Written by Harry & Sue

29 Apr 2017

My husband Harry has asked me to write this first-hand account of my recent ‘socialising’ with our new friend Helen. We had met Helen during a visit to our local Waitrose, struck up a conversation with her and become friends. To some extent, I suppose we felt sorry for her in that her husband had died in sad circumstances 3 years ago, she had decided she did not want another man in her life and I think with the passage of time was having second thoughts about that decision. In an effort to get her out socialising a bit, I suggested she come to the Zumba fitness class that I go to, not that she needed to lose weight at all as she had a wonderfully slim figure. Harry would willingly have had ‘the hots’ for Helen but I told him she didn’t want another man in her life, even a horny little devil like him!

We met at the local sports centre for the fitness class and I think she enjoyed the session. I assumed we would have a coffee at the centre afterwards, but she suggested we go back to her house. I sensed that she would like the opportunity to speak openly so, on the basis of our first discussion that she was not seeking a shoulder to cry on, I readily agreed. Helen had a really lovely house, a bit bigger than ours and beautifully furnished, in line with her taste in the clothing she wore when we first met. She made the coffee and we sat in the lounge, Helen in what appeared to be her usual chair for watching the TV and me on the settee. We chatted about this and that, eventually getting round to her feelings about her current situation. When she and Martin found out that she could not have children, they had decided their life would be just the two of them, and this had cemented the very close personal relationship between them. It was for this reason she had decided she did not want another man in her life, but she had realised with the passage of time that she missed sex, which had been very active and satisfying with Martin.

I don’t know what possessed me to mention it, but I related to her our recent introduction to swinging whilst we were on holiday in our caravan, including my first experience of sex with another woman. Helen said that she had ‘dabbled’ with that sort of thing when she was at university but had become strictly monogamous after she met Martin. The conversation went quiet momentarily, Helen got up and moved over beside me on the settee, and said “I would like to kiss you”. No words were spoken, but we simply leaned towards each other and our lips met. Her lips were very soft and I felt that I would like it to go on like that forever, but she put her hand to the back of my head and pulled me onto her mouth, so it quickly developed into a passionate snog. I grabbed hold of her shoulders with both of my hands and before long our hands were all over each other, massaging breasts and the back of each other’s heads. As we had recently done a keep fit session, we were both wearing fairly loose fitting tops and jogging bottoms, which we both wanted to get hands inside as our passion grew. We both almost tore each other’s tops off and Helen was trying to get her hand down the front of my jogging bottoms, when she said “upstairs, to the bedroom?”

We almost ran up the stairs, each tearing off the remains of our clothes so we were virtually naked by the time we reached her bed. Helen turned to me and we were instantly locked in a passionate kiss, hands exploring each other’s bodies and knowing instinctively what the other would enjoy. I pushed her back onto the bed and roughly pulled her panties down her legs, making it clear that I wanted to get to her greatest prize. Having tossed her panties aside, I placed my hands on the inside of her thighs and pushed them apart to reveal her delicate shaven pussy. I looked into her eyes and she seemed to be almost holding her breath, so I bent down to kiss the insides of her thighs and then kissing her pubic mound. When I looked into her face again, she was biting her bottom lip so I decided I needed to relax the tension she was feeling. I slipped my middle finger into her pussy to discover that she was already very wet, so I increased it to 2 fingers then 3, and when I looked into her face again the look of tension had gone, to be replaced by a broad smile and heavy panting. My tongue sought out her clitoris and, immediately it made contact, her gasps became louder and she began a massive orgasm. Realising that this might be her first real orgasm (other than masturbation) for some time, I was determined to make it special for her, so I began working on her clitoris with my lips, which resulted in her wailing out “don’t stop, more, more, don’t stop” and gasping so she could barely breathe. By the time I decided to let her orgasm end, she was virtually crying so, when I crawled up the bed beside her, she simply wanted to kiss and hug me.

