a remark about it he said shut up know your place now you are going to be a cuckold from tonight as i sat there trying to put in through my head i noticed his hand was up karens dress

then he whispered something in her ear she got up and went to the ladies once she had gone tony said to me tonight i will be sleeping with your wife not you spare room or downstairs thats your choices then karen came back sat down and handed her panties to tony and he said no not under the table on top so Lee can see them she was blushing but did as he said then he turned to me and said i have seen your pics on the net your a panty wearing sissy now you go to the toilets and put this on right now he handed me karens used panties i hesitated with that he said do as your told bitch dont give me any cause to punish you [ part one ] let me know if you want me to continue