Written by Sarah

5 Mar 2009

We had been married for seven years when Richard suggested we should spice up our sex life by "swinging". It came right out of the blue, I thought our sex life was o.k. but apparently my husband had other thoughts.

Richard had met a guy through his work who was into swinging and told him how great it was and he had invited us to join their group.

My husband is a really good looking guy and at thirty three I still turned guys' heads. The guy had told Richard that we would be a welcome addition to his swingers' group.

Richard pressured me incessantly until finally I agreed to give it a try. It took a lot to get me to agree, I didn’t really fancy seeing my husband fucking another woman but I was very surprised at how comfortable and turned on he seemed about some other guy or guys fucking me, but it would give me the opportunity to make my favourite fantasy reality, which was having sex in front of an audience.

When the day came, I was really nervous all day thinking about what I was getting into that night, I was sitting in the hair salon, (I had decided to have my long blonde hair cut so it looked very unkempt) wondering how on earth I had let myself get talked into this.

Richard on the other hand was really excited and had been to Agent Provocateur, he came home with the most outrageous underwear I had ever seen, they were from the Marylin range, the bra was a very sexy open bra with an over sized bow in the centre and it there was 2 tasseled pasties to place over my nipples. The panties were silk hipster style brief with big tie-sides, there was a big bow garter and in a separate box there was a pair of black Marabou Slippers with a 4 inch heel.

I bathed, covered myself in perfume and changed into my outfit and if I say so myself I looked very hot, I think Richard could not believe how slutty I looked.

I was pleased that I had to rebuke his sexual advances.

As we drove to the location in Hornchurch, I was trembling and excited at the thought of what was going to happen, in fact so excited that my pussy was already getting damp!.

Then we arrived, we pulled into the drive way of a very big property in a private road.

I tottered along the drive way in the most outrageously high slippers wrapped in a raincoat.

We could hear the crowd inside as we walked up the front door. Richard’s friend came to the door and welcomed us in.

The number of people overwhelmed me, there must have been twenty or more couples of various ages overflowing from the various rooms and spilling into the kitchen.

The host took my coat leaving me exposed in my hot outfit, I was pleased to see him looking me up and down.

Looking around I was very relieved to see that many of the women were also dressed like sluts. There was one or two women already topless, the boldness of displaying their boobs was drawing a lot of attention from the guys and some girls.

Curiously my eyes scanned the room to see whose cock I may be getting in me tonight.

There was a large selection to choose from, young guys, fit looking guys, older guys, fat guys, and skinny guys, there were even a few black guys there and the well endowed ones were already strutting around naked. Up until tonight I had always thought of my hubby as being VWE, but no more.

I was getting very wet thinking of how bold and naughty I might be tonight and now I was beginning to feel glad that Richard had persuaded me to give swinging a try.

I noticed that a well built partly naked guy about 50 years old was checking me out while chatting with a very young bare breasted blonde, normally there would be no way that he would appeal to me as he was totally covered in body hair (Richard is smooth and waxed) and he was also about 20 years older than me, but what grabbed my attention was the massive fat bulge in the skimpy pants he was wearing, he must have been twice the size of Richard.

He caught me staring at him and I knew by the way that he was smiling and looking over at me that sometime during the night that he was going to hit on me.

I quickly drunk the large glass of gin and tonic given to me by Richard, it was seriously strong but immediately started to have the effect of claming my nerves.

Then our host, who was grinning at me, escorted me with his hand firmly on my bottom to a big deep couch and plunked me down between two guys who were obviously drunk already.

To my annoyance Richard was now nowhere in sight.

I was starting to panic being in this sex charged environment and my husband having vanished leaving me alone to deal with these two drunks. Then I wondered if Richard’s friend had deliberately placed me between these two guys for fun.

Without saying a word the chubby balding guy on my left reached across and put his hand on my right thigh well above my knee. On my right was one of those repulsive bigheaded guys who think they are God's gift to woman.

I felt the chubby guy's hand slowly working its way up my leg the other guy put his arm around me and drew me closer to him.

God’s gift introduced himself "My name is David and I want to fuck you."

I was shocked by his bluntness.

Meanwhile the chubby guy had now discovered that my panties had ties on the side and had quickly untied one side, he now had easy access to my pussy, and then with no foreplay he sunk two of his fingers into me.

I tried to pull his hand away but without any success, by now his finger had found my clit and was quite roughly and unskilfully rubbing it.

God’s gift, who had been flicking the tassels covering my nipples, had seen what his partner in crime was up to and not wanting to be left out pushed two of his fingers into my pussy, then started to wriggle them about.

