Written by Tim

28 Nov 2017

I felt compelled to share my experience last night at a swingers club in Paris. My wife Lucy is an extremely attractive brunette with Latge firm breasts and delicate juicy nipples. She takes care to shave her pussy, revealing a perfectly formed clit that is quick to respond.

Lucy chose to wear a leather dress that revealed just enough of her firm tits to make even the most reluctant man stand to attention. We walked into the club to be greeted by a variety of couples of different ages and styles. We had several glasses of champagne before we went into the lounge area. There were several rooms available but one room quickly became the focus of attention for everyone. Several couples were getting in the mood kissing and slowly starting to undress. We both watched one couple moving toward the centre of the room as she started to undress. A blonde woman in her late 30’s with small pert breasts and a very slim figure. She lay with her legs open and started playing with her pussy. Her partner then started wanking until his cock was hard. He then started fucking the small petite mouth of his partner. His cock was large enough that she was just about able to take it to the back of her throat. As she was sucking off her husband she tapped another man twice on the leg. On this signal the man started to feel the small tits of the woman. The husband then took his cock out of her mouth and gently eased it into the tight back hole of his wife. The other guy who looked as though he was in his 20’s then took his queue to insert his cock into her tight pussy. She groaned and encouraged both men to fuck her hard. The sight of the woman being taken in both holes was turning on Lucy and I. I slid my fingers in her pussy to reveal a sticky mess. She was ready to cum as I put two then three fingers inside her. By this time a black woman with huge nipples started licking the cum filled pussy of Lucy. This was too much for the partner of the black woman as he started fucking her from behind. His huge cock was pumping away as Lucy to my surprise stared licking the clit of the black woman. As his cock fell out she took it into her mouth to taste the um of the black woman. By this time my cock was ready to burst. As the partner of the black woman unloaded a huge spray of cum over Lucy’s tits I stuck my cock in the tight hole of my wife and let go all my excitement.

The instigators of the chain reaction had by this time unloaded all of their juicy activities and was licking the last drops from the satisfied woman in the middle.

After all this sex everyone retired to the bar for more champagne and polite chat. We are off to another club tonight but last night will take some beating!