Written by horny nudist

27 Feb 2011

Before I was married I used to spend a lot of my time down on the nude beach flashing and wanking and generally looking for some action. There were then and still are a lot of older women, many of them married getting about looking for a stud to have some fun with. I,ve been lucky enough to be born with a better than average size cock, a source of embarrassment when I was a kid but definitely an asset when your looking for a sexy mature woman to fuck. There was one woman who was a regular on the beach who liked plenty of cock. Her husband was happy to play with himself while he watched her get well and truly fucked which meant she was quite popular with the single guys on the beach even though she was not all that attractive. It was getting toward the end of the day and her husband approached me and said he and his wife were inviting a few people round to their place for a party and did I want to come. Having fucked his wife a few times before I thought why not at least I,ld get a fuck. I was expecting there would just be them and maybe another guy but to my surprise there were about 30 people all from the beach and all nudists. There were about nine or 10 couples and the rest were single guys, no single women. Since most the single guys were well hung I found I had a bit of competition. The hostess Wendy already had a couple of guys hanging round her and a couple of the other ladies were also being chatted up. There were a lot I didn,t know or hadn,t even seen before and since Wendy was the only one that I knew would definitely go off and she already had admirers I went looking for someone else. There was one very attractive woman that I had seen a few times on the beach with her husband sitting in the shallow end of the pool sipping wine. Her husband was hovering nearby keeping an eye on her but not getting to close. I grabbed a beer and sat on the edge of the pool dangling my feet in the water near where she was and she smiled and said hello. I turned toward her lifting one foot onto the edge of the pool so as to give her a good look at my cock and was pleased that she was having a good look instead of turning away. We started to chat about nothing in particular and she kept glancing at my cock then checking to make sure hubby was not watching. Her interest was having an effect on me and my cock was beginning to rise. She definitely noticed and just smiled but continued to look. I complimented her on how sexy she looked and how I thought she was the best looking one there. She was like the others in her 50s or 60s but well kept with a slim figure and big tits. I knew she liked the compliments but was nervous about what her husband or others were thinking so as much as I wanted to make a move I kept my distance. I noticed Wendy and her husband moving off toward the bedroom with one of the studs and knew she was about to get fucked. All of a sudden guys were disappearing everywhere all heading off to watch. I gave Robin a wink as I watched her husband sneek off as well. There were still quite a few people around drinking and chatting but not paying attention to us. “Your not going for a look? “Robin asked me. I told her I,ld rather look at her and risked giving my cock a little rub. She grinned and moved a little closer then after checking to make sure no one was watching she slid her hand between my legs and grasping my cock gave it a few strokes and told me how she wished her hubbies cock was as big as mine. She was sitting on the top step of the pool waist deep in the water and since the pool wasn,t lit and she was in semi darkness nobody was paying us any attention. I slid quietly into the water intending to have a feel of her cunt but as I made my move she parted her legs wide and I found myself with my cock pressing against her cunt. She wasn,t objecting in fact she took hold of my cock and guided me in as I pushed forward. Her cunt felt good and I would have loved to give her a nice slow shag but I knew it had to be a quicky. I was so horny it only took me a minute to fire off a wad deep in her twat. It was all over and I was out of the pool before her husband returned having wanked himself off watching Wendy. I know I,ld rather be rooting his wife then jerking off over some other slut but then I,m glad he chose to go and watch and leave me alone with his wife.