Written by Rob_Consort

10 Apr 2012

My sexual activity generally avoids married 'threesomes,' however from time to time it's a pleasure to gratify a gang bang request...the most recent by a neighbor friend. His wife, 46 years age, is an attractive, full-figured brunette. Janice often finds excuse to avoid the 'swing' scene, though when she does engage she comes to relish the interaction and even surprises her hubby, Neal. This past January, 20th anniversary planning suggested Janice's willingess to go beyond her relatively conservative sexual boundaries...if only Neal could privately arrange a setting and participation by trusted male friends. I've always liked Janice, BUT never had opportunity to engage her in oral pleasures or straight fucking. I wasn't going to miss this chance...and while my wife wasn't entirely aware with Neal's plans, she appreciates Janice's friendship and appealing attributes.

Neal made arrangements with an upscale, motor-inn suite to follow an evening of libation. My three companions were friends...and we shared anticipation pleasuring Janice AND ourselves. Of course, Janice was "into" the big secret...she knew to anyticipate heavy, deep screwing that evening. After about 2 hours of drink, mostly at Janice's will, we moved to the inn. Within minutes Neal started to dis-robe her...with a little trepidation I might add on Janice's part. I, and another friend, gently assisted...assuring her of the mutual pleasure we were to all soon share. With another glass of pinot, Janice was ready to begin. We had prior orchestrated our 'game plan'...with Neal's approval...each of us would separately eat Janice out...no rush...no let-up. Following our turns at oral sex, we each proceeded to enter Janice in missionary style with condom protection. Following that round, we all got a bit excited...and DP'd our way with her. There was NO outward objection...2 of us (me included) entered her mouth with no condoms...she subsequently swallowed us (a shock for Neal, I might add) while our other companions made ample, deep entry with condom use.

Since Januaary, I've met with Janice on one 'solo mission'...Neal fully aware though Janice believed a private dinner & evening meet-up. I enjoyed our one-on-one...we both immensely enjoyed the sex! My only regret, a temporary one, I'm headed to london end of April for a 4-month business tour. I've asked Neal to 'pencil in' another Janice round in early Fall, though I'm as well tempted to offer a London 'vacation flight' for her to spend a few days with me. Albeit, not sure how comfortable that could be for my spouse if aware...my wife will not be in London with me. Otherwise, I hope to share this similar experience while in London, with a sophisticated woman who will appreciate getting it all by a few... Regards to pending friends, Rob.