Written by Thursby

28 Feb 2010

We ran upstairs and after positively fighting to get our clothes off we dived into bed. “Go on!” I said, “Tell me what you’ve been up to,” but she insisted I started first.

I was a bit concerned because I suddenly had the dreadful thought that Jenny was just trying it on and that her and Dave had just sat and talked, but something about the way she was holding me and moving her hand up and down my body made me relax and go for it. Everything just spilled out. My conversation with Erica in the pub, the sexual excitement between us, the fact that I had never spoken to another women like that before, our walk to Dave and Erica’s house and eventually, unbelievably, incredibly our kissing, fondling, licking and yes sucking in the kitchen.

Jenny put her hands either side of my face, pulled my mouth to hers and kissed me with the most intense passion I had ever experienced, her hand went to my prick and because I had ever never been the great stud you often read about in these pages I was completely surprised to find that I was as hard as I had ever been in my life even if it was only about an hour since I had cum in Erica’s mouth.

“My turn” she said.

Jenny and Dave had gone through a similar but more forthright experience in the pub. Their conversation had gone from gently respectful to down right dirty as the drinks flowed, both eventually admitting that they fancied each other and that they had fantasised about fucking each other.

Jenny telling me this on top of what had already happened between Erica and me was like a “pools” win, (the Lottery did not exist then), I had never been so excited in my life.

As they had walked home in front of Erica and me, Dave had told Jenny how he wanted to taste her cunt and how he had dreamt of hearing her cum and she had responded by admitting she had had the same dream and that she was longing to feel his prick. I could not believe that lovely wife who had never been with another man was admitting to this, but she looked me in the eyes and said “I know I was acting like a slut but I also knew it was turning Dave on, and I couldn’t stop myself”

Whilst she was talking she continued gently squeezing my prick and my hand went between her legs and felt the wetness dripping from her lips, I moved them apart and pushed one, two, three fingers inside her, she gasped and I began to appreciate how turned on she was.

When Erica and I had left them alone in the front room, after turning on the music Dave had sat next to her on the couch and without any preamble they had started kissing, both tongues exploring each others mouths, his hand going straight to her breasts, Jenny like Erica was wearing a halter neck dress with no bra, ( it was the fashion), but Jenny had bigger breasts than Erica, not the stupid gigantic silicon filled ones of modern times but just a nice healthy handful and Dave told her how wonderful they felt. As with me and Erica he had undone the halter neck button and let her top fall away, he had groaned at the sight of her breasts and his mouth had gone straight to her right nipple.

As Jenny was telling me this I could feel the wetness seeping from her and every so often she would stop talking and push her tongue deep into my mouth whilst continuing to tease my prick.

She continued “I felt my nipple in his mouth, I felt it expand and become engorged, and I put my hand onto the front of his trousers and traced the shape of his prick with the tips of my fingers, I felt his hand on the inside of my thigh and I opened my legs to make it easier for him”

“He moved his hand right up to my panties and pressed his palm right onto my groin and I moved my legs as a far apart as I could, it felt wonderful and as we sucked on each others tongues his hand reached to the top of my panties and as he pulled at them I lifted my bum so that he could pull them off.”

I could not believe I was hearing this, the night was just getting better and better, our hands were all over each other and Jenny continued to speak.

“Dave put his fingers in me and began to push with them and he found my clit with his thumb, I heard myself moaning and my hands went to his zip. I pulled it down and undid the button, his boxers were open and his prick was free. I just could not stop myself; my mouth went straight to it. I licked the top of it like a lolly and then just took it in as far as it would go. He jammed his fingers further up me and I almost screamed with pleasure but somehow remembered you were in the other room.”

By this time I had got on top of Jenny and she had guided me into herself, she was so wet that I think my prick would have just slid in anyway. I wanted to ask so many questions. The obvious one being was his prick bigger than mine but I didn’t want to stop the flow of her description. I began to move slowly inside her, hoping I would not cum before she had finished the evenings account.

Jenny kept on talking.

She said

“We carried on like this for a couple minutes before Dave gently pulled me away and moved his head between my legs; his tongue began to lick my wetness the only man to have done that apart from you. I felt myself raising my bum off the couch and pushing myself into his face. He continued to finger me and his tongue flicked my clit faster and faster. After about a minute or so I felt that beautiful warm feeling beginning to creep up my body till I eventually succumbed, my hands went to his

head and pressed him into me, and I came and came and came.

Jenny was beginning to move under me now, I don’t think I have ever been as excited or turned on in my life, not even with Erica earlier in the evening, and I was really struggling not to cum.

Jenny continued, “After I’d cum, we kissed each other for a while and after I’d calmed down I realised Dave was still hard and needed seeing to. I took him in my mouth, he tasted lovely and I was desperate to satisfy him. I sucked and licked until I knew he was ready, he warned me he was cumming, but I didn’t care, I wanted him satisfied and to want me again. He tensed and I took his balls in my hand and in a few seconds the back of my throat was hit with a jet warm sticky cum. I kept on sucking and filled my mouth with his juice. I nearly gagged but carried on sucking until he begged me to stop.”

By this time I was really struggling not to come and I was moving faster and faster, and eventually came for the second time that night, The incredible thing was that Jenny began to scream and moan and for the first time in our lives she came during intercourse, something we had never achieved before.

We lay in each others arms for ten minutes or so before we could speak. This was one of the best times of our lives. We were totally gobsmacked.

After we had calmed down and cuddled we began talking again. Jenny said that after Dave had cum they had got themselves collected, cleaned themselves up, sorted their clothing out and that is when Dave shouted for the coffee.

More to follow.