Written by Harry & Sue

5 May 2017

My husband, Harry, asked me to write the previous episode of our friendship with Helen as it involved purely Helen and me, with no involvement from Harry – other than Harry taking me to bed after I had had my weekly ‘romp’ with Helen. I thought I would be best placed to write the next episode too, as it was Helen and I that planned it, Harry only being involved because we wanted it.

It was after Helen and I had had our regular frenzied session in her bed, after the weekly Zumba class. We were cuddled up together, basking in the glow of several wonderful orgasms and wondering whether to have a shower (as we usually did, which usually resulted in us hopping back into bed for another session), when Helen adopted a slightly serious tone. “Do you know, I feel slightly guilty that you and Harry started swinging together, and I have taken you away from him for my own pleasure. He is obviously a very understanding man and, whenever I meet him in town, he never mentions anything about what we get up to.” I said that he understands she does not want another man in her life and, after all, Harry would be getting his fun later on this afternoon. “Just think of it” I said “playing golf and sex in the same day, what more could a man ask for.”

Helen laughed, and then she said “yes, that bit about not wanting another man, that might be negotiable”. She went on to explain that, whilst the thought of another man intruding in her life was not so attractive – messing up her house as she put it – the thought of another man inside her made her tingle. Whilst we could go shopping for sex toys to enhance our coupling, it would not be like the real thing. So, “how would you and Harry feel about that” she said. It took me a moment to catch up with her train of thought and then the penny dropped. The thoughts were still swirling round in my head, when Helen said “the two of us, with Harry, do you think he would like it?” I knew exactly how Harry would react to the suggestion, so we started making plans.

Helen is a very good cook, so we decided that a meal at her house would be a good prelude to our new ‘fun’ with Harry. We decided to go shopping for some new clothes for such a special occasion, and ended up buying virtually identical black undies, together with little black dresses, which most men find alluring. It occurred to me that Harry might struggle a bit trying to satisfy two lusty women, so I found a pharmaceutical site online where, with a little bending of the truth, I was able to order a small supply of little blue pills, which I tucked away in my handbag for the evening.

We had decided that a Saturday evening would be best for the meal, I’m not sure why but I think we both had the hope that it might last well into the night. When I told Harry about the planned meal, he said “oh that will be nice” and little more was said. We arrived at Helen’s house at the agreed time 8.00 pm, we had to make a big thing about our dresses being so similar, but we had in mind that Harry would be quite happy with us being so similarly attired. Having said that, Helen and I are very different in body shape, I am ‘nicely rounded’ as Harry puts it, whilst Helen is quite slim, with small breasts.

Helen served the starters, followed by the main course, and we had a really pleasant conversation, with barely a mention of sex. Harry knows (or thinks he knows) that carnal pleasures are not part of his friendship with Helen, and he is very good at keeping that ‘under wraps’. Helen and I cleared the dishes to take them to the kitchen and load them into the dishwasher. As pre-arranged, we began removing our little black dresses when it suddenly occurred to me that the one thing we had not discussed in advance was whether Helen expected Harry to use condoms. When I mentioned it to her, she said “oh no, please no, I haven’t waited this long to allow another man inside me and then put up barriers”. I smiled and said “I think Harry would like that”, and we continued to remove our dresses, leaving us both in very sexy underwear.

We walked back into the dining room carrying our dresses, which we hung over the back of the chairs opposite Harry and sat down. The look on Harry’s face was an absolute picture. He could barely speak, looking from one to the other of us, wondering whether this was going to be a big wind-up. I gave him a moment to recover his composure, before reaching for my handbag, taking out one of the little blue pills, and placing it on the table before him. I told him I thought he might need a little help tonight, and to get that down him so we could all go upstairs. Harry was looking at Helen to judge her reaction, and she simply said “Mmmmm, yes”, so Harry swallowed the tablet and we all began moving towards the staircase.

