Written by william

18 May 2009

for a few good years now both Tina and i have both been talking about having a threesome with another man and its been turning us both on during sex .the more we talk about it the more it turns us on and finally Tina said she was ready to go ahead with it. so we decided to join a swingers site and look for someone to join us

we placed an add and started getting emails from all sorts

i wanted someone young who could last a while and give her a good seeing to.

Tina wanted someone the age or a little older and after a couple of nights going through the mail we picked a man called lee .lee was 36 tall dark and in good shape

and lived about 60 miles away . so after getting in touch we swapped photos and emails and began to get to know each other lee turned out to be married and could only meet up on a sat night .Tina wasn't sure at first but i reassured her this would be OK as we didn't want any complications and a married man would keep our secret safe between us .Tina agreed and we soon started to talk about setting a meeting up. we decided that a club would do and it had to be good for the both of us

and both decided that a club would be OK to see how we got along.

and made a date for two weeks time .and both felt really nervous about it but we also felt excited about it too. over the next two weeks we fucked more and more and kept talking about what the night would be like. we even went shopping for some sexy underwear and both picked out a lovely little number.

when the day arrived Tina was all nervous and said she wasn't sure i told her lets see how it goes and lee would understand if we never went through with it

so off we set and drove to our hotel to get ready be for the club .

and once at the hotel Tina had a couple of glass's of wine to calm herself while having a long soak in the bath and soon we got ready for the club

the club was quite busy and we soon was met by lee at the bar and it wasn't long be for we all relaxed and started enjoying the night. me and lee was soon laughing and joking like we were old friends and Tina was getting more and more tipsy

after a while we decide to go back to our hotel room for more drinks

in the taxi i jumped in the front leaving Tina and lee in the back and lee had put hes arm around her and was whispering in her hear [i later learnt he was telling her how lovely she was ]it was only a short trip and we soon ended up in our room

Tina went to the bathroom and me and lee got some drinks out of the minibar i told lee when i start on Tina to get undressed i turned the lights down and put the music channel on the TV .Tina came out of the toilet and sat on the bed i went and sat next to her and started to kiss her .i was undressing her and layed Tina on the bed she was in her sexy underwear and looking so sexy next thing lee was undressed and standing next to us so i stood back and said its down to you mate

lee lent over and started snogging Tina she was half pissed but was loving it

lee started to play with Tina's tits and released them from her top he started to suck her nipples and they looked so erect next he pulled her knickers to the side and started to rub the wet fanny while still playing attention to her nipple

next he went down on her and started to lick her out Tina was moaning now was loving it and after what seemed like ages he came up and kissed tina he placed his cock on her fanny lips and started teasing her by rubbing it up and down tina was letting out little moans Tina was snogging him and was letting herself go now and relaxing lee pushed his cock in her real slow until he reached home and Tina let out a little gasp i was sitting there watching my wife getting fucked and was loving every minute of it .my cock was fit to burst and she looked like she was having a great time.

tina looked like she was a real slut and loving it lee was snogging and fucking her for ages he he kept stopping to lick her out in between fucks until she kept pulling him up to fuck her again then he turned her over and entered her from behind Tina was moaning now and lee was fucking her hard and fast soon he shoot his load deep in her and left her in a heap on the bed as he pulled out of her he got up and sat in the chair and had a smoke tina just layed there with spunk dripping out of her.looking worn out.i went over to Tina and started to rub her spunky fanny from behind and leaned over to snog her and as she lay there i put my cock inside her from behind and started to fuck her again she was full of lees spunk and once she caught he breath she started to fucking me back while moaning.i last a bit longer than usual as lee was watching me but after a while i couldn't hold back and shot my sperm inside her to mix with lee's as i rolled off her lee was back and put his cock up to her mouth to suck and Tina stared to suck it she was lying there on the bed with a cock in her mouth and spunk dripping out of her and she looked the sexiest slut Ive ever seen .i got out my camera and started to take photos of her then lee got back on her and tarted fucking her all over again .i was taking photos of his cock going in her and photos of them fucking in between getting my cock sucked lee fucked Tina like this for about an hour and came inside her again

he got off and said he had a great night but had to go he kissed Tina and shaked my hand i shut the door after him and turned to look at Tina and she was lying on the bed with the biggest smile on her face i went over and started to kiss her and tell her she was great next i was sucking her tits and rubbing her spunky fanny and when she said fuck me again iam only a one timer but i was no top of her doggy style fucking her wet spunky fanny while spunk dripped out of her it wasn't long be for i came and came again .Ive never shot so much spunk in all my life and it was long be for we fell asleep .next morning Tina was a little sore but still leaking spunk

we dressed and talked about it all the way home in the car .that was 3 weeks ago and we have been fucking on the strengh of that night ever since.tina is looking forward to doing it again so we have a new add on and awaiting the emails for the next night.