Written by Steve & Kate

3 Nov 2012

Hey I posted on here a few days ago about the fun me and my girlfriend Kate had on holiday in the summer. By the time I got around to posting that, we had already planned our next bit of fun that happened a few days ago, so thought It was only right after the great comments to our first experience that I shared this with you. 

Our first post on here was called our first experience, holiday fun. So if you want to read that first you will understand where we are now. Basically we had talked dirty during sex fantasising about another guy joining us in the bedroom, which we had then made a reality on holiday in August. Kate had found great pleasure in the naughtiness of the whole situation with me watching and I myself had loved watching her. A few weeks after returning from holiday it became apparent it was definitely something we both wanted to try again. Me and Kate had enjoyed some fantastic sex once home remembering the whole experience. It was just how we could make it happen again, we didn't want to go out in town and meet a guy as this was a little close to home. Kate had started looking online on some dating sites and I knew she exchanged messages with a few guys on a certain site. It was now 2 months since our holiday fun and I was hoping Kate still wanted a repeat but she hadn't said anything for a few weeks now and I was wondering if she had gone off the idea.

Then one evening she told me she had found someone online who she thought was nice and he was up for the same fun that we wanted. That he was free this coming weekend and as we were both off what did I think. Well I was really up for having some more fun and agreed we should. Kate arranged to meet him in a town about 40 minutes away, where we could meet for a drink and stay in a hotel in the centre of town.

We made our way to the hotel, ate and got ready for the evening, Kate wearing a nice tight skirt and top. Then Kate asked me how I would feel if she went down to meet him alone in the bar then brought him back to the room. She talked about our original fantasy when she met a guy in a bar, then let him kiss and touch her. When we had been on holiday I had been in the bar when she had chatted to guys. Now she wanted to go it alone and then bring him back to me. I asked her if that was what she wanted, to which she replied yes. At 8.30 she left the room to go to the bar, leaving me to think about what she was up to. 20 minutes later she text to say he was on his way to the bar. Then 30 minutes later saying she had met him, he was nice and was I ok for her to bring him back still. Yes I replied I'm waiting for you. It was another 40 minutes before she text to say she was on her way up, I had been waiting feeling almost excitement, my cock unbelievably hard waiting for her come back to the room. 

The door opened and Kate led a guy in who was younger looking than both of us. She introduced me to Alex, who was 25. That was 2 years younger than Kate and 4 years younger than me. She asked Alex to take a seat on the sofa as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard, sliding her tongue into my mouth, I could taste the wine on her tongue. As we stood there Kate whispered in my ear I hope you will enjoy this, I want you to sit back and watch me and Alex. She unbuttoned my shirt and my jeans leaving me in my boxers. Then held her hand hand out for Alex to stand and join her, me taking his place on the sofa. As before Alex was roughly the same height and build as me but younger. They kissed as his hands wandered over her back, then she unbuttoned his shirt and took off his jeans. He was wearing tight boxers and I could see he was obviously excited from kissing Kate, she pushed him back on to the bed and he laid back as Kate stood facing him. She pulled her top off over her head and unzipped her skirt, wearing just her bra and g string she climbed onto the bed across Alex. It wasn't long before he unclipped her bra and freed her boobs, his hands groping them as they kissed. Kate has nice firm 34c boobs, with fairly small nipples, I could see they were hard and sticking right out as Alex played with them. 

Kate rolled to the other side of the bed, taking off her g string in the process, I could see her pussy was wet. She threw her knickers across at me, I could feel how wet they were. For the second time I was now watching my naked girlfriend about to be played with by another man. I could feel my cock was rock hard and I slipped my boxers off so I could rub it as I watched. Alex laid on top of her, kissing her hard, then started to kiss around her neck moving lower down towards her breasts. He licked around both nipples, I know Kate loves having her nipples sucked and it wasn't long before she guided his mouth onto one of her breasts. Asking Alex to suck as hard as he could I could see the pain and pleasure in her face as he did so, biting her lip with her eyes closed. As he pulled away I could see her nipple was so red, but it looked huge from where he had been sucking hard. He continued kissing down her stomach until he reached her pussy. Kissing, sucking and licking around her clit, it wasn't long before her body tensed as she had her first orgasm of the night. 

Alex laid back on the bed as Kate knelt next to him and started to pull off his boxers. As she got them half way down his thigh it was time for my surprise. His cock was huge and he had large balls as well, he was well trimmed which probably made him look even bigger. I'm a good 8.5 inches but he looked maybe an inch bigger and certainly thicker. Kate said I told you there was a reason I picked this guy. For a younger guy he was certainly lucky to have a tool that large. Kate wanked him then wrapped her mouth around his helmet, trying to suck him off, because of his length it looked as though she was hardly sucking any of it. Then Kate laid back on the bed, Alex between her legs his cock in his hand pressed against her pussy. He asked if she was ok with bareback, just tell me when you're going to cum Kate told him. He started to push his cock into her pussy, Kate's face screwed up in a mixture of pleasure and pain as she stretched to his size. It wasn't long before he was able to thrust in and out of her, going deeper each time until she took his full length. Hearing Kate moaning as she was fucked by the biggest cock she had ever had turned me on so much, my cock felt so hard as I rubbed it. After a few minutes Alex pulled out and laid back on the bed, Kate straddled him and I watched as her pussy ate up his big cock. She rode him up and down his full length, which was great to watch. I could tell she was loving it and knew she would cum soon as her breathing had changed to almost short gasps. Alex said to her he was going to cum, I wanted to see how much those large balls of his held, but Kate kept riding him on the verge of orgasm herself. I'm really going to cum he said, as Kate leant back letting out a moan, squeezing her own boobs so hard, her orgasm rushing through her body as Alex groaned as he came in her pussy. 

Kate rolled off him breathing heavily, her legs open revealing her gaping pussy which was leaking Alex's cum onto the bed. Alex climbed off the bed and I laid down in his place next to her. Kate rolled over to look, that was an amazing orgasm she said, I'm sorry I let him cum in me I just got carried away and it felt so good. I loved watching you enjoy yourself I said to her, as I rolled on top of her. My cock found her pussy and slid in so easily after she had taken Alex, I could feel how wet she was as I pushed inside her, Alex's cum feeling warm on my cock. I held her legs open as I fucked her, knowing I wouldn't last long I pulled out and turned kate over knowing how much she loved doggy style. As I shafted her she was rubbing her clit and she came just as I filled her pussy.

Me and Alex spent the next few hours taking turns at fucking Kate. Both of us coming in her twice again and I lost count of the number of orgasms she had. Alex left the hotel around 2 leaving me and Kate to both agree it had been a fantastic night that we had both thoroughly enjoyed. I had loved watching her enjoying herself and she had loved the constant attention. It was only our second experience but one we knew we wanted to repeat. It was only the next day at home when Kate was taking a bath I saw how red and swollen her pussy was after what had been a fantastic experience.