Written by peter b

4 Aug 2008

Just a very short story i said to my wife to go for a walk over the woods with some Friends of ours and let him take pics of you and text them to me at home. Well she said no at first so i said dose it not turn yo on yes but go on i said me and James i will call him send pics of our wife\'s to each other and we do have the odd 3some and 4somes.Any way James and his wife text me when they got to the woods are yo going over then for a walk with them James,s wife is very bi and will do any thing to do with sex as i know. Any way off she went fuck me i was so hard thinking of what will happen but did not have a wank wait for her to come back and fuck her silly. I got the first text pic had her tits out and the next his wife\'s tits then his wife sucking my wife\'s tit fuck me I\'m now very hard next pic was sent to me now my mate is sucking her tits and his hand up her skirt. Now that will do i said to my self but the next pic was sent to me now his wife had her hand up her skirt and kissing my wife 10 Min\'s later next pic my mate has bent my wife over and is fucking her his wife taking the pics he is going to email me the rest she got home i put my hand up her skirt no knickers on and a socking wet pussy this was 1 hour later the to wife\'s had finger fucked each other and he fucked my wife now my turn tell you all the rest soon.