Written by Ellie & Paul

13 Aug 2008

The same girl whom had escorted us downstairs invited us to a glass of champagne which we eagerly accepted. I only the became aware that no matter how I sat on the high bar stool the welts of my stockings and suspender clips were visible no matter how I adjusted myself.. Paul noticed immediately and placed a hand reassuringly on my thigh. One if the 3 businessmen, a black man in his 30’s came over to say hello. We told him that this was our fist time at the club and that we just popped in to confirm our reservation for the evening. He was really lovely and after chatting with him and his friends we decided to have a look around the club. Paul took my hand and we walked towards the alcove parts of the club. As we moved away from the music we were aware that the lighting became softer and Paul slipped me into a tiny little alcove and pushed me over to the wall. We were both so horny that we kissed passionately and I could feel Paul’s erection against me. “What do you thing so far?” Paul asked me as we kissed. I replied “This is so horny” and we kissed again.

When I opened my eyes I was aware that we were no longer alone and I could detect shadows in the corner of my eye. Paul sensed their arrival too and I could tell that he was now really horny at the thought of what might happen. He suddenly swiveled us so that he was against the wall and I pinning him and his hands moved over my skirt and under the hem. I shuddered as he lifted the hem and presented my arse with just a tiny string between my cheeks and the naughtiness of my suspender belt and stockings. I responded and kissed him deeply as I sensed our admirers were moving silently closer. As Paul and I grinded our hips together I felt fingertips join Paul’s and felt their gentle caresses. Paul moved my thong artistically to the side and presented me as the unknown lover behind moved closer to sandwich me between them. I responded to Paul with even deeper kisses and sensing my excitement he slowly swiveled just me this time as if to present me to my admirers. The first, a man smartly dressed in his forties moved forward to kiss me, but to my surprise Paul turned my head back to kiss him. I am not sure if a kiss was just to personal to allow a stranger the pleasure of, or if he wanted to share my excitement as it happened. The man as if totally understanding, responded and moved down my body with soft kisses over my tummy where Paul had raised my top and then below my skirt that also Paul had raised the hem above my waist of my panties and was now opening my pussy lips. The man’s kisses reached my lips and I felt his tongue begin circling my clitty like a master.

My breathing was now rapid and I was aware that Paul and all my admirers were enjoying the sound of my excitement. The man’s hands had now replaced Paul’s around my buttocks and he was pulling me on to his tongue in motions that allowed him to fuck me with his tongue. I was aware that our other admirers were waiting their turn to pleasure me and I could see in the darkness their hard weapons. Paul sensed my anticipation and moved my lover from between by legs and moved his hands over my own shoulders and I realized his intentions and slipped to my knees and began to suck on the two other hard cocks in turn. Paul only gave me a few moments to taste their manhood’s before raising me and making me bend to suck him. As I took my husband’s cock in my mouth I felt his fingers free my breasts from my bra and whilst one of the men moved the head of his cock in my wet pussy and teased me before sinking it fully inside me. Even now, on reflection, I am still turned on by the fact that as Paris continued it’s day last Friday afternoon, behind a black door I experienced (or should I say my husband experienced seeing his wife taken by 4 men.

Depending upon the response to this story, I may even share that same evening’s entertainment with Paris’s sexy couples!

Once again I would like to resassure you that this club and the events are 100% genuine