Written by wesleyomand

10 Jul 2008

I'm a fifty five year old married man.

On Friday evening I knocked on my neighbour's back door to see if Bill wanted to come for a pint and, as usual, without waiting for an answer walked into the kitchen. I could hear music coming from the front room and popped my head around the door to be absolutely shocked to the core. Bill and Barb, both sixty years old, were having sex with a couple in their thirties or forties.

"Sorry." I managed to stammer as made my retreat. The vision of coming face to face with Barb wearing a basque, stockings and high heels riding the young man with her G string pulled to one side etched into my mind. Together with Bill's naked sweaty arse as he rode the young lady.

Jealousy was the dominant emotion I longed for such things for Helen and I.

Bill came around the next day while Helen and Barb were out shopping, looking very sheepish. I'd had all night to consider what I was going to say.

Before he could speak I said. "I haven't told Helen and fucking hell Bill I'm jealous as hell I wish I could persuade Helen fuck around like that. You are one lucky bastard and It's all I can think about."

His nervous look melted and he shook my hand and started talking with excitement in his voice.

"Well think about this. The couple were bisexual. I watched Barb and this woman French kissing and touching each other all over."

"Fucking hell Bill, that's horney as hell." I said with some relish.

"It was so horney, Wesley, that when the guy started sucking me off I came straight away."

"He sucked you off?" I said surprised but elated. "Was he good."

"Yes mate he was great." He said, after seeing my very positive reaction and went on. "And then I sucked him off."

I had never told anyone that I'd like to watch someone fuck my wife and would love to suck cock. I'd definitely never told Bill how much I fancied Barb or that there were other perversions that I yearned to experience. Now was my chance I didn't hold back.

"You are one lucky bastard. I'd love to suck Helen's cunt juice off someone's cock." I said.

"Really?" He said, his turn to be surprised.

"Yes really." I said. "And as for Barbara. I'd liked to have pulled that thong out of her crack and …….."

"And what?" He said

I looked him right in the eye and after a pause said. "And drink her piss."

"Oh you dirty bastard, Wesley." He put his hand down his trousers started feeling his cock and asked. "Would you swallow any?"

"Yes, I told you, I'd drink it." I took my hardening cock out of my fly.

"Would you drink mine?" He said taking his cock out too.

"I'd gargle it, spit some in your face and swallow the rest." I said starting to wank.

"You dirty fucking animal. Would you let me fuck Helen?" He asked as he started to wank.

"Yes I'd love it but she won't let you and I daren't ask her." I said

We stood like that for a while wanking our cocks then Bill said.

"I need a piss, Wesley. How about you?"

"I need a warm drink, lets get in the shower."

When the e home Bill and I were sitting in the lounge watching the match on telly with a couple of beers in our hands. Our bladders and testicles were empty, we were scrubbed clean, fully dressed and happy we'd given each other a wonderful time and enjoyed some very new experiences.