Written by simon

13 Jun 2008

Right let get the boring bit over.Our mate mick has been getting teased off my missus trish for a few months now at first it was harmless flirting joking about sex etc until we had all been out last march to our mates 40th anyway we get back home afterwards trish had on a short skirt and tights and was jumping about dancing me and mick was watching but i noticed he was trying to ;ook up her skirt now mick is a bit deaf so i told trish to show him more wich she did then she sat down and cuddled up to me giggling we watched mtv for a bit and mick appeared to fall asleep but i knew what he was thinking he could not stop looking over but he did not know we could see him in the mirror i got trish to lie down next to me she was wrecked we all were and i started stroking her tights and slowly working my way up to her pussy i lifted her skirt for him to see he still did not know i was watching him in mirror i told trish he could see her knickers through her tights she opened her legs wider and said let him look as i touched her wet pussy through her tights we heard him moan trish got a bit worried but i said its alright lets show him more i took down her tights but left her little black mesh knickers on i threw the tights next to where he was lay on the other couch so he would smell how hot and feel how wet they were he twisted in his fake sleep so he was lay with them in front of his face but now he had a great view of trishs pussy i rubbed her pussy through the mesh she was soaking i looked straight at mick his eyes were open fixed on ts pussy i tugged the mesh to the side and showed him her shaved puss it was glistening with juice i told her his eyes are open she never opened hers she reached down and started to do a show for us she opened her lips wide so he could see inside then she started an hour long tease slow touching very soft i unbuttoned her top and got her big tits out mick had to adjust his angle to see he was still scared he should not be watching and kept pretending to sleep she rubbed herself harder and harder all the time i was telling her what he was doing he could not hear because he is nearly deaf as i looked over at mick i noticed he was unbuttoned and his hand was in his jeans wanking i told her she reached down unzipped me and started to wank me off i could see in the mirror his hand moving you could tell he wanted to pull out his dick and shove it right up her t started fingering herself with one hand and wanking me off i told her she was a dirty little bitch and she is going to make my mate come in his jeans she smiled sucked my cock i positioned her arse to face mick and pulled her knickers halfway down she was now on all fours sucking me showing mick her soaking pussy and arse i told her to stick your fingers up your arse and let him watch i think that must have made him shoot his load as he shuddered backwards into couch i said i think he has come t said good lets go up and fuck we took of her knickers and left them for him and went to bed he has never mentioned it again but next time he comes he can fuck her all over .....