Written by kinkywife

14 Oct 2009

After more than ten years of enjoying just about every sexual activity a happily married couple could experience, my husband and I decided the only way left to broaden our sexual horizons was to start to involve others in our wonderfully kinky sex life. So after much discussion, fantasising, and rampant fucking, we found ourselves nervously sitting in our lounge one sunny saturday evening last july waiting for our first swinging experience. We'd met a couple online a few weeks earlier, swapped emails and text messages and dirty photos, indulged in cyber sex sessions, watched each other fuck on webcam, but now we were about to meet face to face. As nervous as we were, an overwhelming sense of excitement and sexual tension negated any feelings of apprehension. My husband, stark naked and lounging on the sofa, could hardly hide his excitement; his cock had been rock hard and standing to attention for at least the last half hour, and it was taking all my willpower not to drop to me knees and enjoy him orally. Our new friends were due any minute, so I too stripped naked, wanting to make a good impression as I greeted them at the door. I'm sure a few of our neighbours would appreciate the view too, not that they didn't have a good enough view through the bay windows and the open patio doors to the rear of our lounge. About another ten minutes passed, and just as I was starting to worry if we'd been stood up, the doorbell sounded. With butterflies in my tummy, and my cunt dribbling juices down my inner thighs in anticipation, I opened the door and welcomed our guests. And our guests wasted no time getting aquainted. I refrain from mentioning any names, suffice to say our female guest, dressed in the shortest of skirts and the tiniest, flimsiest top, offered an embrace which quickly turned into a passionate kiss. Her male partners hand slid up between my thighs as we kissed, two fingers slipping effortlessly into my cunt before I'd even had a chance to close the front door. After a minute or two of shameless exhibitionisn we eventually made it into the lounge where my husband waited expectantly. Our new lady friend immediatley slid her tiny skirt down over her thighs and kicked it off, swiftly followed by her top. I positioned her man in front of my husband to give him a good view, dropped to my knees and unzipped his trousers, and about ten seconds later I was greedily sucking on his big dick. I hadn't intended to be quite so brazen so soon, but the situation got the better of me and I just wanted that big hard cock to ejaculate in my mouth more than anything. I could just about see my husband from the corner of my eye, watching me enthusiasticly sucking off a virtual stranger as he himself was being sucked off. I could see my husbands big hands on top of her head, forcing her deeper onto his cock, thrusting faster and faster. This seemed to spur on my new male friend and, grabbing a handfull of hair, my head was suddenly pushed down hard on his throbbing dick, hitting the back of my mouth, and a few strokes later penetrating my throat. My husband had throat fucked me many times before but I'd never experienced anything quite as intense as this. Just as I thought I couldn't take anymore and would pass out, that big cock was forced as far as humanly possibly into my gullet and I felt it pulse and twitch as hot semen spurted directly into my stomach. I felt a little cheated as I hadn't got to taste it, but I knew I'd get my chance. I'll tell you all what happened next, if you want to know that is xxx