Written by toni

5 Apr 2012

I’ve been thinking about the first time I swapped partners, and I guess that counts as swinging.

Back in 2004,I was 25 and recently divorced and was temping near my parents down South, when I hooked up with my boss, I know yawn, but it happened.

He was 12 years older than me and had just left his wife after she’d had enough of his playing away.

I’m Antonia and back then I was about a size 8, tall and skinny with pert little boobs.

We started dating around Easter and having some fun, even a little fun at work, my skirts and dresses getting shorter as the spring turned into summer. I’ve never been shy about my bod and happily go naked or topless abroad. But I don’t sleep around.

I was clear from the outset to Keith, you play around and so will I!. If you just want some fun with no strings thats also fine, but if you want to keep me like I want to stay we have to have some rules.

Having pub lunches and taking photos lunchtimes became the norm, nothing naughty just school teen type fun and giggles, and id often go without underwear in the office just in case we were both feeling like having a grope or kiss or a little tease. As I think I have a nice butt and don’t mind wiggling it.

I also became friends with a girl called Kirsty prior to meeting Keith and we would have a few drinks together if he was busy. We got on so well she and I had had a fun sun holiday together just to get away.

One Friday night a few of us were at Keiths having a party, I’m trying to think what it was all about, but no matter, we’d also had a few drinks lunchtime so it only took a couple of glasses of wine to make me giggly. I remember being in my royal blue woolly miniskirt, black bra, white blouse and tiny white lace undies. Keith had made me constantly wet since first meeting him, he was a very sexy man, shortish, blonde and fun, and very horny all the time. His usual comments to me were, “you are wonderful”, or “are you wearing the kit?” Ie suspenders, to “I can’t believe you are wearing a black bra under a yellow top”, which progressed to “take your bra and panties off this afternoon”.

Anyway around 2am early this Saturday morning Keith went and got his camera and suggested I let him take some pic’s of me and Kirsty which I didn’t mind, some outdoors with flash and then loads indoors, on the stairs in my short coat and skirt etc, my knickers were so wet as Kirsty’s partner Steve was there too.

Just for fun Kirsty and I started to snog which I think shocked both the boys, and we confessed we had also done so abroad just to get rid of two guys bugging us in a bar one evening. Stating we were a couple.

Things progressed and before long she and I was both topless having pics taken and there were calls for us to both go fully naked. Which we didn’t.

Kirsty and I went into the kitchen, to have a chat and we decided it was fine to have some fun, and Steve would be cool with it too. We both went back in the room in just our skirts and heels having folded them over so they were nearly indecently short. What do you think boys? They both just sat silently and clearly eager and a little drunk.

Kirsty drew the curtains and turned the music down and tv off, and then out went the wall lights, it was pitch black. She was in control now and she said ok, both of you boys out of the arm chairs and sit on the settee. Which they did. I then said that Keith was so bad at foreplay he wouldn’t know what my pussy smelt like, felt like or tasted like , and Kirsty said and that goes for Steve too! We were just winding them up.

Kirsty and I were giggling when she said to the boys ok, no touching, put handies behind your head and open your legs and sit to the edge of the settee. We then walked hand in hand slowly forward to where they were sat until we could feel the top of a head. Without talking we pulled the head forward into our crotches and as id discovered we were both nearly shaved down there it was going to be hard to discover who was who.

Stepping back a few paces Kirsty asked to Steve was that me or Toni??..and then shouted “no don’t speak”!! ok this time you can feel, and we stood with our legs apart as roaming fingers found our slippery pussies.

We then had a whisper to each other is that yours? I don’t know or care I replied. Im so horny. This time Kirsty suggested that as and when we come forward you are to kneel at our feet and lick our slits until orgasm. Then and only then, once we clasp our hands over your ears can you fuck us on the floor, but no speaking or feeling our tits as that’s cheating. And positively no kissing!! As that’s too intimate she teased.

30mins later we had both been had by both men and it was amazing, we both then left the darkened room. That was my initiation into swinging, or plain shagging my bloke and my best friends man too.

Kirsty split from Steve a month or two later but she continued to pop around and the three of us had some fun together for a further 2 years.

Toni xx