Written by aussi nudist

3 Feb 2010

Next morning Liz was feeling pretty shy about what had gone on. I assured her I was o.k. with it and fucked her to prove I was not upset. That afternoon I was mowing the grass near Jeffs fence when he came over to chat and told me how much he had enjoyed the nights fun and hoped we could do it again. I was in the middle of telling him I had enjoyed myself also when Liz joined us at the fence. She had on the shortest of skirts and I put my arm round her letting my hand fall to her arse and sure enough she had nothing on under it. Jeff could see I was playing with her arse and I,m sure suspected she was pantiless because he soon had an obvious swelling in his pants. He asked if we,ld like to come for another drink as he had stocked his fridge up again. “How could I say no to that” I said I told him I had 15 minutes more mowing to do and then I,ld clean up and come round but that Liz could go now if she wanted. She said she would and left me to finish up. He met Liz at the side gate with a towel round his waist and led her round back. She followed him into the house chatting as he got a drink for each of them and then asked her to sit on the sofa. He placed his chair in front of her and slid his towel which just covered his knees up to mid thigh as he sat down. Then as he chatted about how hot the day had been he let his knees drift apart and sure enough he had nothing under the towel. His big cock was completely on show the head of it dangling over the edge of his chair. Liz grinned aware he was flashing her on purpose. He was trying to see up her skirt but she had her legs together teasing. He leaned forward putting his hand on her knee then trying to slide it between her knees “She giggled”I havent even had 1 drink yet “ she said “Will I get a feel of it after you,ve had a couple” he asked. “At least give me a look before your hubby finishes mowing he said. He stood up and moved over beside her on the sofa pulling his towel even higher as he sat down so his cock was still visible to her. “I don’t think hubby minds you looking anyway” Liz said. She stopped talking and listened, the mower had stopped now. “He,ll be here soon she said and then parted her legs. Jeff slid her skirt a couple of inches higher so he could see her cunt and then grasped his cock in her hand “It,s like grabbing hold of a baseball bat she laughed. “I,ld like to slip it into your hot cunt he said going for a grope. “Hubby will be here soon she said but didn,t push his hand away till there was a knock on the door. Liz went to answer it while Jeff put his shorts back on and got a beer from the fridge. I was so horny thinking what they could have been up to I could have fucked her in the hallway. This time there was plenty of beer and wine and we were soon all feeling the effect. Liz was flirting outrageously with Jeff and he was seriously turned on. It was about 7.00pm and just getting dark and Liz suggested we cool off under the hose. She ran outside with us behind her and by the time we caught up she had stripped off her skirt and threw it to me. “Come on Jeff hose me down she said pulling off her blouse. Jeff was too busy getting his shorts off so I grabbed the hose and turned it on her. She ran behind Jeff using him as a shield as I hosed them both. Eventually she pulled me in clothes and all and we all hugged under the spray. Even though it was fairly dark I could see she had hold of Jeffs stalk as we huddled together. When we finished with the hose I pretended to be drunker than I was wanting to watch her and him. They continued to grope each other more as they got drunker and it was clear he was trying to slip it into her but she was nervous about me and wasn,t cooperating so I excused myself saying I needed to piss which I did. They thought I had gone in the house but in fact I went round the side watching them while I pissed in the garden. Jeff was trying even harder now to get his cock into her and telling her he wanted to fuck her and knew she wanted it as much as he did. Eventually Liz said “Not now, maybe I,ll come round tomorrow and we can talk”. this was good enough for Jeff he backed off then thinking he was now on a promise. She didn,t mention that conversation with me although she did tell me what had happened earlier while I was mowing and I couldn,t tell her I had been spying on her so I don’t really know if he fucked her next day but I suspect he did. I know she went round to his place a number of times over the following months but she always said nothing went on except for a bit of perving.He got sick soon after and moved away to live with his daughter so we never saw him again. Maybe Liz was a bit too much for him, I,m sure he would have missed her though and I know she missed visiting with him.