Written by Tony

17 Apr 2018

My wife Helen and I have been very happily married for over 25 years. We are now in our early 50s and try to keep as fit as possible. Helen is a typical size 12, quite curvy in the right places and doesn’t have a problem in getting male or female admiring looks.

For the past ten years we have visited Gran Canaria for our holidays, we try to visit at least once a year and we enjoy meeting other couples when we are on holiday and this usually leads to some great sex. Helen is quite bi so she enjoys the opportunity to have sex with women.

We have just returned from a week in Play del Ingles. On the second day we were sitting on our loungers and a woman on her own sat next to us. She was about 40ish, long dark hair with a similar figure to Helen’s, she wore a bikini which showed her ample breasts and cleavage. We sat for about an hour and then this lady came over to Helen and asked if she would rub sun cream on her back. Helen obviously agreed and I watched as my wife straddled this lady who was lying on her front and rubbed sun cream on her back. I listened as they chatted.

The lady was German and her name was Anna, she was 44. She was on her own and had been divorced three years. We all started to chat and have a laugh together. Helen told me she really liked Anna and wanted to have sex with her but didn’t know if she was up for it.

In the evening, the hotel had the usual entertainment and we noticed Anna dancing with a guy. She saw us sitting at our table and came over to say hello. Her friend was a German guy called Karl and he was in his 30s. He was also on his own on holiday. We chatted and drank and as it was getting late Anna said we should all go back to her room to continue the party…we knew what that meant and we were fine with that. We took our bottle and followed Anna and Karl.

As soon as we got in the room Anna got on the bed and slipped down her dress revealing her large breasts and very large erect nipples, she poured wine over them and asked Helen if she wanted to lick it off. Helen dived in and I watched the two frantically lick and kiss each other as if they knew they had wanted to do this. They were undressing each other very quickly and their hands had moved to each other’s pussys very quickly.

I was already hard watching the show and started to take my clothes off. Karl had done the same. Karl then moved over to me and without warning put my cock in his mouth. I didn’t object. Anna and Helen were now totally naked and 69ing each other. Karl was now rimming me as I moved close to Anna to share licking her pussy with my wife.

Anna moved to get her vibrator from her bedside drawer and I watched Helen use it on her to bring her to orgasm, wow she made a lot of noise. Karl was still rimming me and it was difficult not to come.

Helen and Anna said they both wanted to watch Karl fucking me and in the moment I agreed but I wanted to be sure he had a condom on and in the end I made him double up.

I got on all fours, as Anna positioned herself under me, her lovely soft breasts and hard nipples tickled my balls and she moved herself so I could feel her tongue on my arse, she had her legs wide apart and I watched Helen lapping at her juices.

I felt Karl’s cock nudging into my arse and with the rimming prep it slid in quite easily and he started fucking. Anna sucked my cock and I came vey quickly in her mouth with a most intense and very long orgasm. Karl also came quickly and emptied his condom over Helen’s pussy and Anna cleaned that up as well.

A great night and we had another night of fun with Anna but this time it involved another couple as well.