16 Feb 2016

I'm fairly new to this site but I've had a fuck buddy for a while, my hubby is shit in bed and works away most of the time so I decided to take matters into my own hands!

My FB is 6 ft of black gorgeousness with a fabulous tongue and cock, he uses me for his pleasure and I love it!

On Saturday night he took me to a party, little did I know that I was to be the entertainment for a select few of his friends.

We arrived at an apartment in Manchester, I was dressed in a leather basque, no knickers and black hold ups, I had a butt plug in place and I was wet and ready to be fucked!

There were 6 guys in total and 1 other woman, I had a glass of champagne while I was introduced to everyone, there was music playing and I started to dance. My basque was cup less so my tits were free and bouncing while I danced, my FB stroked my nipples as he held me from behind, I was hot and ready. One by one the men undressed, 5 black and 1 white guy, all with semi erect cocks. They started to feel me, touch my tits and stroke my lips, one started to twist the plug in my arse. I was pushed to my knees and a thick black cock pushed against my mouth, I started to stroke and lick it, he began to face fuck me, holding my head still while he forced his cock down my throat.

By now I had hands all over me, one guy lay under me and was tongue ing my clit, I was ready to cum and I hadn't even been fucked yet!

I was now on my knees with a cock in my mouth, a tongue playing with my cunt and someone stroking my arse with lube as they had removed the butt plug. Slowly he pushed his fingers in my arse, preparing me for bigger things, he started to push the head of his cock against my hole, I love anal and pushed back to help him in, I love the feeling of fullness and I love spunk up my bum. By now I had guys sucking my tits, one still on my clit and I was being pounded by a cock up my bum, I was in heaven! The guy in my mouth pulled out and spunked all over my face and hair, and still the guy fucked my arse!

To be continued.......