Helen’s bust is smaller than mine – I sneaked a look at her bra while she was out of the room another day to discover she is a 34B, compared to my 36DD, so her boobs are almost self-supporting and she could easily go without a bra. However, she has large nipples which were definitely erect on this day and I delighted in sucking them deep between my lips to prolong her pleasure, whilst she was tweaking my nipples between her fingers. All of a sudden, Helen said “now it’s my turn”, she rolled me over onto my back and positioned herself kneeling between my feet. She pushed my knees apart and began kissing the insides of my thighs. I knew what was coming next and I found myself holding my breath in anticipation, so it was no surprise when her tongue sought out my pussy. By the time her tongue touched my clitoris, I was already very aroused and, when she sucked my clit between her lips, I rapidly reached my first orgasm. My knees were already wide apart, and Helen put her hands behind my knees to roll them back towards my shoulders, where she told me to hold them. This gave her unfettered access to my pussy with both hands, and she proceeded to plunge her tongue into my love hole vigorously. All thought of holding my breath had gone and I wailed out my orgasm, groaning and shouting encouragement to Helen.

After I had well and truly cum, Helen decided that I ought to rest and we cuddled each other for a good 10 minutes saying very little. Helen’s en-suite has a double sized shower in it, so we showered together, washing each other’s bodies, especially the private parts, and we both enjoyed the further gentle stimulation. After we had come out of the shower and dried each other, it seemed natural to get back into bed and caress each other some more. We quickly found that we both wanted more, so we moved into a 69 position and then took it in turns to alternately stimulate each other to orgasm, which was absolutely wonderful as it enabled us to concentrate on our own orgasm and then when we had come down from our own high, concentrate on the other’s orgasm. This went on with repeated orgasms for what seemed like hours! It occurred to me later that at no time did either of us say to the other “please do this or that to me”. It all seemed so natural.

When I returned home late in the afternoon, Harry was already home from golf and, as we have no secrets between us, I thought I should tell him about what had happened straight away. I watched the bulge growing in his trousers as I told the tale, at the end of which he said “upstairs now, you naughty girl” and he fucked me like a man possessed rapidly.

At the beginning of the following week, Helen phoned me to ask if we were going to Zumba on the Thursday, “same as last week” as she put it, which is what I had been hoping for. After the fitness class, we went to her house again and, not needing the ‘preamble’ coffee this time went straight to her bedroom and stripped off. We quickly realised that we both liked the 69 position with alternate orgasms, so that is what happened – I lost track of time but it must have been well over an hour. We showered together again afterwards, with a mixture of washing, caressing and stimulating each other, finishing off with drying each other, concentrating on the ‘private’ parts. We then went downstairs to have a post-coital coffee, each telling the other ”God, that was good”.

And so it continued, each Thursday after Zumba, back to her place for a ‘romp’ in her bed, each of us satisfying the other’s sexual needs and, I suspect, learning even more about another woman’s pleasure. Helen’s late husband had been the dominant sexual partner in their marriage (as is Harry in our marriage) and it occurred to me that, when Helen and I were together, neither of us seemed to want to have the upper hand. We both felt like natural equals.

Eventually, I thought I should be as honest with Helen as I am with Harry, so I told her that I had told Harry about our post-fitness class fun. Her smile instantly dropped and she became quite serious. I assured her that Harry would be the soul of discretion, he knew very clearly that she didn’t want another man in her life, and he wouldn’t want to put at risk what she and I were enjoying. In fact, he quite enjoyed coming home after golf, showering before I arrived home, calling me a ‘very naughty girl’ and dragging me upstairs to have his wicked way with me. This was something I quite looked forward to even though I might be exhausted from my earlier session with Helen. Having thought for a few moments, Helen’s smile returned. She recalled seeing Harry in town a couple of times recently, they had chatted and he had given no clue that he knew anything about our weekly ‘romp’. And so it continued for several weeks more. There really is nothing quite like the touch of another woman!

Lots of love.