Written by Dale

23 Jan 2008

Because my last. Letter was accepted, I thought I’d fill you in with a bit of history and continue with a recent happening.

Fist of all, it turned out that Paula was very naïve sexually that is, she’d never sucked a man before our meeting, see Lovely Paula 23/1/08, and she’d never had oral sex, which she loves now. It seems here and her husband was a Friday night with the lights off relationship, such a waste of this woman.

I’d shown her this website when she came around here a and she would read some of the stories and virtually drag me to bed where we’d fuck for hours.

I told her my intentions of sending the first experience in and now I will send this next one.

I’d been fucking Paula for about six weeks, sometimes at my flat and sometimes in her 4x4 out in the country. She never wore pants when meeting me that first time, and always the business suit, it afforded her an alibi should she need one.

One afternoon, lat on just getting dark, we drove out to a secluded laybye, one of those well off the road. Anyway, I’m in the passenger seat with it reclined , but not flat. I’d not licked Paula’s pussy as yet but contented myself with fingering her fanny and tickling her clit.

Paula hitched up her skirt around her waist and freed my cock from my pants, then in a kneeling position lowered herself onto it and once more I felt the warm wetness of her wonderful sex. She stayed like this with my cock in her to the hilt, her legs bent kneeling, and her lovely bear arse in my hands. Then she told me to unfasten her tits and suck and play with them. This I did and she rode me for all she was worth.

Quite suddenly she stiffened and stopped riding my cock, bent forward and said that there was someone outside the car. I looked up and saw not one but two well dressed gentlemen. We’d not heard their car as it passed by some minutes earlier because of Paula’s noisy riding of me.

“What do they want, who are they” she said.

“Probably doggers or more likely just two chaps that have chanced upon us or maybe they always take a look down here” I told her

“What shall we do” she asked, “well we could let them watch” I said “do you mind?”

“What, do you mean like in those stories on that website?”


“What will they do?”

“Probably wank themselves, maybe ask to play”

“Play? What do you mean”

“I mean they will ask if they can have a feel or even if you’re up for a bit of extra sex”

As I said that, I felt Paula’s cunt contract on my cock, and she gave a violent shudder and I knew she’d cum, thinking about what I’d told her.

In a trembling voice, she asked me if I’d mind if she did let them feel her, then she asked how I’d feel about her if things went farther. As she asked these things, she was gently riding me and her breathing was so laboured and her body was shaking.

I told her if she wanted to, she could, and I wouldn’t mind, in fact, I’d love to see her fucked.

“Do they have to fuck me” she asked, I told her no, it was her who was in charge.

“Go on then” she told me, “tell them”

I wound the window down and beckoned them closer. They looked in and I saw they were two chaps about maybe 60ish.

“Can we watch or feel her” they asked, I nodded. They reached in one feeling her tits and the other feeling her arse as they stroked their cocks, and Paula watched them as if mesmerised . This made Paula’s cunt muscles really start contracting as she rode me and it was too much and I spunked up Paula.

When she stopped riding me, she asked if she could touch them and both chaps told her yes. It was a bit awkward and I told her to get out and feel them. When she did and the chaps saw that wonderful black bush and the hold up stockings, as her skirt was still around her waist , they told her to stay the way she was and they wanked furiously cumming in seconds looking at the site of Paula, skirt up around her waist and her lovely tits hanging out of her blouse.

Come here they told her pointing to the front of the vehicle. She looked at me for reassurance, I nodded and she went. One of them took her in his arms and kissed her, she lowered her hand and took hold of his cock slowly wanking it. The other stood at her side, feeling her lovely bush. Paula’s hips started to girate on the bloke’s hand.

“Stop” Paula said, “lick me” and without any hesitation, she was lifted onto the bonnet of the 4x4 and the first bloke liked away while his friend sucked on her tits. Paula had her second orgasm just then

“Please” he said, “can we fuck you” Paula said nothing, just closed her eyes and the first chap put on a durex and then easing her off the bonnet, stood between Paula’s legs and found her hole and pushed himself into her. I watched as his length disappeared up her. He sighed with delight, I knew what he was feeling, from the first time I’d slipped into that wonderful warm body. I watched this sensual woman, being fucked by an older bloke, his mate waiting his turn. I went over and sucked on her tit and the other one did the same. I slid my hand down to feel her arse, but found the other guy’s hand there too. Paula was in ecstasy. Soon the guy fucking her was speeding up and I could tell he was filling the durex.

Then his mate took his turn, he asked Paula if he could have it from behind, without waiting for a reply, he turned her around, bent her over and entered her. As he did this, his friend tried to get her to open her mouth for his limp cock. “No she panted, I only suck his” pointing to me.

Within a few minutes, this bloke filled his durex too but kept going till Paula had finished cumming herself. They walked Paula around to the driver’s door, and helped her in after straightening her clothes. They thanked her over and over and told us that this was the first time they’d been lucky when visiting this kind of laybye.

As it was, I had to drive, she was far too wobbly for a while

By this time it was getting on and Paula had to be home, As it was, I had to drive, she was far too wobbly for a while,

she showered at my place, and I sat and thought about what had just happened. She told me she enjoyed it, but didn’t think she would do this on a regular basis if at all again, she was happy with our arrangement. However, Paula turned from a sexually naïve woman to an expert cocksucker and someone who demands my body at any time we can meet up. Who knows where it will go, but if you could see her, business suit, skirt up around her arse, tits out, man you’d say, this woman was made for sex.