As Harry and I followed Helen up the stairs, I whispered to Harry that the pill would take a while to take effect, so when we got into the bedroom, he melted into the background. This seemed to suit Helen, as it was me that she reached for, and we were quickly into stripping off our new undies and adopting our familiar 69 on the bed. For a while, I totally forgot that Harry was there as we alternately stimulated each other to orgasm. It became all the more enjoyable when I remembered that someone was watching us. I couldn’t see Harry, with my face buried between Helen’s thighs, but the thought of him watching as I brought Helen to a new orgasm, made me want to make it even more special for Helen.

Eventually, when we had both cum several times, and we were lying side by side on the bed, I realised that Harry was standing naked at the bottom of the bed – with a very stiff penis, which he was grasping firmly. Helen said “ooh me first” and he climbed up on the other side of her, so I took this as a signal to give them some space and I got up to sit on the chair in the corner. Over the past 12 months, I have become totally comfortable with Harry fucking other women, but this was the first time I had witnessed it, without the distraction of another man fucking me at the same time. My memory of sex when we were young, although rather vague with the passage of time, was that he had a tendency to fire rather quickly, but since we renewed our desire for sex, he has developed some staying power.

I suspect that Helen would have willingly had Harry slide into her there and then, but he wanted to enjoy his usual foreplay. He told me later that he didn’t want Helen to remember it as ‘wham bang, thank you mam’, he felt he should ‘do his duty to a lovely lady’. He was quickly between her legs licking her clit and sliding his fingers into her very wet pussy, and whether she was ready to be fucked became immaterial, as she wailed out her enjoyment of his attention. “Oh God that’s good, do it some more, yes, yes, please make me cum” she said over and over again. Eventually, she said “please let me suck you” and Harry rolled over onto his back, so she could lick the length of his cock, before taking a large part of his length into her mouth. Fortunately, Harry is not particularly well endowed, something I enjoy myself because I can enjoy oral sex with him without feeling that he has to force a large cock into my mouth.

Having slurped away for several moments Helen said “can you fuck me now” and Harry seemed more than enthusiastic at the prospect. He rolled Helen over onto her back and she opened her legs wide to welcome him, grasping his cock, which was already wet from her oral stimulation, with both hands and guiding him towards her pussy. The position of the chair I was sitting on could not have been planned better, as I could clearly see her engorged labia and glistening juices inviting him to plunge into her. In the event, Harry entered her very gently, as though she were a virgin who needed to be broken in carefully. The sight was so erotic, and I hadn’t realised that I was now frantically frigging myself with one hand and mauling my nipples with the other.

At this point, I think I should let Harry take over the telling of this tale, as I was simply an observer and the action was all his, not to mention Helen’s.

Realising that she was already well-lubricated, I immediately began to fuck her gently. She sighed a long slow “Mmmmmmmm” and I felt the muscles of her cunt gripping then releasing my cock. I know I am no sexual athlete but I wanted to make this as memorable for Helen – and for me too – so I continued to fuck her gently, not least because I was enjoying her gripping and releasing my cock.

Helen was also clearly enjoying it as she kept hugging me to her with her hands round my back, and then grabbing my head with both hands so she could kiss me on the lips. She kept telling me how much she was enjoying it with little words of “yes, that’s nice, oh carry on doing that”. Without really noticing it, I had gradually increased my pace and was thrusting into her with some passion – perhaps encouraged by her passionate kisses. It was not until I felt the first signs of my approaching climax that it occurred to me that there had been no mention of condoms before we started, so I thought (if any rational thought is possible whilst in this situation with such a lovely lady) I should warn her of my impending climax – so she could tell me to ‘get out’ or ‘I want it on my ……’. So it was with some joy that Helen said “I want to feel you cum inside me”. This was all the encouragement I needed to begin thrusting into her with some vigour, she grabbed hold of my bum to repeatedly pull me inside her with each thrust and began a really loud expression of her enjoyment. As I reached my climax, she wrapped her legs round the back of my bum and gripped my cock in the iron grasp of her cunt muscles. I don’t know how we managed it but I think we climaxed together, as we seemed to be making the same animal noises – although I noticed that whilst I was grunting repeatedly as I fired each spurt of cum into her, Helen’s appreciation had developed into a scream.

