Written by badbitch

12 Jan 2014

so.... where to start! I've been swinging for a few years now and since meeting a very naughty guy I've been getting up to all sorts, and getting naughtier by the day it seems lol he encourages me to be as slutty as possible, it started with me turning up at his work flashing him in public, us fucking in the public toilets,in the car park and up against the side of the building etc, to getting me sucking and pleasing as many guys as poss... the more public the better really! one of his latest ideas is for me to sign up here to share some of my naughty stories, so here goes.... !

I'm married and play without the hubbys knowledge (bad i know), so when he occasionally goes away for the weekend i like to make the most of the time on my own if you know what i mean lol

So this particular saturday that he went away, this naughty guy had set me a target of 100 men to see, so i dropped the hubby off at the train station and came home to get ready for the guys i'd arranged to come around..... i slipped into my stockings and suspenders and basque, lots of make up so i achieved the perfect slutty look lol one by one they came around, i dropped to my knees and slowly slid them down my throat deep throating them, gently playing with their balls before begging them to fuck me! it went from 1 guy, 2,3,10,20,30 guys.... this obviously wasn't near my target, so i went to the local park to find some dog walkers i could suck.... out came my tits and i waited..... sure enough along came the guys and the total kept creeping up!

I kept contacting my many contacts who got their friends in on it, and they kept cumming and cumming lol! I found myself on my knees in a circle of guys, their hands all over me, groping and probing, my hands exploring their hardness before letting my tongue work its way around them all, sliding them down my throat, my hand encouraging them to grab my hair and throat fuck me, the other hand playing with another cock!

Next i had to pay a visit to the students that live next door who i see regularly, they got their friends around so a nice big group.......

I'll finish this story another time with part 2 and you can find out the total i managed to reach ;-)