Looking over at his friend he crudely said “Jack we have got a 4 litre model here and she’s shaved”.

This made them both burst out laughing.

I wanted this to stop, I couldn’t stop them fingering me so I tried to get up but sofa was so deep I was struggling to stand up.

Neither of them where taking any notice of my attempts to escape and to the delight of the two drunks allowed them to keep mauling me, this was my worst nightmare and to make matters worse I could feel my body responding, it was not going to be long before these two morons brought me to an orgasm.

Thank god someone came to my rescue.

"Care to dance Gorgeous?" he asked.

There was this big black guy standing over six feet tall. The two who had been mauling me looked at him annoyed but did not protest.

He pulled me up out the couch, as I stood up I gave him a very good view of my shaven pussy.

I quickly reorganised myself, pulling up my panties up and tied the bows on the side.

"My name is James."

"Sarah." I replied, "Thanks for saving me from those two jerks."

"You didn't look like you were enjoying yourself?".

"Trust me, I wasn't." I assured him.

"You came here to have someone to make love to you, not molest you." James added.

I felt myself starting to blush, but after all what else would I be at a swingers' party dressed like a slut for?

Quickly changing the subject I said “let’s dance”.

James took me over to where three other couples were dancing, I kicked off my slippers and we started to dance to the Pussycat Dolls “Don’t Cha".

It was really raunchy dancing in just my sexy underwear and I started to let myself go and soon I was moving and gyrating like a pole dancer.

James was a good mover and I was really enjoying dancing with him.

The music changed and soon we were dancing very closely, I could feel James rock hard dick twitching against me, then I felt James's big black hands slid down the back of my panties and pulling them down, exposing my entire bare bottom for everyone to see.

As we danced I was getting really turned on knowing that others were looking at James’s big black warm hands skilfully massaging my cheeks and pulling me into his dick, I responded by gyrating my pussy against his now twitching rock hard dick.

Closing my eyes, I rested my head against James’s chest and slipped my hand into his pants, then my hand run along the shaft of his cock, my god he was a big guy, thin but very long.

James soon slid 2 of his fingers where chubby guys had been earlier. I was now too horny to protest, I was embarrassingly wet and I wanted to be finger fucked, even if people were watching.

His hand slipped into my panties and began to slowly massage my mound, then one long finger slipped inside me, quickly followed by a second one, both fingers started to explore my pussy. Then he very skilfully found my clit, I just swivelled my pussy on his persistent fingers, god he was rolling and gently pinching my clit in a way no man had ever done before, and my body was responding in a way I had never experienced before the orgasm building up inside of me was making me tremble, my legs were going weak.

Then he stopped playing with my clit, just seconds before I was about to cum.

He then placed both of his hands back on my cheeks, one of his long fingers slide along my crack, the sensation made me tingle even more, then without warning he began gently pushing one of his fingers into my arse.

He was looking into my eyes for a reaction from me.

I whispered in James ear “no way leave that spot alone, it is definitely reserved for my husband”.

He sighed “You would have loved what I was going to do to you, but it’s your call”.

My mind was racing about what he thought he could do differently from Richard, but I resisted the temptation, I wanted to keep that place special.

With that his fingers resumed their position in my panties and two digits quickly worked their way into my embarrassingly wet pussy, this time the fingers started to work their way around the inner walls of my pussy.

I got the feeling the way James was probing my pussy that he was getting for a certain spot, as again he was looking into my eyes for a reaction, then wow did he find the spot he was looking for the sensation was just unexplainable.

I grasped out and then struggled for breath as he started to slowly message the place that he had found inside of me. As he continued I was panting and I had to place both arms around his neck to stop myself from falling to the floor.

James whispered in my ear “obviously hubby has never played with your G-spot”.

That confirmed what I thought, that this guy knows how to fuck a woman, I was thinking what was he going to do with my arse and why did I stop him.

As he continued to gently rub my newly found G-spot, I pulled James towards me and we kissed passionately, I had to do this to drown out the screams that were soon about to be coming out of my mouth, then he brought me to orgasm in front of the entire room, which included my husband.

My body was covered in goose bumps and I was actually trembling, not to mention my pussy twitching and copious amounts of juice pouring out of my pussy, leaving an obvious wet patch on the front of my panties.

I looked up at James and said “thank you that was just the most amazing sexual experience ever”.

He smiled “do I get any attention”.

I thought “Oh shit I was so wrapped up in my own pleasure I had forgotten all about returning the sexual favour”.

Laughing I apologised, I gave him my most sexy and seductive look “take me to a bedroom and I’ll run my naked body all over your dick and then I’ll fuck you ”.

That was it James grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the stairs leading to the bedrooms.