As my ejaculation subsided, I wanted to kiss her lips again, but Helen held me close with her arms round my back and her head thrown back into the pillow, so I had to content myself by burying my face in the side of her neck. As her climax subsided, she relaxed her grip on my shoulders, grabbed hold of my head with both hands and I finally got the passionate kiss I wanted. Her body gradually relaxed, her legs letting go of my bum and, finally, her cunt muscles releasing my cock. She had virtually returned to earth when she grabbed hold of my head again, said “God that was good” and resumed her passionate kiss of my lips.

As we lay there side by side, recovering our breath, Sue came over from the corner of the room and climbed onto the bed at Helen’s feet. She pushed Helen’s knees apart and, with little ceremony began cleaning up my sperm which was leaking out of Helen’s cunt. Not surprisingly, Helen began another orgasm which she wailed through as Sue delighted in swallowing everything that leaked out. I turned over to face Helen, kissing her lips and massaging her nipples, to her obvious enjoyment. After she had finished cleaning up Helen, Sue climbed over astride my legs and licked my cock clean. Knowing what Sue had just been doing, I felt I just had to sit up to kiss her and lick up any excess around her face.

Sue grasped my cock, which amazingly was still erect, said “now it’s my turn” and began kissing my belly. I didn’t say anything but I was doubtful I could manage another climax after one of such proportions with Helen. Having found that my cock was still very stiff (good old Viagra!), Sue climbed astride me and lowered herself onto me. She bent forward with her hands on my chest to kiss me and began to steadily fuck me. We had not made love this way for some time and it was really nice for Sue to take the dominant role. Having ground her pubic bone into me, Sue was definitely becoming aroused.

Helen suggested to Sue that she turn round the other way; little did I realise what she had in mind. Sue disentangled herself from me, turned round so she was facing my feet and lowered herself onto my still-erect cock. I wasn’t so sure about this position because all I could see was Sue’s back and it was quite a stretch to reach round to her boobs, but Sue carried on fucking my cock, so who was I to complain. I felt Helen do something, which prompted Sue to lay back on my torso and I could easily reach Sue’s boobs. It was then that I realised Helen was stimulating Sue’s clitoris with her fingers. As my cock was deep inside Sue’s pussy I was getting the side effects of this and I must say it was very pleasant. This was all Sue needed to start building an orgasm and, when Helen started sucking Sue’s clit between her lips, Sue went ballistic. I am used to Sue expressing her appreciation verbally during our love-making but I had never heard it quite so loud. After Sue had passed the peak of her climax, Helen moved down to licking my scrotum and was even trying to get the whole thing in her mouth. To my surprise, I felt the sap rising again and, before too long I bathed Sue’s cervix with a little more of my sperm. When Helen realised that I was about to cum, she grasped Sue’s clit firmly between he lips and sucked vigorously, which Sue said afterwards was a real experience.

Eventually, we finished making love – for that is what it felt like, not just recreational sex. As we lay there feeling thoroughly exhausted, Helen said “would you like to stay the night” and we readily accepted the invitation. Helen went downstairs to turn lights etc. off and, when she came back up, she retrieved the duvet from the spare room and draped it over Sue and I. Helen got back into the bed so I was sandwiched between these 2 lovely ladies, all of us naked. From time to time, I felt one or other of them grasping my cock or reaching over to kiss me, which I didn’t mind being woken for, but I have to say that I was shattered. First thing the following morning, I was woken by Helen having gone round to Sue’s side of the bed and they were locked in a 69, both simultaneously having an orgasm. It was difficult to pretend that I was still asleep with the noise they were making, so I simply added a hand to the enjoyment, which they said afterwards had enhanced their pleasure.

So, our sex life for Sue and I has been settled for several months now. Each Thursday Sue and Helen meet for their Zumba class, followed by some additional exercises at Helen’s house (and this provides my regular nooky when Sue comes home). Also, on the last Saturday of each month, Helen invites us round to her house (or she comes to our place) for an evening meal, with special dessert. Usually, the visitors stay the night so it is always a night to remember. This is a far cry from about 3 years ago when Sue and I were drifting towards a sexless old age, not realising how good sex could be.

Oh, and Helen still doesn’t want another man in her life, nobody could replace her Martin and another man would only make her house untidy. She says she has spoken to Martin and he thoroughly approves of her ‘new life’.